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"Writing is the process one follows to learn what is already known deep within: it sharpens the spirit, disciplines the mind & leads to solutions. In the spaces between words & solitude observe what happens when words and silence meet. Words matter. Pay attention. Write to learn what you know."
~ Mary Anne Radmacher

This section is reserved for a collection of intuitive seven-word pages and other poetic inspirations.

On behalf of the fifth, we salute you…
"The world is a safe place."
"Neglect of the soul is lethal."
"If life isn't a dance, then it's a dead duck."
Souls gathering one more time
 despite the glitter and the crime
 Remembering the path can lead many astray
 why be afraid when you know the way
 I celebrate the Master, his devotion so strong
 constant and flowing and singing along
 This glorious time is filled with such strife
 easier to let go and get on with your life
 I feel this gratitude expanding my heart
 it brings me peace to know my part
 Down the road when he has departed
 more work for sure will just get started
 For history shows we cycle through ages
 each book of life filling the pages
 Yet here we are, we come to deliver
 a message so clear, you'll have to consider
 This path we are on is eternal and blessed
 relax, close your eyes, and learn the method
 You may soar sky high like an eagle in flight
 the inner vision awakening, embracing the light
 And there will be times when we all dream together
 sharing the burden, now light as a feather
 A life such as this will go down in history
 dancing the dream back into the mystery
 The Truth and Love again planted as seeds
 to further enlighten serving our highest needs…  
 "Old Souls in the Matrix" 
September 2007, VMB
 To my companions trapped by the mirror
 I sit here with presence and truth
 The individual soul must be liberated now
 Neglect of the soul is lethal, so
 Don't delay, we come through the dreamtime
 And through moments of profound stillness... God
 Now we have your attention, be aware
 The intelligent ones will take good notes
 The frivolous will fade away with time
 The self-righteous and prideful will always lose
 The mirror will shatter, the reflection clear
 The only sustainable resource is the Soul
 Cuz you know, a soul tide's rising
 A wave of consciousness across the globe
 Keep on this path back to God...
 That is a declaration of the soul
 Awaken the mind to the individual soul
 Know who you are, keep moving forward
 Many will be seduced, others will die
 Emotions will run wild, chaos is change
 So respond with grace, know your friends
 Of grief, anger, anxiety, fear, and joy
 With no emotional friends, you will react
 Keep the graces in hand and respond
 The soul will know, you will too
 So don't be blue, remember the birds
 And I will fly into your life
 My way is simple, direct and forthright
 I will disappoint and break all illusions
 Truth is my sword, God my scabbard
 Heaven my home, Earth my beloved Mother... 
"The AEA"  
December 2008, VMB
  [in reference to the Alternative Educational Alliance]
 we see your vision has expanded well
 offering young people knowledge and some tools
 to discover the soul and understand self
 the battles within supersede the dramas outside
 how they react or respond shows much
 how they step up or shut down
 the proper space is being prepared now
 for your style of delivery is solid
 keep certain players on the field practicing
 maintain the coach role for the soul
 and use your clarity to offer counsel
 at the heart level there is love
 compatibility, eros, family, unconditional, protective and mercy
 rites of passage and the sacred marriage
 gaining balance and control through intimacy, communication
 your vision evolved by living the process
 the example you set reflects your dance
 the ember burning bright, renewed in light
 souls returning, 'tis a long time coming
 the fifth manifestation of the infinite soul
 the troops you assemble have come before
 to usher in a consciousness for all
 saturating souls with seeds of new life
 choices choreograph days into months into years
 at sixty you will be very clear
 a channel self-mastering skills over forty years
 relax and breathe, allow the vision room
 to expand and contract, a mother's womb
 birthing this child... the Alternative Educational Alliance
 a way to give back the knowledge
 a way to share rites of passage
 bringing young people into the light... SOUL
 the mandates are simple each time around
 the fifth no different acting the clown
 when life is a dance, you'll see
 dead duck examples to set you free
 with a war on terror... nuclear hysteria
 yet the world is a safe place
 how can this be?  souls dancing eternally
 still there will be many, for sure
 who neglect the soul forgetting their role
 a lethal choice to remain asleep now
 when you snooze you lose something profound
 awake in the dreamtime the soul knows
 can you remember from many years ago
 when the master came in full body
 sharing the logos straight from the TAO
 to return again brings us full circle
 the vision a vehicle until the end
 keep it fresh as you go on
 let go of those whose competitive will
 usurps the vision for their own means
 eagle eyes will show you what's ahead
 keeping allies close who know you truly
 while others discover at their own pace
 always remember this is not a race
 each individual soul will play a part
 keep it real, close to the heart
 when you look back many years later
 smiling faces will comfort you with memories
 a lifetime as Buffalo Gives-Away the Flame... 
"Going Public with the AEA"  
February 2021, VMB
As I ponder my choices taking action
To go public… writings, podcasts, website, workshops
I am reminded of the still point
And the hundred rooms of my mansion
How we manifest, maintain and sustain “this”
Recreating reality, expanding consciousness, living the dream
We each chose to be here now…
To know truth, to discover one’s essence,
To experience the love of true intimacy,
Authentic soul contact, unconditional clarity, instantaneous intelligence
And a comprehension through streams of knowledge
Experienced and remembered, examined with intuitive knowing
Explored with a passion for self-actualization, self-mastery
Now gathering together to give it away
In the organizational form of the AEA
Design and choreography of the basics, essentials
Are on the table creating the platform
The foundation is solid to build upon
Just as my mansion is anchored with 
Truth, Love, Fair Counsel, Creativity and Courage
The courage of heart, sovereignty of soul,
And as a clear and open channel
The AEA byline states… “the truth of knowledge
Can liberate and unite us through Love
And understanding (which we changed to sovereignty of soul)…
To educate, enlighten and expose the truth
Or in other words, share the knowledge,
Align with essence, discover the mansion within
And reveal truth through experience and example
Leading others to their own discoveries, self-realizations
The levels and cycles of learning…. Evolving…
And taking the knowledge public via the AEA
With a small band of spiritual “truth-seekers”
Representing Oversouls on behalf of the fifth
We become an oasis for older souls
That have been marginalized, sidelined, and silenced
Offering tools to discover the mansion within
With streams of knowledge backing it up
And access to higher planes of consciousness
In truth we are… “friends of God”
Seeded across humanity opening channels of communication
Through dreaming, telepathy, clarity, seeing and healing
Part of the divine blueprint for self-actualization
Heightened awareness and the truth of Love
We offer classes, workshops and basic ceremonial
Rites of passage for the soul realized
The path of the road less traveled…
I embrace “this” with all my heart
Listening to the captain of my vessel
To guide me along through stormy weather
To inspire me to stay the course
And persevere onward and upward toward completion
The goal of the soul to “graduate”
From this physical plane uniting with the Oversoul
And assigning others in our “family pods”
Offering service to humanity with fair counsel
And a discernment between truth and falsehoods
What some call “setting the record straight”
In balance, with harmony, and for understanding
Self-realization is knowing what we need to 
Know when we need to know it…
Go within, align with the still point
For the truth shall set you free!
Automatic writing by VCJ 2020
I am a soul committed to knowing…
knowing that, as souls, we do incarnate,
whether or not we believe it.
We are here to learn all lessons
until we have had our fill and graduate.
In life and death our existence continues
as bodies of energy as yet unmeasurable.
Religions and science dally with the reality,
on and on without seeing the truth.
Religions mystify it and keep us guessing.
Science cannot see it with any instruments.
We ache to know what we are
and compensate by identifying with all but
that which is temporary and shall disintegrate.
Those who claim to know the soul
are held in suspicion by the blind,
who continue to conjecture on and on.
As one who knows, I shall persevere.
I see the soul, living or “dead.”
Both are visible and identifiable to me.
It seems that we’ve had enough time
and the we suffer in our ignorance, 
allowing the dead to hang around endlessly.
As one who knows, I shall rise
to the task and commit myself resolutely
to raising the dead until I’m done.
 "Full Moon Sweatlodge" 
August 2009, VMB
 the grandmothers thank you for this ceremony
 lighting the lodge and remembering to pray
 talk can be cheap for you reap
 what you sow, that's how we know
 when you are ready for another run
 remember, learning was designed to be fun
 though people like their pain and process
 it gives them validity during down times
 when in essence there is no time
 how one might rationalize an individual action
 go back to the thoughts creating it
 how one feels adds energy to it
 the manifestation an inner gift now realized
 each process revealing more of the truth
 drawing in many people, especially the youth
 so it is on a full moon 
 in the summer time... fuck, eat, travel
 the young soul paradigm losing its grip
 rather hit the road, take a trip
 up to Court's and the ocean coast
 opening the heart to the fifth manifestation
 your lodge anchored in the four before
 celebrating an awakening consciousness... many will participate
 coming to the feast, the cosmic party
 glimpses of future family and film friends
 gatherings transcending only to come back down
 to the Earth Mother and her worlds
 for the eagle will soar very high
 yet must also land to nest... rest
 and still with eyes seeing for distances
 embracing this planet from corner to corner
 the portals your guideposts, the grid holding
 souls returning to set the records straight
 keep moving toward your eight, Lightning Feet
 only God is great on this path
 and to dance the seven arrows awake
 in the light and in the rainbow
 a bridge for teaching is naturally made
 modalities for delivery a much simpler thing
 at least for you and the Master
 for he guides your days enjoying most
 and loves to be in the moment
 all knowledge and souls in his sphere
 an endless stream for many to share
 we see you by the river strong
 we see your dance, hear your song
 it gives life and much more too
 you are cruisin' along, the path true
 for timing is essential to be placed 
 in the right spot, then simply deliver
 some will get it, others will question
 the truth will stand alone and impartial
 resistance is futile, as you already know
 then relax, breathe, put on the show
 in your room, onstage, or anywhere else
 the soul needs very little to perform
 a more elaborate set necessary for goals
 yet the ultimate role for your soul
 lives and breathes with the fifth manifestation
 in this way all movements are designed
 be the artist, be the mystic self-realized... 
 January 1992, VMB
 staring in cultured ignorance
 snow covered landscape
 a single frame of ominous beauty
 she whistles with wind swept limbs
 tearing away a narrow view
 naked in my innocence
 fear no longer a blanket of false security
 she opens herself willingly
 breathing, birthing, crying
 sweat fills her womb
 healing water of prayer
 chanting, cleansing, dreaming
 she gives life to vision
  seeing within
 a journey beyond
 cracks of reality
 mirror fragments of the self
 exploding into one light
 a moment of rapture
 imploding as one love… 
“The Art of Work” 
 October 1988, VMB
 my sculptures of sweat
 you crushed with blind greed
 my paintings of toil
 you stripped with subversive control
 and my writings of labor
 you taxed with limited power
 I speak to you
 the voice of a free man
 with a right to choose my destiny
 I see what you have done
 to my craft
 to my art
 to my life
 I feel the bitter pain
 as you attempt
 to crush my soul
 enslave my sacred dream…
 I respond to you
 with a fierce imagination
 and a surge of creative energy
 I take my pen to the wood
 my palm and fingers to the rock
 and I become
 one with my Art
 one with her Magick
 one with the Great Spirit. 
 December 2001, VMB
 (in memory of Elaine “Laney” DeLanghe)
 each day I spend with you
 is more special than the day before
 your sweet essence brightens my smile
 and sends me into a deeper place in my heart
 the way we walk is like a dance
 that I have never known before
 it brings me closer to God, and for that,
 I will always treasure in my heart…
 your strength and perseverance
 shows the spiritual warrior that you are
 willing to face yourself and the challenge before you
 know that I love you
 and cherish our experience together
 forever and ever…
 and maybe, once more
 so before I close the door to this rhyme
 allow me to love, just one more time
 don’t matter ‘bout the situation we’re in
 for we can dance it any way
 cuz there’s more ways to love
 than simply rolling in the hay
 but we kind of like that too
 so don’t be blue and endure the pain
 and one day you’ll wake up
 and be free once again
 remember me then
 with a smile in your heart
 and there I will be. 
  “Fear of the Unknown”
 December 2019, BNB
 Be who you know yourself to be.
 Be who you feel your Soul is;
 do not be afraid of your power,
 it is not to be feared. For
 it is all Love, do not you 
 see? For it has all to do 
 with you! Soul is at work with
 all things. Glorious art thou, you beautiful 
 creature! You fear your soul for no 
 reason. Trust in yourself, do not fear
 yourself. You are luminous and graceful Love
 present in every breath, liquid gold shining…
 Resist not; be strong in will to 
 see your full beauty, awakening awareness. Behold: 
 to love your neighbor, please love yourself. 
August 2021, VCJ 
(Based on Carl’s offering of the first line)
“Temptation fills the gap between truth and fiction.”
Take the fruit and plant the seed.
Take your breath to sing the song.
Take a friend and give your love.
Take your mind and share beautiful thought.
Take your life and make it magic.
Harvest your knowing and shred your doubt.
Leave the womb to stretch your legs.
Leave your bed and make them wonder.
You didn’t incarnate to avoid the trouble.
The truth is life, the fiction death.
You have always existed and shall ever.
This life is another mouthful for soul.
Soul is tempted and makes a decision
to face the trouble and master it.
Master it today and fix it tomorrow.
Build something wonderful and let it be.
All that is gained shall be surrendered.
Which is better ‘twixt eating or pooping?
Which is needed ‘twixt repetition or change?
The best laid plans of mice and men
was for Shakespeare yummy food for thought.
In printed form, recipes for group fulfillment.
The folly of imagination fertilizers the mindscape.
The dogma that prevails dulls the mind.
Temptation to leave the herd exposes one
To fresh air, green grass and… carnivores.
Dogmavores and karmavores have their sad lot.
Truthivores go hungry in a barren world.
                      "A SOUL IN SPACE"                        
November 2021, VCJ
I am still alive and doing this.
This is being human among humans.
Easy to feel small and not important,
until I remember that which is important.
Without others I feel like a ghost
serving no vital role except for self,
a self born of a distant oversoul,
cast out into a series of lives
to find others who come and go,
no matter how much you love them,
Knowing that others feel what I feel.
I wish for them all self love
and love of this beautiful, miraculous Earth
that too, must feel alone in space
but knows its eternal friend, the Sun.
So far away and so very important,
the Sun blesses us with no apology,
knowing that we love this eternal orbit
for its powerful, merciful and loving light.
Oh Lord, make me shine with love
that all may know the Loving Truth.
(While rummaging through my parents' garage in 2021, I came across this poem I wrote for "Creative Works by St. James' Students". It put a smile on my face...enjoy!) 
"The Angel"
June 1990, BNB
The angel of red velvet,
her feathers of gold,
and her cape of bronze, 
she stands with her hands pointing 
outwards as if she said "Come."
Her wand, a star of gold, 
the blond in her hair
stands out like a star in the night,
her crown is like a knit sweater 
a mother had knit,
the crown is gold. 
The golden eyes and lips, 
The lips of a movie star. 
The angel with no feet, 
It's a mystery!!
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