Bridging the Divide

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by Vincent Boccarossa

I have often pondered how we the people of humanity can rise above our differences to create a better world for us all.  It has taken me down a road less traveled both educationally and spiritually embracing the path of soul in all my endeavors.  I have discovered a common ground principle that exemplifies true intimacy among individuals that can extend to honorable diplomacy between nation states globally.  Many of the current issues in our world today reflect a warped model of globalization, multinational corporations, and the complexes they create… military-industrial-intelligence complex, medical-chemical-vaccine complex, GMO-depopulation-artificial intelligence complex, socially-engineered-academic-box complex, technocratic-prison-indentured-slave complex, and one I found from CIA analyst Ray McGovern, the MICIMATT or military-industrial-congressional-intelligence-media-academic-think-tank complex.  These complexes cover the bases of the globalist apparatus to control and rule the world.  They cleverly promote animosity, apathy and division, yet what they often underestimate is the free will of individuals educating others and exposing their clandestine machinations.

I was recently visiting a dear friend in Santa Barbara for a few days enjoying an adventure in consciousness and unplugging from the noise of the culture.  On one day a mutual friend came to visit and the three of us rode the cosmic conversation from the afternoon into the night.  At around 10:00 PM, our friend’s landlord arrived to see what we were up to and took a seat at the table.  Now this landlord is a contentious sort of character who will debate and talk over you with his opinions at length.  On other visits I had gone a few rounds with the landlord, but on this night I was spent and retreated to the living room.  However, our mutual friend was up for the task and had a lively sparring match in regards to issues like the plandemic, which the landlord believed was a true pandemic and not a globalist agenda at all.  He considered us conspiracy theorists and could not wrap his head around such a fringe perspective.  His level of dislike for Trump apparent and his platitudes around the culture and geopolitics lacked substance and research.  Although he considers himself educated, my mutual friend held his ground and would not back down from the landlord’s barrage of smirks and brush offs.  It finally ended around midnight, and I was glad for it.  Clearly, no common ground had been achieved between them.

Two days later, as I was preparing to leave for a night drive back to San Diego, the landlord showed up as I sat soaking up the last hour of my visit.  Sheepishly, the landlord mentioned the previous night and that he could not understand how people can believe such conspiracy nonsense.  I let him talk it out for about two minutes, then casually replied, “Well maybe after you cross over, you will then know who was closer to the truth.”  It made him pause, and diverted his attention to other topics on his mind.  He rambled for most of the hour, and I allowed for it because leaving on a sour note of any kind after such a wonderful visit disrupts my harmony.  I would not allow his personal confirmation bias to cloud my drive back or his “grave concern” about the serious divide that he now realizes has occurred in our country and around the world.  

What does it really mean to be on right side of history?  The landlord obviously considers himself to be in the know, however when I look at him I see someone that has been cleverly brainwashed, culturally boxed in, and socially engineered through his entire life.  Other people in my family are like that as well, just not as contentious or up for the debate.  And what kind of debate is it when people can be cancelled and topics brushed aside as a conspiracy.  The actual term itself was used by the CIA after the assassination of JFK because too many people were not buying the bill of goods about the lone gunman or the “magic bullet” theory.  The Establishment just kept lying and telling the same old story, while at the same time calling everyone who challenged the narrative a conspiracy theorist.  

Nowadays, it appears culturally correct to “cancel” someone or something that might be easily dismissed as a conspiracy theory or with some lousy platitude like “to agree to disagree” shutting down the conversation to avoid a confrontation or an uneasy feeling. Growing up I watched in my own extended family as certain topics were rarely discussed like political views or religious beliefs.  I can see how it was designed to keep the peace, yet it created a divide between people and as a young boy I found myself questioning and wondering.  Why were there such differences in opinions and views?  Where was the common ground principle and what had pitted people against one another?  Was this simply human nature or were there other forces at work?  

As a steadfast student on campus Earth, I have found answers that satisfy my curiosities shining a light on various subjects.  I continue to delve into the study of history, and even past lives if relevant to this incarnation.  It broadens my viewpoint and allows space for the memory of soul to be activated within the mind.  As a creative writer, the stories yet to be told throughout history often catch my attention and may lead to a screenplay or a pilot script.  I remember reading the historical novel by Irving Stone, The Agony and the Ecstasy, the story about Michelangelo’s life, and how he portrayed in vivid detail this high renaissance period in Italy.  With the advent of filmmaking and the arts in general, there are many ways to bridge the gap between cultures and time periods.  We can use creativity and imagination coupled with historical research and storytelling to offer people a different perspective or a fresh outlook on the past, the present and the future.           

On April 4th, 1968, Robert F. Kennedy gave a heartfelt speech to a gathering of mostly black folks in Indianapolis’s inner city.  He had just learned of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. and shared the sad news with a shocked and stunned crowd.  Here was a passage from his speech that rings true today…

“What we need in the United States is not division, what we need in the United States is not hatred, what we need in the United States is not violence and lawlessness, but is love and wisdom and compassion toward one another.  And a feeling of justice for those still suffering within our country, whether they be white or whether they be black.”

~ Robert F. Kennedy

Two months later, after winning the Democratic nomination for the Presidency, Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in Los Angeles at the Ambassador Hotel by a “supposed lone assassin.”  Does that sound familiar?  What had the Kennedy brothers done to deserve such brutal and public executions?  This was an obvious political coup in our history and there are many other incidents that we can study.  I think they’re all relevant, yet many people still remember where they were when JFK and RFK were eliminated, nursing a sad and bitter memory.  They were both challenging a corrupt political power structure and were a direct threat to new world order globalists imbedded within the country.  It is similar to dictators and tyrants taking over countries with military and revolutionary forces, with hired assassins including compromised covert agents, and other MK-Ultra’d and secret service types.  This was the swamp of the sixties in which the Kennedys lived and many of us were born into, and it remains a global cesspool of corruption to this day.

On the 60th anniversary of JFK’s murder this year, we are reminded of his courage and charisma, his common sense and steadfast nature, as well as his love for family and his heart for humanity.  He valued knowledge and wisdom studying the classics including the Dialogues of Plato.  He comprehended the American system of economics that Alexander Hamilton attempted to implement, as did John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, Warren Harding and Franklin D. Roosevelt.  As a WWII veteran, he had seen the horrors of war, felt the losses within his own family, and sought to bring a peaceful resolution with Russia and in Vietnam.  It was the Dulles brothers and other unscrupulous characters who had fueled the “cold war” since the late 1940’s and were intentionally creating more conflict in Cuba.  This insidious pattern of colonization, empire building, and war mongering is what JFK fought against and many people of all colors stood behind him. 

It is a historical fact that all eight U.S. presidents that have either been assassinated or “mysteriously died” in office were promoters of Hamilton’s American system of a political economy.  Those presidents were William Henry Harrison (9th, 1941), Zachary Taylor (12th, 1850), Abraham Lincoln (16th, 1865), James Garfield (20th, 1881), William McKinley (25th, 1901), Warren G. Harding (29th, 1923), Franklin D. Roosevelt (32nd, 1945), and John F. Kennedy (35th, 1963).  It should also be noted that Alexander Hamilton was killed in a duel by vice-president Aaron Burr in 1804.  Burr was a known British loyalist and a treasonous spy working with networks throughout the States, territories and in Canada.  His feud with Hamilton was no secret as he conspired to thwart the American system of economics and divide the country into warring factions.  He and his cohorts attempted many coups including the War of 1812 and the sowing of seeds for a Civil War.  

Aaron Burr was a proponent of the free trade policies that Adam Smith made popular with his Wealth of Nations “legitimizing” Great Britain’s right to rule the sea and control the trade routes.  Between the Dutch East India Company and the British East India Company, they were attempting to monopolize on the markets of the world.  They forced India to grow opium, destroying their textile industry through colonization, and then shipping it to China.  They fought two opium wars with China and created the original opium dens in Canton, Shanghai and other places.  The following passage from Lyndon LaRouche’s Dope, Inc. reveals this historical truth…  From 1715, when the British East India Company opened up its first Far East office in the Chinese port city of Canton, it has been official British Crown policy to foster mass-scale opium addiction against targeted foreign populations in order to impose a state of enforced backwardness and degradation, thereby maintaining British political control and looting rights. While the methods through which the British have conducted this Opium War policy have shifted over the intervening 250 years, the commitment to the proliferation of mind-destroying drugs has been unswerving.

As for their “lost colonies,” Great Britain resorted to espionage, infiltration, and sabotage to divide the young Republic.  The elitist Brits back then were masters of Venetian deception, appearing one way while concealing their true intentions.  They wielded tremendous influence on southern plantation owners to keep slavery in place and the cotton exports sailing their way.  They needed the raw material for their own textile factories that were sweatshops of misery and toil for their own people.  Slavery was also a lucrative business that used the same ships and trade routes making several “elite” families wealthy landowners in both the U.S. and Europe.   Burr mixed and married into these family bloodlines maintaining a firm and steady allegiance to the crown of Great Britain. 

It is interesting to note that these lucrative “business practices” from the 18th-19th centuries are similar to our black market activities today… drug trafficking, human and child trafficking, illegal arms dealing, bribery, extortion, and money laundering.  Today international mafia cartels and political family cartels participate in a common code of criminality.  The 1980’s brought this to light with the web of intrigue between the U.S., Central America and Iran involving cocaine, guns and tons of money.  The entire mess was exposed to some degree, however the entanglement between intelligence and military forces in cahoots with cartel activities around the globe persists like a parasite on this planet.  How some of these people can live seemingly “above the law” is a blight on humanity as is the legacy of a traitor like Aaron Burr and other prominent figures in history.

Our founding fathers warned us about separating into political factions and multiple parties.  They warned us about foreign infiltration and being seduced by the lure of European aristocrats, imperialist dogmas and their “free trade” policies.  They saw the necessity of building a manufacturing base, for infrastructure development, and uniting the States through commerce, canals, roads and railways.  They were aware of how the slavery issue could divide the country and how the Freemason lodges were split between treasonous factions in both the North and the South.  All of this played out through the U.S. Civil War and into the 20th century that was riddled with world wars and the emergence of a what they named a new world order.  Now more than ever we need to unite our country and form a solidarity with other nations to stand up against these globalists and their draconian agendas.  We are being sold one bill of goods after another from false flag events to fake pandemics to manufactured wars for profit.  This is how they gradually gain more control, while simultaneously orchestrating economic depressions and recessions.  We need to recognize the divisive ploy of “identity politics” and the corporate propaganda that steers people into blind conformity and self-righteous stupidity.  The warnings of our founding fathers echoes from the past to wake up the citizenry and begin to see reality clearly.

One way to bridge the divide is to comprehend the economic dystopia of this globalist paradigm and to stop buying into the consumer culture that supports it.  Mainstream TV commercials reflects this with  a constant barrage of things to buy, fast food to eat, cars and trucks to drive, beer, wine and liquor to drink, insurance plans to insure and a smorgasbord of pharmaceutical drugs for every possible ailment.  Even our professional sports have been captured by the corporate media influencing millions both during a telecast and through the commercials.  Many of the “politically correct” narratives are socially engineered with backdoor funding to give them credibility and make them believable.  To my utter dismay, people actually believe them again and again and again.  Maybe when there is literally no extra monies to keep the consumer game going, then more people will come together simply to survive.  

I fully comprehend the challenges facing humanity and specifically the Western culture that is gradually losing its widespread influence and Constitutional foundation.  Some of us were born and raised in this culture.  We were molded, sculpted and armored to to fit in, belong and conform to it.  Yet what happens when more people see through the charade and realize the box of a matrix they have been living in?  What happens when the so-called “elites” and puppet politicians and media pundits are unmasked and their true affiliations revealed to the public?  What happens when black market activities and mafia cartels are investigated and targeted in order to be eliminated or properly prosecuted?  What happens when they can no longer cover up their crimes for “national security” reasons and their secrets are fully exposed?  The list of assassinations, coups, and criminal acts that have remained a “mystery” or have been labeled a “conspiracy theory” is longer than most can imagine.    

I see that we can rise above our apathy and disgust by realizing it is campus Earth and we are all students that have chosen to be here right now.  We can draw a line in the sand and take a stand against compromised individuals and unjust government mandates.  We can restore the Republic of the United States and preserve our Constitution and Bill of Rights as an example for other countries battling deep state infiltration and economic turmoil.  Author and historian Anton Chaitkin has spoken on a need for a legitimate peace movement and ways to ensure security and infrastructure development for all free nation states.  He echoes my own sentiments of creating and cultivating peace, progress and prosperity both individually and as a coalition of countries for the betterment of humanity.  

As a humble place to start for the United States, we can admit to our wrongs, learn from past mistakes and realize how we have been sorely misrepresented by puppets and their puppeteers hiding behind a curtain of corruption, lies and misdeeds.  We are no longer a young Republic, but a nation experiencing growing pains and self-created 21st century tribulations.  If we continue to allow this country to be the “front for empire” representing corporate imperialism and the wealth of oligarchs, then it is sad to say that our demise is imminent.  The concept of empire itself goes against the very foundation of our national sovereignty and it is what our founding fathers fought against with steadfastness and vigilance.  Once again we are challenged to re-examine our leadership and values honestly by seeing clearly what we are exemplifying as a nation.  Do we really want life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to be replaced by diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)?  Upon closer examination, these DEI programs that are being promoted and pushed into our schools, universities and the corporate culture are actually socially-engineered and funded by globalist foundations like George Soros and his Open Society.  There is nothing open to his elite society and it has long been the ploy of oligarchs to divide people in order to control them more efficiently.

Maybe this quote by Chinese nationalist Sun Yatsen aimed at Karl Marx will help clarify a few ideas…“Society progresses through the adjustment of major economic interests rather than through the clash of interests (ie. class struggle).  If most of the economic interests of society can be harmonized, the majority of people will benefit and society will progress.”

Or possibly this quote by author and historian Cynthia Chung from her essay on “Who Will Brave Huxley’s New World”…. “It is also the case that wherever one discovers a universal truth, it unifies rather than divides; truth is thus the very enemy of tyranny, for it offers clarity.  And one can no longer be ruled over when they see a superior alternative to their oppression.”

It is wise to remember that we the people of humanity are by far the majority compared to those who have captured the reins of power in both the U.S. and other countries.  This globalist “cult-like club” is a tiny minority that has been consolidating wealth, promoting wars and using others to do their dirty work through bribery, blackmail and brainwashing for centuries.  As we shine the light on these people and their front organizations, then we can truly comprehend the insanity of their new world order dystopia and find practical ways to steer humanity in a better direction.  Bridging the divide and finding common ground are the first steps toward achieving harmony amongst ourselves and reclaiming our cherished soul sovereignty.  It is the natural way moving forward into the future and it is a much better alternative than some kind of “new normal” packaged in a globalist box of madness and mediocrity.

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