Join us in EXPLORING & EXPANDING our knowledge of horticulture & permaculture.

In ministering to ourselves, our families and communities, “Recreating the Natural,” is an essential consideration. This AEA phrase that we like to repeat, encourages not only learning more about our natural surroundings, it also means learning new ways to commune in harmony with nature, its elements and rhythms. We can learn to grow, know and sow our food, plants, trees, water and even seeds of creativity and consciousness for the planet!

We explore these vast connections to Earth Mother via horticulture and permaculture perspectives, in these contemplative jam sessions with our friend and brother, Josh Thayer of Native Sun Gardens, and other special guests.

Enjoy one or all of the videos below! Contact information for our guests can be found at the bottom of this page.

Introducing Joshua Thayer and Native Sun Gardens

Back to the Earth with Joshua Thayer and Jeff Farr

Siskiyou Seeds with Don Tipping

Joshua Burman Thayer has always had his hands in the Earth as he has traveled extensively throughout the Americas, working w/ communities around plants and food. Starting as a W.W.O.O.F. volunteer on organic farms throughout Latin America, to working as a laborer on organic C.S.A. farms back home in California, to apprenticing and working in Ecological landscape design, to doing native plant field research with renowned mentors, Joshua has become a lead designer and advocate for uniting Ecology with Aesthetic, creating beautiful, productive natural systems that work with nature to foster bounty.

Joshua recently published his first book, “Food Forests for First Timers,” described as, “a humble easy to read how-to gardening guide. Its readers will learn each layer of the food forest and introductory permaculture principles. Simple instructions provide guidance on ways to best design organic home gardens and landscapes for year-round abundance and food resilience.”
Learn more and check out Josh’s book, “Food Forests for First Timers.”

Gardener’s Notebook | Edible East Bay
Joshua’s writings are free here

Joshua Burman Thayer
Landscape Designer, Horticulture Consultant

Don Tipping brings 3 decades of organic farming, permaculture design and teaching and intensive study of natural systems to your project whether it’s a garden, home site, homestead, property development, broad scale farm to landscape scale design.

Siskiyou Seeds

On the horizon…Don is working with this organization to offer online content… check it out and stay tuned for more details:

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