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AEA Newsletter - 09/29/2022
One of my favorite links on our website that is foundational for our AEA Ministries... enjoy!
Our soul sister Elena Powell of Ancient Wave Studios is co-teaching a workshop on death and dying... check out the link below!
Jimmy Dore will not be cancelled or silenced... check out a few clips from his daily critiques and commentary on the Establishment!
It appears that Jackson Hinkle is part time commentary on the Jimmy Dore Show... noticed him in a few spots in this one below.
An article on the woke culture that is worth a read!
Mel K joins the Flyover Conservatives for yet another deep dive... enjoy!
Always an interesting conversation with the Last American Vagabond and special guest Matt Ehret... five-star!
Benjamin Fulford joins Mel K for his geopolitical insights and updates... excellent!
Simon Parkes with his intel and updates with questions and answers... worth a listen!  
The Dive Show with Jackson Hinkle... geopolitical insights and more!
The Rogue News with Matt Ehret, VGuerrilla and CJ... a 30-minute podcast due to time constraints... enjoy!
An excellent essay by Cynthia Chung... have a read!
Always a feisty roundtable when these three come together... enjoy!
Michael Jaco brings Juan O'Savin together with Ole Dammegard... worth a listen!
Check out one of the IndoctriNATION podcasts if you'd like to learn more about the Q intel... this is Dave Snedeker's lane and he does long deep dives into this stuff!
Check out one of Jason Bermas podcasts on his Rumble channel!


Historian Anton Chaitkin delivers a lecture on Lincoln vs. the Money Power... sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation!
A lecture by historian Martin Sieff on Ulysses Grant... worth the deep dive!
A second reading lecture on Hamilton and manufacturing... for those who enjoy a deeper study into economics and industry.
Two new books by historian Gerald Therrien... check them out!

An essay by Matt Ehret that may spark a few curiosities and inquiries... enjoy!
Scott McKay brings together an interesting roundtable... check it out!
Kevin Sorbo joins Nino to discuss the woke movement and cancel culture in Hollywood... how do those two concepts even fit together... actually, they don't fit at all... they are designed to divide and separate and cause confusion.
Jason Fyk joins Mel K sharing his stance for saving free speech and our First Amendment in the Bill of Rights... excellent!
Nino Rodriguez welcomes Steve Bannon for a short interview... interesting!
Introducing A.J. Rice on the Mel K Show... interesting!
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode #287:  
Mary Holland of Children's Health Defense Leads Discussion of the documentary film
 "The Viral Delusion: The Tragic Pseudoscience of SARS-CoV2 & The Madness of Modern Virology"... for those who enjoy this kind of research!
A few songs this week in honor and memory of our brother Saul Rayo and his beloved wife Elena Rayo... Enjoy!

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