Enjoy this POWERHOUSE Roundtable from Rogue News: Alex Krainer, Matthew Ehret, Joaquin Flores & Martin Sieff!

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VGuerrila is an economist with Rogue News, a group of political scientists, editorial engineers, and radio show developers drawn together by a shared vision of bringing Alternative news through digital mediums that evangelize our civil liberties.

Alex Krainer is the founder of Krainer Analytics, a quantitative analysis company that develops the I-System, a proprietary trend-following model used by professional investors. He has worked as a market analyst, researcher, trader, and hedge fund manager since 1996. Krainer was born and raised in a socialist regime of former Yugoslavia, under one-party communist rule. He is the author of “Mastering Uncertainty in Commodities Trading: Generating sustainable profits in forex, commodities, and financial markets through trend following.” Krainer’s book “The Grand Deception” was twice banned by Amazon in September 2017 and again in August 2018.

Matthew Ehret is a journalist and co-founder of the Rising Tide Foundation. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Canadian Patriot Review, Senior Fellow at the American University of Moscow and co-host of The Great Game on Rogue News. He has authored the book series “The Untold History of Canada” and the recently published book series “The Clash of the Two Americas.”

Joaquin Flores is Editor-in-Chief of Fort Russ News, as well as the Director of the Belgrade based think-tank, the Center for Syncretic Studies. Educated at California State University, Los Angeles, in the field of International Relations, he previously served as Chief Negotiator and Internal Organizer in several jurisdictions for the SEIU labor union in California.

Martin Sieff is a national columnist for the Post-Examiner online newspapers in Los Angeles and Baltimore. He has received three Pulitzer Prize nominations for international reporting. Mr. Sieff served as Managing Editor, International Affairs, Chief news Analyst, Defense Industry Editor, and Chief Political Correspondent at United Press International (UPI) from 1999 to 2009. He was Chief Foreign Correspondent for The Washington Times as its Soviet and East European correspondent covering the collapse of communism from 1986 to 1992, and then its State Department correspondent from 1992 to 1999. He is the former Chief Global Analyst at The Globalist. and former senior correspondent for the Asia Pacific Defense Forum. He is a regular contributor to The Arab Weekly in Doha and to the China Daily. He is the author of many books including: The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Middle East (2008); Shifting Superpowers: The New and Emerging Relationship between the United States, China and India (2010); That Should Still Be US: How Thomas Friedman’s Flat World Myths are Keeping Us on Our Knees (2012). Mr. Sieff received his BA and MA in Modern History from Oxford University, and did his graduate studies on the Middle East at the London School of Economics.

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