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AEA Newsletter - 09/22/2022
Blessings to you all on this Fall Equinox!
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Here is the third "Adventures in Consciousness" podcast jam Brandi and I did with our dear friend Forest Finn... enjoy!
Michael Jaco welcomes back Kevin Hoyt talking on a variety of hemp products and solutions moving forward into the future we create... five-star!
The Rogue News and the Great Game with Matt Ehret, VGuerrilla and CJ... enjoy!
Matt Ehret explores history and geopolitics in this interview... worthwhile insights to consider!
Introducing investigative journalist Lara Logan on the Mel K Show... five-star!
Mel K brings a Hollywood insider and screenwriter/filmmaker who she kindly names the Patriot Provocateur... have a listen!
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode #286:  Septic Science
Here is the second part of Del Bigtree's interview with Alex Jones... enjoy Part Two!
A thorough presentation by Dr. Rashid Buttar... excellent!
A few links below by Jason Bermas... worth a watch!

David Mahoney joins Nick Veniamin for intel and updates... check it out!
Charlie Ward welcomes the brothers Titus and Isaac Smith... a dynamic duo of truth telling!
Introducing Leilani Dowding with Charlie Ward... enjoy!
A short interview with Kash Patel on the Charlie Ward Show... worth a watch!
An article by America's Frontline Doctors with several resource links... check it out!
Sacha Stone and the ARISE! Guerrilla News podcast... check it out!
Charlie Ward and Sacha Stone talk about his New Earth Sancturary project... enjoy!
Introducing author Julie Behling with Dr. Sharnael and Craig Walker... worth a listen!
David Icke is live in London speaking to a large crowd... enjoy!
Jason Davis and his Don't Tread on Liberty podcast with Sam Bushman... have a listen!
Matt Ehret offers insights into the legacy of Lyndon La Rouche... have a read!
 A few Rising Tide Foundation links below by Matt Ehret... pick one and have a read!

A discussion with Matt Ehret and Kevin Barrett in the two links below... worth a listen!
Jimmy Dore offers his perspectives on Newsom's draconian bill on censorship... typical BS!
Jackson Hinkle and The Dive Show podcast... current events and geopolitics.

Here is the link to Brian Berletic's YouTube channel... if you like this kind of "boots on the ground" view of geopolitics.
Introducing Dane Wigington for those of you who are unfamiliar with his knowledge... definitely worth a watch!
Dane Wigington's website Geoengineering Watch... he was recently interviewed on Ninos TV in the link above.
Another James Red Pills America documentary film "The Big Lie: Manipulating the Masses"...worth a watch!
Comedian Adam Carolla offers his views on standing up to the cancel culture... check it out!
Introducing the street style music of Dovydas... enjoy!

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