AEA joins the GrassRoots Warrior Network (GRWN) with the “Campus Earth Curriculum”

What is GRWN?

The GrassRoots Warrior Network is an alternative platform, airing daily on Rumble, focused on education, spirituality, geopolitics and current events. It is a joint co-op for content providers hosting a variety of channels designed to educate, enlighten and expose the truth.

How AEA came to be a part of GRWN…

Brandi and Vinny attended the Truth Tour in Anaheim and met several wonderful people at the event, including “Juan O’Savin”. We listened, mingled and gave away copies of An Old Soul’s Guide to the Universe. It was fun to meet some of the people we had been watching over the past two years.

A few months later, Kevin Hoyt contacted us and invited us onto his show. We were delighted to hear from him and gladly accepted his invitation. We then had the fortune to connect with Tracy Jo Jaco, which was a total surprise! That led to an appearance on Michael Jaco’s Unleashing Intuition Secrets… verifying dreams that Vinny had with Michael in 2022. It was a blast for us!

And that brings us to The GrassRoots Warrior Network. Many thanks to Kevin Hoyt, Denise-Bliss Phillips and Michael and Tracy Jo Jaco for spearheading this new venture in alternative broadcasting… a platform of the people, by the the people and for the people.

Why the “Campus Earth Curriculum”?

As the Alternative Educational Alliance, we are open to building alliances and sharing streams of knowledge that become rivers of truth flowing into oceans of wisdom. It is our intention to spark inquiries into the path of soul and offer tools to explore the mansion within.

As we like to say, “the truth of knowledge can liberate and unite us through love and sovereignty of soul.”

When and Where?

Weekly broadcasting every Friday at 12PM PST/3PM EST on Rumble, beginning on May 19, 2023.



As a “colony of ants” we are the keepers of the Earth and stewards of our mansions within.

Campus Earth Curriculum #01 – The Campus Earth Curriculum

Campus Earth Curriculum #02 – Let’s Talk about SOUL

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