My Blankie of Bliss: Wrapped in the Crystal Blanket

It was Vincent that first brought the Crystal Blanket to my attention. He had been gifted one over 20 years ago; he still has it, in fact. It is deep purple with the seed of life sacred geometry symbol at the center. One day when we were together, we decided to do a search to see what the company was up to now in 2023. Although they do not make the blankets in the colors and variations they once did, we were able to find the same company, founded and created by Arthur Franklin, with his new iteration of the Crystal Blanket. In that moment, I just knew I had to have my own to try it out for myself.

Gratefully, about a month ago, my sweet husband lovingly bought one adult blanket for me, despite his eye-rolls at the purported benefits of the technology. “Just wait and experience it for yourself and then make your mind up about it,” I suggested.

The blanket arrived beautifully packaged in a white box with a white ribbon. I couldn’t wait to use it! The first time, I wrapped myself in it for a late afternoon nap and it felt like I was in an energetic cocoon. I slept deeper, my dreams were vivid and I felt revitalized afterwards. One could attribute this to the simple fact of resting, but I have continued to have similar experiences whether I’m napping with it, watching a show with it, dreaming with it or sitting on it as I’m working. If feels….for the lack of a more descriptive word…YUMMY!

Crystal Blankets are made with Crystal-Phi Technology the latest evolution of a lifetime of work from Founder and Creative Director Arthur Franklin.

Crystal Blankets are made with our propriety Crystal-Phi Technology, made of 96 essential minerals and crystals grounded into 1+ microns embedded in post consumable far-infrared crystal fiber and spun with organic cotton.

Crystal-Phi Technology:

  • Amplifies the body natural radiance and healing abilities 
  • Protects from harmful EMFs- leaving the body, mind, spirit feeling grounded and centered
  • Supports the body’s metabolic energy balance 
  • Tunes chakras 50% after wearing for 30 min 
  • Raises vital life force – protection from harmful elements 
  • Shifts brainwave into Alpha and Theta – rest and repair

If this sparks your curiosity and interest, you can PURCHASE a blanket and learn more about HOW IT WORKS in the “About” section.

All I know, is that without even fully understanding how it works, from my experience with this blanket, I can feel its positive effects without even really the words to quite describe it… it feels scrumptious, comforting, energizing and revitalizing…all in one. Pure bliss!

AND…I’m clearly not alone with these sentiments. Remember my skeptic husband who bankrolled my blanket? The lawyer in me would present the following picture in this way, “ladies and gentlemen of the jury, please refer to exhibit number 1.”

Exhibit #1: My husband sleeping peacefully with my crystal blanket covering nearly all of his 6’8″ body…with our dog Gypsy snuggling up close.

What a soothing gift for yourself, a friend, a child or even a pet in your life!

In the spirit of sharing, the AEA has become an affiliate member of the Crystal Blanket team.

If you would like to purchase your own Crystal Blanket, please use our affiliate link:

Code to use at checkout: AEA

*AEA Ministries will receive a 20% commission for any sale made using our affiliate link. Thank you for supporting the AEA!*

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