AEA Ministries

Recreating the Natural Way of Learning and Loving

As a faith-based organization, or more accurately “soul-based” organization, we are committed to the virtues of truth, love, fair counsel and creativity.  We honor the soul sovereignty of all individuals regardless of race, creed or color.  We epitomize the Seven Evolutions of Love… Nurturing, Alliances, Reciprocity, Appreciation, Comprehension, Altruism, and Agape (Unconditional Love).  We are caretakers of our shared Earth Mother and we are stewards of consciousness or what we know as the mansion within.  We are here on behalf of the manifestations of the Infinite Soul, specifically Jesus the Christ, Lao Tzu, Siddhartha the Buddha, and Krishna.  We honor the manifestations of the Transcendental Soul, specifically Ghandi and Socrates.  We have ten codes we live by as well as ten boundaries we honor and respect in ourselves and others.  As individual souls we are perfectly aligned with our respective Oversoul each with a direct link to God, the Creator, Great Spirit, the Tao, the Source of All That Is. 

As a private ministerial association, it is our vocation to share streams of knowledge and spiritual disciplines with others.  We are here to facilitate and participate in ceremonies, classes, workshops, Home School Teaching Pods, and other creative endeavors including book writing, filmmaking, performance art, podcasts, and radio broadcasting. Meditation, prayer and dreaming circles are daily disciplines that coincide with the natural cycles of the planet and the personal biorhythms of each individual.  On behalf of AEA Ministries and in the spirit of the AEA, we are all students evolving as sovereign beings here on campus Earth.  May you awaken to this renaissance in consciousness and experience a soul tide rising in your body, heart, mind, spirit and soul! 

We created this teaching wheel to represent AEA Ministries.

These illustrate our offerings to our community and humanity as a whole.

“Ten Codes to Live By”

1) Always see the danger first.

2) Always protect your feet.

3) Always be ready for cold.

4) Always be ready for heat.

5) Always know a good water source.

6) Always master the skills needed to survive.

7) Always get the job done.

8) Always know one’s place.

9) Always disallow foolishness.

10) Always rest whenever you can.

“The Ten Boundaries”

1) Intimacy/Sexual (Children’s Fire)

2) Physical/Space (any physical confrontations)

3) Parental/Child (within family matrix/outside too)

4) Conversation (interruptions, over-talking, etc.)

5) Verbal/Tone (intimidations, projections, seductions, etc.)

6) Work/Indentured Slave (both 12:60 & 13:20 paradigms)

7) Psychic/Dream (including negative thoughts/projections)

8) Earth/Environmental boundaries

9) Alone/Be by Yourself boundaries

10) Inter-Galactic boundaries

“Common House Code”

1) Mind the doors and windows.

2) Mind the appliances.

3) Mind the floors.

4) Mind your place as a housemate.

5) Mind your agreements.

6) Mind your day to day debris.

7) Mind impact on housemates.

8) Mind your ideals explicitly.

9) Mind your communication skills.

10) Mind the need for gratitude.

*Code is the difference between exhibiting social graces versus having no social graces.

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