About Us

Mission Statement

Alternative Educational Alliance Ministries (AEA) is a private membership association dedicated to a renaissance in consciousness promoting individual growth for people of all ages. The AEA offers a variety of educational tools and supplements, classes and workshops throughout the year, personal counseling, and rites of passage awareness for the younger generations.

The Players

Vincent Boccarossa – Chairperson/Founding Trustee
Brandi Barnes – Vice-Chair/Co-Founding Trustee
Brandon Smart – Webmaster

Principles of the AEA

AEA Ministries serves as a necessity in our society for those people awakening to their true essence. Through sharing knowledge and other activities, the AEA provides the tools necessary for people to discover the rewards of their full capabilities. Our intent is to bridge people of all ages by rekindling the passion in their hearts, stimulating their curiosities, and sparking their inherent desires to learn and grow. Together we can empower one another to a higher level of consciousness and impeccability through our approach to life and in our relationship to oneself, each other, and to all life on this planet.

The AEA is designed, as the name implies, to provide educational tools with an alternative and creative approach toward one’s self-development and personal growth. We create a positive environment for working with the basics coupled with creative outlets for personal expression. The variety of tools and disciplines acquired will enable each person to create a foundation for exploring the mansion within as well as the higher planes of consciousness. This has been called the “great work” and has been taught for centuries by enlightened individuals who have come before us.

Building alliances and creating genuine friendships are key driving forces within the AEA. We encourage respectful autonomy within a family atmosphere that naturally builds a more community-based consciousness. We understand the parameters of our present-day living scenarios and seek to expand the ways in which we can live together sharing in a community. Through our relationships, we all learn the importance of effective communication and the values of giving and receiving with balance. In this way, we will create harmony in our personal lives and with the people and nature around us.

Through a variety of value-centered activities, the AEA can give people the opportunity to discover the mansion within him or her self. Each person can learn to cultivate their personal working dream and discover their true purpose and potential. In many respects, the AEA offers a rite of passage for the soul that is a gradual progression toward higher levels of awareness and self-actualization.

Cornerstones of AEA Ministries

  • Truth
  • Love
  • Counsel
  • Creativity