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AEA Newsletter - 09/8/2022
The AEA newsletter came about somewhat naturally as I was inspired to start sharing links with others during the plandemic of 2020.  I enjoy learning about a variety of topics, finding interesting people, podcasts and conversations that add insights and perspectives.  Enjoy the love of learning and using the mind to explore and expand the imagination!
We recently set up our Campus Earth Rumble channel... here is our second and third conversation with Matt Ehret on Peace, Progress and Prosperity that we posted!
This video of the Unfinished Symphony series supports our talk with Matt in Part II... check it out!
Matt Ehret is welcomed back to the Mel K Show for more historical insights and real SOULutions moving into the future... five-star!
Matt Ehret was a Labor Day guest host on the American Media Periscope and the "Making Sense of the Madness" show... five-star!
Jordan Peterson welcomes Marian Tupy and Gale Pooley, co-authors of the book "Super Abundance: The Age of Plenty" on scarcity vs. superabundance... interesting conversation!

Jordan Peterson responds to a question about the cancel culture in this short clip... have a listen!

The Flyover Conservatives welcome back Mel K for a deep dive on education indoctrination... excellent!
A few posts below from the Rising Tide Foundation... worth reading and watching!

Introducing Shaun Attwood for those not familiar with him... on the Mel K Show!
Ally Carter shares her story in various video clips... alarming experiences!
Nick Veniamin welcomes Sara and Karla Johnson... whistleblowers on government child trafficking ring... alarming!
Sacha Stone welcomes Sheriff Richard Mack, Kevin Hoyt, Scott McKay (at the end) and others on his ARISE! show... have a listen!
Michael Jaco welcomes musician and military veteran Derek Johnson... follow up from his patriotic rant last week that went viral!
Ole Dammegard is back with Michael Jaco and talks at length about a CIA whistleblower named Cody Snodgras that approached him years ago... interesting stories... books and podcasts available on Ole's website
Introducing John Bush and living in a self-sustainable way moving forward... with Jason Bermas!
Jason Bermas offers a short presentation on the FBI... worth a watch!

Mel K welcomes General Michael Flynn for his insights and perspectives... have a listen!
AZ governor candidate Kari Lake joins the Mel K Show... worth a watch!
Del Bigtree and the Highwire show... Episode #284: The Fine Line
A few health-related posts below... worth a watch!
Short trailer for 3rd Annual Vaccine Safety Awareness marathon... sponsored by We The Patriots USA (founders Brian Festa and Dawn Jolly at
Charlie Ward posted this past Saturday's Insiders Club with Derek Johnson... check it out!
An interesting roundtable with David Mahoney, Katie Raine, and Nick Sylvester... enjoy!
Here was the rant of Paul Unslaved with Nino and DeletelawZ that I mentioned last week...
Nick Alvear does a 12-hour stint in the studio hosting several interviews... I did not watch all this but decided to post it for those who want to check it out.  Recently, Nick had his second youtube channel shut down... this is his third channel.
A Dave Snedeker presentation that you may find worth a watch... interesting comments and intel!
A blast from the past introducing Myron C. Fagan and a broadcast on the CFR and the Illuminati... with slides too!
A few more selections from the Playing For Change series... featuring Grandpa Elliot!

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