“Beyond Ertugrul and a Multi-Polar Alliance,” An Inspirational Essay By Vincent Boccarossa

Dirilis: Ertugrul 2014

All free nation states across the continents can learn from history to move more wisely into the future.  Prior to the time of Ertugrul and the 13th century, there was an alliance formed 500 years earlier between Frankish-Christian King Charlemagne (742-814), Arab-Muslim ruler Haroun Al-Rashid (763-809), and the Turkish-Jewish King Bulan (???-786) of the Khazar Kingdom.  They revived the original silk road establishing trade routes from the West to the East utilizing Jewish Radhanite merchant traders who were highly skilled and educated in several languages.  It was Harun’s son, al-Ma’mun, who created the “Houses of Wisdom” for the sharing of knowledge such as the arts, astronomy, classical literature, and philosophy, transcending religious differences for higher learning.  In his brilliant report on “The Ecumenical Civilization of the Khazar Kingdom, the Abbasid Caliphate and the Carolingian Empire,” historian Pierre Beaudry explains in detail this unique multi-polar alliance.

The key role of the Houses of Wisdom was to prove the viability of multi-faith coexistence between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, as the Prophet Muhammad had advocated and practiced himself. Harun al-Rashids Renaissance actually displayed the tangible proof that the Islamic universal message was in harmony with the other two faiths of the Book; even more, that Islam was greatly improved by the enrichment of others. In other words, the Islam of Harun al-Rashid and of his son al-Mamun was entirely ecumenical in character. All sorts of experiments in philosophical and theological matters were fostered and developed among the scholars at these academies. Not only contradictory theological views were accepted for debate, but they were encouraged and oriented towards finding common solutions to paradoxes by way of making discoveries of universal physical principles. (38)

     Unfortunately, two centuries later, the surviving Roman dynasties had migrated to the Venice region reconsolidating their power through shipping goods, the slave trade, intelligence gathering and as financiers.  They gradually turned the silk road into a bloody crusade, four in total, the last one a mercenary pillage of the Christian city of Constantinople.  In cahoots with a variety of corrupt popes, the Venetians began a systematic process of ostracizing all Jews, as well as pitting Christians against Muslims or Muslims against Christians or Christians against Christians or Muslims against Muslims.  The Venetians mastered the art of deception, infiltration, and covert operations like the network of deep state globalists utilizing intelligence agencies, military forces, mafia cartels and “economic hitmen” to do their bidding and dirty work.  Beaudry elaborates on this Venetian threat in the following passages:

Thus, this Khazars conversion to Judaism had become a most powerful economic instrument in the hands of the humanist faction represented by Charlemagne, his Jewish trade Ambassadors, and Harun al Rashid. It was Harun al-Rashid who personally deployed the Khazarian leader, Bulan, from Baghdad after Rabbi Yitzak HaSandri (year ?) converted him along with his court and ministers to Judaism in the city of Radhan, Iraq. However, this great alliance had one common enemy, Venice, which had built itself a usurious banking empire on the ruins of the old Roman Empire and had gained ascendency over the Mediterranean Sea by allying itself with an evil faction of the Byzantine Empire. There was no greater objective for those Venetian bankers than to destroy this anti-oligarchical {gift-exchange} form of economics by all possible means. Destroy {agape}, and have Satan rule the world. (15)

By 834, it was the fight against {agape} that led the Venetians to initiate the Norman invasions against France and Germany and launch at the same time the Carolingian Civil War leading to the dismemberment of Charlemagnes empire ten years later, to trigger the Kievian Rusdestruction of the Khazar Kingdom in 1016, and to launch the Crusades against the Muslim world, in 1095. The plan of the Venetians was to completely destroy each of the three cultures of this ecumenical civilization, and throw them into complete oblivion the very memory of their sacred alliance. However, of the three faiths, Venice considered Judaism the most dangerous of all. Significantly, historian S. Schwarzfuchs confirmed that the first thing the Crusaders did was to follow precisely the routes that the Jewish Radanites had built throughout Europe to attack them and eliminate their markets on their way to Jerusalem.

It was because of the successful experiment of the Jewish Khazar Kingdom that, after its utter destruction, in 1016, the Venetian oligarchy decided that the Jews would forever be banned from having a country of their own and would be prevented from participating in any form of economic activity, anywhere in Eastern or Western Europe. After the demise of the Khazars, the Venetian hatred of the Jews turned against them like a virulent plague of {turpe lucrum} wherever they went in Europe. (30)

     The Ertugrul series ran for five seasons with a total of 448 episodes; an epic achievement for the creator Mehmet Bozdag and all those involved with the project.  As a historical fiction and adventure television series, it recreates the 13th century and the nomadic Oghuz Turkish tribes that will become the seeds of the Ottoman Empire.  This warrior culture has its roots in the religion of Islam established from their prophet Mohammed (571-632); the main character Ertugrul is a devout Muslim, a fierce warrior, a kind and loyal husband, and a fair and just leader.  The spiritual teachings of Islam are channeled through the character Ibn-i Arabi and his presence throughout the series is always timely; on a few occasions he appears to key characters through their dreams.  Throughout the entire series, there is no sex or nudity, no foul language, and the fight scenes do not focus on blood and gore, instead choreographing acrobats, martial arts, and sword play into the action.  The following excerpt from Messages from Michael may shed some light on the religion of Islam, albeit from a Mid-Causal plane perspective.

Islam, of course, has its roots in a manifestation of the Transcendental Soul, which has a specific purpose to effect social upheaval just as the Infinite Soul effects spiritual change.  The man Mohammed definitely did accomplish a great deal toward the development of a code of ethics; one of the best since the Code of Hammurabi.  Because of the societal structure, what was a social code became a religious dogma, which it was never intended to be.  If you examine the teachings of the Koran in this light, you will see that much of it is worthwhile and valid.  The distortion of the teaching to accommodate the religious demands of the populace has resulted not in misunderstanding as much as misuse of the teaching. (p. 155-56)

     Many historians, researchers and scholars spend their entire lives piecing together the past, showing how it reflects the present, and ultimately creates the future.  However, there is also a soul perspective available for those who are open to finding the truth in channeling like the passage above or through their own spiritual experiences.  It is wise to cover all the bases and to use discernment, intuitive knowing and a moral compass of clear conscience.  As shown throughout the Ertugrul series, the virtues of dignity, integrity and the sovereignty of the soul are exemplified in key characters.  It offers a reflection to our present-day state of affairs and how these virtues have been replaced by arrogance, greed and an elitist-imperialist mindset claiming dominion over the entire planet with their new world order dystopia vision.  It might appear futile against such powerful forces, as some will slip into apathy and others will simply acquiesce to a corrupt global state masking as a benevolent master.  This is their endgame scenario playing out before our eyes, although with millions of people uniting around the world, it is now time to end their diabolical games once and for all.

Ertugrul Gazi, the man behind the epic series…

     The alliances that occurred in the 8th-9th centuries offer a glimpse into how people of different cultures and religions can prosper together without war, debt slavery and a 21st century Neo-colonialism.  Large scale infrastructure projects and repairs can replace an infiltrated and over-bloated military-industrial-intelligence complex.  An organic food revolution can directly challenge the globalist control of food production and distribution.  Alternative forms of healing and natural remedies remain available regardless of the corruption and machinations of the medical-chemical-vaccine complex.  Mainstream media channels are gradually becoming irrelevant as more people find other sources to gather information doing their own research.  It is crucial that the socially-conditioned-academic-box from kindergarten to the university level be thoroughly examined and improved upon rather than diluted with critical race theory, emotional-based learning, nonsensical gender issues and sexual perversities.  When more people realize that this octopus of global control has its tentacles in nearly all segments of society, then we can sever those tentacles or at the very least begin the process of revealing them.

     The common ground that we all share here on campus Earth is that we are individual souls evolving and learning.  We return lifetime after lifetime, as do other ensouled species, to balance our karmic ribbons and graduate from the physical plane of experience.  The truth of knowledge can only liberate those open to receive the truth and who can embrace it for him or herself.  Sometimes we learn and then must re-learn it from another perspective or point of view.  Other times we create something, then are compelled to recreate it for a higher purpose or to express it in another way.  As we delve into history and past lives, we are conscious of how we create the future with our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations.  An introspective mind is required to examine our beliefs, to have control of our thoughts, and be able to recognize the pitfalls of expectations that often leads to disappointment.  The model of the mansion within offering one hundred rooms to discover and explore is a simple tool for maintaining and sustaining a fulfilling life.  This is yet another example of how we share common ground with our brothers and sisters, for we all have a mansion within; it is our blessed soul sovereignty; it is our integrity intact; it is our cherished dignity.  These virtues are there to be cultivated and may we preserve them with grace and love for our future generations.

     Although Ertugrul is a Turkish series depicting Muslims in a positive light, there are numerous villains both Muslim and non-Muslim throughout the story.  Just like Shakespeare revealed the corruption and deception of the Venetians and others through his plays, the creators of Ertugrul weave a similar web of lies and treachery to thwart that which is honest and wholesome.  These stories serve as a mirror to see through the illusions created by clever social engineers, media manipulators and puppet players with too many strings attached.  Those strings often have money trails that gradually lead to the source of the power and the puppeteers.  What we all share, regardless of political or religious beliefs, is how these global imperialists see all of us, which is as “useless eaters” that need to be culled and managed appropriately.  The history of eugenics shows that this “concern” of overpopulation is nothing but a ruse to control the masses; similar to the threat of global warming that is designed to frighten the populace into subservience creating more poverty and scarcity in the process.  As these global technocrats proclaim, “You will own nothing and be happy.” 

     What kind of insanity have we allowed to fester in the halls of power and in the corridors of closed doors and secret elitist clubs and God knows what else is lurking in the shadows?  We are encouraged to take up arms, yet in many ways this is a psychological war, and that requires an educated populace rather than a population dumbed down to a juvenile level of behavior and intelligence.  Listen to the conversations people have or the ones they don’t have because it is no longer politically or socially correct to go there.  Observe what happens as the false narratives begin to crumble and the truth about specific events and people in power are brought to the surface.  Some people will adamantly die with the lie as they cannot handle the truth.  Others will remain on the fence without picking a side.  A few of us will enjoy the river raft ride as a soul tide is rising and reverberating across the entire planet.  As much as these globalists try with all their physical wealth and power, they cannot stop what is coming… a renaissance in consciousness and creativity ushering in an era of peace, progress, and prosperity.

     In retrospect, we appear on a precipice of a monumental shift in power and influence as the political charades are unmasked for all their collusion and corruption.  It is an opportunity to revive the silk road and the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) appear to be leading the way.  Both the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the Russia-China Polar Silk Road developments are long term sustainable projects with the potential to connect several countries, create new trade routes, and gradually bring more peace, progress, and prosperity to many people.  In the following excerpt from Matt Ehret’s essay “The Russia-China Polar Silk Road Speeds Ahead,” he makes a succinct point… (matthewehret.substack.com)

While the Belt and Road features two components (land and sea), the fact is that they are inextricably connected. Rails, ports and other civilization-building practices driven by a belief in scientific and technological progress have given this design a power and flexibility to adapt to every nations chosen developmental pathways. This is the mysterious secret ingredient” to the BRIs powerful adaptability which boggles the minds of closed-minded geopoliticians who can only think in zero-sum terms.

     This approach to development appears to be in stark contrast to the IMF and World Bank globalization policies that have been impoverishing nations for decades.  What is becoming more apparent are the true intentions of the deep state globalists, these parasites and pirates who have been feeding off our children and looting countries of their resources and strangling them with usurious debt slavery.  Many countries now realize the catastrophe of this “inverted” globalization model and what it has been doing to the people and the planet.  In the United States many individuals will be enraged when they discover how badly we have been misrepresented, used, and abused by these nefarious agendas.  As the hidden tax of inflation climbs, the dollar is losing its weight in the world revealing an international bankers’ Ponzi scheme to control the economy and to gradually dismantle the industrial base of the United States.  As a result, it may take several decades to rebuild America with grassroots movements and through creating more localized sustainability.  The whole world is watching and waiting to see if we the people wake up or remain in a “bubble box” with our heads in the sand.  It will take courage of heart, a newfound solidarity, and a steadfast nature to stay the course… for it will and can be done.  The excerpt below by JFK sums it up nicely.

In whatever arena of life one may meet the challenge of courage, whatever may be the sacrifices he faces if he follows his conscience – the loss of his friends, his fortune, his contentment, even the esteem of his fellow men – each man must decide for himself the course he will follow. The stories of past courage can define that ingredient – they can teach, they can offer hope, they can provide inspiration. But they cannot supply courage itself. For this each man must look into his own soul.  —Profiles in Courage, by John F. Kennedy (New York: Harper & Brothers, 1956)

Vincent is an educator, writer, and a steadfast student of the soul with an extensive background in the English language, history, metaphysics, Native Indian spirituality and “Instantaneous Intelligence.”  He is the co-founder of AEA Ministries, an organization dedicated to a renaissance in consciousness and creative learning.  Born in Michigan, Vincent currently resides in southern California.

*This essay was published in The Canadian Patriot Review by Matthew Ehret in July 2022.*

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