Classes & Workshops

Image by LNTH from Pixabay

Classes and workshops can be designed for a variety of subjects with a focus on metaphysics and spirituality.  The original Monday night class was a 3-4 hour session that included a guided meditation.  This class was created for young people between 18-30 years old.

We are beginning a bi-weekly creativity class and dreaming circle from July through November in 2021. 

We have several ideas for workshops that include:

  • An introduction to the path of soul and the mansion within (as a prep for the Instantaneous Intelligence workshop)
  • What is my purpose, my vocation, my sacred dream?
  • What to do with my life and riding out the cycles (moon & life cycles)
  • Going down the rabbit holes… how to discern truth from false?
  • The art of creative visualization and awakening our inner gifts
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