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AEA Newsletter - 09/15/2022
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Introducing attorney and educator Tricia Lindsay on the Mel K show... five-star!
Jason Bermas welcomes the Convo Couch with Craig "Pasta" Jardula... excellent insights on bridging the divide between groups and people and ideologies!
Here is an interesting roundtable and a link for The Convo Couch youtube channel with Craig "Pasta" Jardula... check it out!
Introducing The Texas Boys youtube channel that contacted Matt Ehret and recently used his short documentary on the 1934 attempted coup on FDR... check it out!
Matt Ehret is invited back with the Coronavirus Investigative Committee (Germany) for a talk about the 1934 failed coup attempt on FDR... excellent!
A roundtable with Matt Ehret joining Richard Grover and Tony Myers from excellent insights!
Tom Renz joins Mel K sharing intel and updates... worth a watch!
The Rogue News and the Great Game featuring Matt Ehret with host CJ and VGuerrilla... enjoy!
Jackson Hinkle and The Dive Show... enjoy his insights and intel in the two links below!
Jason Bermas interviews Stuart J. Hooper (UK)... worth a watch!
A few essay links below on the royal reset riddle of the UK... have a read!
Here is a list of links to reading workshops sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation... enjoy at your leisure for more learning!  To participate donations are welcome, but not mandatory.
Another Martin Sieff lecture sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation... worth a listen!
Introducing author Edward Ring in the essay below... enjoy!
An article by Caitlain Johnson that is worth a read... check it out!
A roundtable featuring Charlie Ward, Nino Rodriguez, Ron and Alpha... interesting intel!
Charlie Ward welcomes Dr. Sherri Tenpenny for a chat... enjoy!
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode #285: Jonesing for the Truth... five-star!
Jason Bermas' documentary film link "Loose Change: Final Cut"... enjoy!
Jason Bermas researched the 9-11 false flag extensively in the film link above... why does revealing the truth still matter over two decades later... check this out!
A roundtable hosted by Michael Jaco... sharing experiences and perspectives on 9-11... five-star!
Introducing The Alpha Warrior Show and his Rumble channel... check it out!
Independent journalist Mitchell Gerber exposing organ harvesting on the Mel K Show... disturbing intel!
Mel K welcomes Alex Jones for his insights and perspectives... worth a watch!
The link below is to the Jimmy Dore Comedy website... if you enjoy his commentary!

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