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First, please enjoy this poem written by Vincent, Going Public with the AEA:

"Going Public with the AEA"  
February 2021, VMB
As I ponder my choices taking action
To go public… writings, podcasts, website, workshops
I am reminded of the still point
And the hundred rooms of my mansion
How we manifest, maintain and sustain “this”
Recreating reality, expanding consciousness, living the dream
We each chose to be here now…
To know truth, to discover one’s essence,
To experience the love of true intimacy,
Authentic soul contact, unconditional clarity, instantaneous intelligence
And a comprehension through streams of knowledge
Experienced and remembered, examined with intuitive knowing
Explored with a passion for self-actualization, self-mastery
Now gathering together to give it away
In the organizational form of the AEA
Design and choreography of the basics, essentials
Are on the table creating the platform
The foundation is solid to build upon
Just as my mansion is anchored with 
Truth, Love, Fair Counsel, Creativity and Courage
The courage of heart, sovereignty of soul,
And as a clear and open channel
The AEA byline states… “the truth of knowledge
Can liberate and unite us through Love
And understanding (which we changed to sovereignty of soul)…
To educate, enlighten and expose the truth
Or in other words, share the knowledge,
Align with essence, discover the mansion within
And reveal truth through experience and example
Leading others to their own discoveries, self-realizations
The levels and cycles of learning…. Evolving…
And taking the knowledge public via the AEA
With a small band of spiritual “truth-seekers”
Representing Oversouls on behalf of the fifth
We become an oasis for older souls
That have been marginalized, sidelined, and silenced
Offering tools to discover the mansion within
With streams of knowledge backing it up
And access to higher planes of consciousness
In truth we are… “friends of God”
Seeded across humanity opening channels of communication
Through dreaming, telepathy, clarity, seeing and healing
Part of the divine blueprint for self-actualization
Heightened awareness and the truth of Love
We offer classes, workshops and basic ceremonial
Rites of passage for the soul realized
The path of the road less traveled…
I embrace “this” with all my heart
Listening to the captain of my vessel
To guide me along through stormy weather
To inspire me to stay the course
And persevere onward and upward toward completion
The goal of the soul to “graduate”
From this physical plane uniting with the Oversoul
And assigning others in our “family pods”
Offering service to humanity with fair counsel
And a discernment between truth and falsehoods
What some call “setting the record straight”
In balance, with harmony, and for understanding
Self-realization is knowing what we need to 
Know when we need to know it…
Go within, align with the still point
For the truth shall set you free!

Campus Earth Curriculum #38: A Healing Journey – 4/12/24

Campus Earth Curriculum #37: The Big Picture with Forest and Brandi – 3/29/24

Campus Earth Curriculum #36: The Common Ground Principle – 3/15/24

Campus Earth Curriculum #35: Siskiyou Seeds with Don Tipping – 3/1/24

Campus Earth Curriculum #34: The Hypocrisy of the Oligarchy – 2/16/24

Campus Earth Curriculum #33: The Seven Arrows Teaching – 2/2/24

Campus Earth Curriculum #32: The Untold History of Manifest Destiny – 1/19/24

Campus Earth Curriculum #31: The Peace of Westphalia, Colbert, FDR and the American System – 1/5/24

Campus Earth Curriculum #30: Winter Solstice Reflections – 12/22/23

Campus Earth Curriculum #29: Back to the Earth with Joshua Thayer and Jeff Farr – 12/08/23

Campus Earth Curriculum #28: Education, Economics and the Mind with Cynthia Chung – 11/24/23

Campus Earth Curriculum #27: Studying the Star Maps with Mari Red Moon – 11/17/23

Campus Earth Curriculum #26: The Legacy of JFK with Bruce de Torres – 11/10/23

Campus Earth Curriculum #25: Fair Counsel Readings with the AEA – 11/03/23

Campus Earth Curriculum #24: Sharing the Spotlight with Carl the Cosmic Carpenter – 10/27/23

Campus Earth Curriculum #23: Sharing the Stage with Forest Finn – 10/20/23

Campus Earth Curriculum #21: The Rising Tide Foundation with Matt Ehret and Cynthia Chung – 10/07/23

Campus Earth Curriculum #20: Going to The Still Point. A 4-Step Creative Visualization Meditation – 9/29/23

Campus Earth Curriculum #19: Get Real, Go Sidereal with Mari Red Moon9/22/23

Campus Earth Curriculum #17: An Exploration into the Dreamtime with Cathy O’Brien – 9/8/23

Campus Earth Curriculum #16: Introducing Joshua Thayer and Native Sun Gardens – 9/1/23

Campus Earth Curriculum #15: “An old Soul’s Guide to the Universe” – 8/25/23

Campus Earth Curriculum #14: A Ride on the Foghorn Express with Reinette Senum – 8/18/23

Campus Earth Curriculum #13: Sun Yat-sen and the American System of Political Economy – 8/11/23

Campus Earth Curriculum #12: Life After Death with Elena Rayo – 8/4/23

Campus Earth Curriculum #11: The Khazarian Mafia Myth, Silk Road & Carolingian Renaissance – 7/28/23

Campus Earth Curriculum #10: The Sound of Freedom and The Art Game of Filmmaking – 7/21/23

Campus Earth Curriculum #09: GOD, SCHOOL, 9/11 AND JFK with Bruce de Torres – 7/14/23

Campus Earth Curriculum #07 & #08: Clash of the Two Americas with Matt Ehret – 6/30/23

Campus Earth Curriculum #06: A Better Vision Moving Forward – 6/23/23

Campus Earth Curriculum #05: The Power of LOVE and SOULutions with Cathy O’Brien – 6/16/23

Campus Earth Curriculum #04 – Rise of the Whistleblowers: Assange, the Durham Report & We the People – 6/9/23

Campus Earth Curriculum #03: A Conversation on the Soul Overleaves – 6/2/23

Campus Earth Curriculum #02: Let’s Talk about SOUL5/26/23

The Campus Earth Curriculum – 5/19/23

AEA Workshop – Class #8: Book of Life Timelines and the Mansion Within

AEA Workshop – Class #7: The Cultural Landscape through the Mirror of Self-Reflection

AEA Workshop – Class #6: Workshop Review

AEA Workshop – Class #5: Workshop Review

An Adventure in Consciousness with Kevin & Lisa

AEA Workshop – Class #4: The Love of Reciprocity

AEA Workshop – Class #3: Self-Love, True Intimacy & Making Alliances

Sharing Perspectives on Soul with Michael Jaco

AEA Workshop – Class #2: Introduction to the Nature of the Soul, Oversoul & Overleaves

A Metaphysical Monday with Kevin Hoyt & the AEA

AEA Workshop – Class #1: Introduction to “An Old Soul’s Guide to the Universe”

Peace, Progress & Prosperity – Part V: The Peace of Westphalia, Colbert, FDR & The American System of Political Economy

Adventures in Consciousness with Forest Finn #4

Exploring the Mind with Cynthia Chung

Adventures in Consciousness with Forest Finn #3

Adventures in Consciousness with Forest Finn #2

Adventures in Consciousness with Forest Finn

Peace, Progress & Prosperity – Part IV: Sun Yat-sen & the American System of Political Economy

Peace, Progress & Prosperity – Part III: Manifest Destiny: Lincoln to McKinley

Peace, Progress & Prosperity – Part II: The History of Manifest Destiny

Peace, Progress and Prosperity – Part I: The History of the Silk Road

AEA Ministries Presents: Apothecary Knowledge & Herbal Wisdom – “Sea Moss School”

Alternative Educational Alliance – Conversations From The Fringe

Alternative Educational Alliance – Reflections on 9-11 and Reading to Learn

Alternative Educational Alliance – In Honor of Robert David Steele

Alternative Educational Alliance Introduction – Part IV

Alternative Educational Alliance Introduction – Part III

Alternative Educational Alliance Introduction – Part II

Alternative Educational Alliance Introduction

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