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Over the years there have been several books published as a “guide to the universe;” however, there has yet to be a book written as a guide for old souls.  I’ve always felt it might have been a bit easier if I had a field guide for navigating my life, while living in a young soul culture.  I searched for nine years, reading a plethora of esoteric material, learning meditation, yoga and martial arts.  I delved into shamanic training, Sundancing, and numerous sweatlodges as well.  These years of study and preparation brought me from the suburbs of southwest Detroit to the shores of southern California in 1991.  In 1993, while living in a studio apartment on the canals of Venice Beach, my spiritual quest led a few friends and myself up the coast to idyllic Santa Barbara.  We each received a “soul reading” based on knowledge from a book entitled, Messages from Michael by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, that soon became one of my personal favorites.  In some respects, this guide is a companion book for the Michael material. It has been nearly thirty years since that first soul reading up in Santa Barbara, and to this very day, I continue to discover more on this spiritual path.  

I like the phrase, “simplicity without poverty of the soul” and do my best to live by this virtue.  My trips to Santa Barbara have been invaluable for expanding my awareness, communing with teachers from the higher planes, and exploring into the truth of soul and the Oversoul.  My intention with this guidebook is to share some of the knowledge, perspectives, and “tools of the trade” that have been useful for myself on this path.  In my travels visiting friends and family across the country, I carry a pouch of embers and a flame that burns bright for others to experience, sparking their own flame, igniting their essence within…the captain of the vessel… the eternal soul… Let us begin.

The following excerpt from Messages from Michael refers to our present state of affairs on planet Earth and how it relates to things as they were 2000 years ago.  For many curious readers this passage may ring a bell.  The question was asked, “What is so special about every two thousand years?”  Michael’s response was this:

“We are referring to the philosophical climate existing then which has not existed since, until very recently.  This philosophical climate made the conditions right for the manifestation of the Infinite Soul.  If you wish some parallels between then and now, we will gladly expound.  The Infinite Soul manifests at times such as this, when there are many philosophical stagnations, racial and religious strife, and the imminent destruction of that which binds society together.  In Rome, as now, lip service was paid to religious tolerance, but there were periodic purges and reinstatement of the state gods.  The parallel to this occurred in Nazi Germany, they (Rome) had political parties where the lines of demarcation had become so blurred that no one quite knew where he stood. Luxury was viable and widespread and could be obtained through little effort.  The welfare state came into existence.  Then cities were crowded and the city dwellers were alienated from each other.  There was a deterioration of the family and the ratio of disturbed children was compatible to the figure now.  The women’s liberation movement was causing fear in the men and they were so worried about their virility that they had little interest in anything else.  This brought about many small wars that were fought on the battlegrounds rather than in the bedrooms.” [p. 174]

It is true we are living on parallel time lines, even multiple time lines.  The individual soul evolves and exists in “no time,” traversing the ages.  Both the Infinite Soul and the Transcendental Soul are two high beings that are mandated to manifest seven times on campus Earth, to further the evolution of all individual souls aligned with this planet.  It is my understanding that there have been four previous manifestations of the Infinite Soul beginning with Krishna, then Siddhartha the Buddha, third was the Chinese mystic Lao Tzu, and the fourth manifestation was Jesus the Christ.  The four manifestations of the Transcendental Soul thus far include the lives of Zarathustra, Socrates, Mohammed and Ghandi.

There are presently almost eight billion souls incarnated on this planet with nearly thirty billion more that are “waiting in the wings” for another lifetime to experience.  Every life experience is perfectly recorded in a “book of life” and all these books are in a library of sorts.  Each Oversoul is a consortium of these libraries.  As individual souls evolve, the “records” are updated accordingly.  One might call it a living library of soul evolution and expanding consciousness.  Inventions like artificial intelligence and other genetically modified technologies pale in comparison to God’s creations and designs—the Logos of the Tao.”  The knowledge of soul, coupled with spiritual awareness and direct experience is the path of the mystic—the path of love and healing that all souls will gradually discover after many incarnations and cycles of learning.    

We are currently experiencing a manifestation of epic proportions that is being fully recorded both physically and on the higher planes of consciousness.  Like many incarnations, it will come and go before most people realize that it happened.  Let us remember, we signed up for this planetary program, and school is now in session.  Grab your notebook, a pen and a quartz crystal.  It’s time to get busy discovering the mansion within and the path of soul.  


“An Old Soul’s Guide to the Universe” on the shelf at Native Spirit Lodge in Woodland Hills, CA
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