Creativity Workshops

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Creativity is infinite and universal. We are all creative beings of unknown proportions, born with an innate ability for expression. Each soul is a radiant mansion within that creates their own reality and has the ability to dream things into action. The creativity contained therein, is an energetic force worth nourishing and cultivating in all humans, especially in our children. 

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The AEA uses art in its various forms to demonstrate the effects of dreaming, using intuition, making choices, and working towards the manifestation of those dreams. Sharing art is an integral aspect of humanity and each individual requires time and space to formulate, experiment, fail and make mistakes, re-create, play, think and figure things out for themselves. We aim to empower our younger generations through engagement with the soul—the creative energy within us all—and foster characteristics in each child, no matter the age, to have a better understanding of themselves and a deeper love of self.

The AEA’s arts programs are designed to:

  • spark, encourage and awaken the inherent inner gifts living and breathing within each child on this Campus Earth
  • present a wide-ranging “toolbox” of diverse art mediums to expose children to a variety of learning experiences
  • create a safe haven for artistic expression and self-discovery
  • serve as a creative outlet for children’s thoughts, emotions, and experiences 
  • promote the engagement of all the senses and energetic centers to think critically and problem solve
  • develop a connection to, and responsibility towards, one’s environment
  • demonstrate how to be of service to one’s community
  • encourage appreciation for: listening, self-discipline, self-respect, intuition, grace, mercy, harmony, focus, determination, and follow-through
  • provide an expression of care to each child to help them realize how unique they truly are
Image by elkimmelito from Pixabay

AEA classes, workshops, exercises and learning tools include:

  • meditation and breathwork
  • visualizations & intention setting
  • imagination & dreaming
  • free-writing
  • project-based learning
  • outdoor activities connected to nature
  • art skills: drawing, painting, sculpting, jewelry, craft, ink and music-making, dance and recreation, and more

Classes and workshops are intended to be a co-creative experience: the individual child’s imagination is the true motivating factor that ignites the creative course we journey on together.

Art is the soul’s way of experiencing bliss and can reveal truths about ourselves. It can invoke a deep appreciation for the gold contained within. It can catalyze and grow:

  • confidence 
  • imagination
  • intuition
  • awareness
  • clarity
  • wonderment
  • trust of self
  • strong communication skills
  • environmental responsibility
  • cooperation & inclusiveness

All of life is creative. Discover your Art Well Within.

“Blow the top off and draw from the well.”


“At the center of your being, you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.”

~ Lao Tzu

• Vice-Chair/Co-Founding Trustee
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