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AEA Newsletter - 09/1/2022
Brandi and I had the pleasure to host Cynthia Chung, co-founder of the Rising Tide Foundation, for a conversation on the mind and the history of individual and mass mind control... enjoy!  Forgive the split screen on our faces... we had to change from using Zoom to Skype and that is how it turned out.
Cynthia Chung returns to the Mel K Show sharing her historical insights and perspectives... excellent!
Below is our second podcast with Forest Finn and another "Adventure in Consciousness"... enjoy!
Mel K joins the Flyover Conservatives for another deep dive... check it out!
The Great Game podcast on Rogue News hosted by VGuerrilla and CJ with Matt Ehret... excellent analysis exposing the fallacies of the global green reset!
The Dive with Jackson Hinkle offering insights and updates on a variety of geopolitical topics... check it out!
Jason Bermas takes a deep dive on JFK... interesting research!
Nino Rodriguez recently brought on Paul Unslaved and DeletelawZ on NinosTV... Paul Unslaved is off the charts with his views!  He did not post it on his other channels, so here is another interview with Paul Unslaved below.
Laura welcomes Nino Rodriguez to share insights and perspectives... have a listen!
Mel K is onstage live and gets feisty in this one... check it out!
Every now and again I will post an X22 Report... enjoy the insights and intel!
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode #283: A New Hope
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. interviews surgeon general of Florida Dr. Joseph Ladapo... have a listen!
A short film by Mikki Willis on Ivermectin... worth a listen!
David Icke connects the dots calling out the psychopaths of the covid hoax... check it out!
Introducing musician and military veteran Derek Johnson passionately speaking on the difference between military law and federal law... website is five-star!
Trent Loos has been doing a series of "Across the Pond" podcasts with UK native Andrew Henderson... check out one!
Mel K's friend Raven from Hawaii sharing insights about health and well-being... enjoy!
Dr. Sharnael welcomes author James Redfield to share his spiritual perspectives... check it out!

A roundtable with Matt Ehret on the Grand Theft World podcast... first posted on March 24th, 2022... enjoy!
A Canadian Patriot Film that is worth watching... a short documentary.
Remembering JFK and the infrastructure projects that remain on the table in the spirit of peace, progress and prosperity... includes a lecture as well!
An essay by Matt Ehret on science and Russian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky... includes a lecture on Vernadsky too!
Check out our first podcast with Matt Ehret below... and the second link is a lecture he did on the topic as well!
One from the archives... below is a 1984 interview that G. Edward Griffin had with ex-KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov... if you've never seen it, then you might give it a watch!
Check out this documentary film posted originally by David Lessig entitled "The Century of the Self" and reposted on My Patriots Network.
Investigative journalist Liz Crokin in this documentary film on Britney Spears and other artists... interesting look at how fame and fortune can attract the greedy vampires!
In honor of Robert David Steele I posted this a year ago... we decided to re-post it on our new Campus Earth Rumble channel... check it out!
An inside look at one of the Playing For Change songs that is a classic!  Enjoy this and few other selections this week.
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