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AEA Newsletter - 10/20/2022
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Mel K welcomes back Matt Ehret for geopolitical and historical insights... five-star!
The Flyover Conservatives with Mel K... deep dive on think tanks in America!
An interview with Matt Ehret on the European Union by Maria Nicolaidi from Greece.... excellent historical analysis!
The Rogue News with VGuerrilla and CJ interview Cynthia Chung... excellent!
Two essays by Cynthia Chung that are worth a read... the Rising Tide Foundation.

The Rogue News hosts a geopolitical roundtable with VGuerrilla (who you can see for the first time in this one), CJ, Matt Ehret, Tim Kirby and Vanessa Beeley!  Enjoy!
Jackson Hinkle gives a presentation at the Schiller Institute... five-star!
Here is the full event that Jackson was speaking at below...
Matt Ehret joins the Superspreaders Podcast debunking Ukraine media myths...
Michael Jaco with Scott Bennet and Scott Ritter... exposing CIA lies with boots on the ground analysis and experience!  Five-star!
The Dive with Jackson Hinkle on Russia and geopolitics... have a listen.
The Dive with Jackson Hinkle... Tulsi Gabbard on Joe Rogan commentary.
Here is the link to the Joe Rogan Show and the full interview with Tulsi Gabbard...
Candace Owens and the documentary film "The Greatest Lie Ever Sold:  George Floyd and the Rise of BLM"... check it out!
Attorney Nicole Pearson with Mel K on taking a stand in southern California... worth a watch!
Sacha Stone and his ARISE! Guerrilla News... enjoy!
A presentation from Leana that is worth a watch...
Nick Alvear and GoodLionTV with Michael Jaco... have a listen!
A metaphysical-like roundtable hosted by Michael Jaco... check it out!
Del Bigtree and the Highwire... Episode 290: The Speed of Science
Jimmy Dore ripping on big Pharma... enjoy!
David Snedeker with Denise Young CA director of Children's Health Defense... enjoy the interview!
Jason Bermas offers an update on Epstein and Maxwell... five-star!
Short clip from Joe Rogan interview with Roger Waters... full interview link farther down!
A group on Telegram named End Human Trafficking has been posting arrests... hmmm.
Michael Jaco welcomes back Ole Dammegard... always insightful!
David Icke connects the dots on the misinformation of the mainstream... check it out!
Gareth Icke interviews investor and author Mitch Feierstein... on inflation and the economy.
David Mahoney with Lucy Davis in Ireland... enjoy!
David Mahoney catches up with Nick Veniamin... worth a watch!
I noticed a few different people have interviewed Dane Wigington from Geoengineering Watch over the past month... here is one with Nick Veniamin.
Lewis Hermes brings together a marathon podcast (7 hours) with several interesting people... watch at your leisure.     
A reading workshop sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation and hosted by Matt Ehret... on a Lyndon LaRouche essay "Economics:  At the End of our Delusion"
Billy DeMoss with Doug Sutherland in their first episode of Hemp Haven... hmmmm.
Joe Rogan welcomes Roger Waters on his spotify podcast show... check it out!
A few songs to inspire the light of your dream!  Enjoy!

I found the first Rush concert in Detroit from 1976... one of my earlier music influences because of an older teenage cousin who was into them.  I was in 3rd grade!  The last link is one of my favorite Rush tunes.

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