“Economics: At the End of our Delusion,” a Rising Tide Foundation Reading Workshop Series


“The Rising Tide Foundation American System Explorations Workshop series continues with the first of several dives into a 2002 masterpiece by the late Lyndon LaRouche entitled ‘Economics: At the End of a Delusion’.

Although it is advisable that some familiarity with the previous works on Hamilton and Lincoln be understood by anyone joining this new chapter of the workshop series, it isn’t 100% necessary. Much will be explained within the course of the next three weeks of research + group dialogue which will give you a solid elementary grasp to the essential principles of economics as BOTH an art and science tied, as Benjamin Franklin rightly understood, to the advancement of progress and true human happiness.”

The full manuscript of Lyndon LaRouche’s Economics:  At the End of a Delusion: https://canadianpatriot.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/eirv29n07-20020222_004-economics_at_the_end_of_a_delusi-lar.pdf

Previous American System Exploration sessions can be accessed here: https://risingtidefoundation.net/read…


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