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AEA Newsletter - 10/13/2022
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A link to my soul brother Michael "Coach Speed" Dennis and his Building Dreams website... second link in short documentary film about his work with inner city kids.

For those interested in learning more about American history... check out Matt Ehret's trilogy on the "Clash of the Two Americas" at link below!
The following PDF is an essay by Lyndon LaRouche entitled "Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elites" published in a 1978 edition of The Campaigner... five-star history lesson!
I found the PDF above at the Digital Library of Alexandria and use the link below for other reading selections...
Extensive interview with Matt Ehret by Peter Merrick... have a listen!
Corey Diggs with a historical essay that is worth a read!
Jason Bermas gives a presentation that is on the mark... excellent commentary on the culture!
A second one with Jason Bermas commenting on vaccine hoax and Kanye leaked tapes... hmmm.
Mel K joins the Flyover Conservatives for another deep dive!
Mel K welcomes Dane Wigington of GeoEngineering Watch... check this out!
A short clip on why Hollywood is so woke?
Introducing Ron Partain on Ninos TV... have a listen!
Nick Veniamin welcomes back Michael Jaco for his insights and intel... check it out!
Michael Jaco with Kevin Hoyt for his insights and updates... worth a listen!
Below is Kevin Hoyt's new Rumble channel... KevinHoytVT.
Mikki Willis and the Plandemic 3 Prelaunch Party... five-star!
Introducing the story of Shaun Mulldoon in the documentary film below!
The Alpha Warrior brings together a roundtable of heavy hitters... Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Carrie Madej and Dr. Bryan Ardis!
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode #289:  The Long Haul
Karen Kingston and Mel K drop the bombs on the medical-chemical-vaccine complex and NWO agendas... check it out!
The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal series... Part 25: Covid-19 Torture Program... watch the series on their Bitchute (below) or Rumble channels.
An article by Ty and Charlene Bollinger... worth a read!
Jimmy Dore goes off on Newsom and Fauci... worth a listen!
Financial journalist Tom Luongo joins Mel K for his insights and perspectives... excellent!
Below is Tom Luongo's website... check it out if he interests you!
Australian patriot launching her platform Reignite World Freedom... check out this short presentation.
Introducing Alex Krainer on the Mel K Show... exposing the banking cartels and geopolitics.
The Dive with Jackson Hinkle... geopolitics and more!
The Great Game with VGuerrilla, CJ and Matt Ehret... geopolitics and historical insights!
Matt Ehret interviews foreign journalist John Helmer... have a listen!
Indepth interview with Vanessa Beeley... history and geopolitics.
Two reading sessions on Hamilton and Manufactures with Matt Ehret and the Rising Tide Foundation... for those into a deeper study!

More writings by Alexander Hamilton if you enjoy a deeper dive...
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