Health & Rejuvenation: Overview

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“If life is not a dance, then it’s a dead duck.”

In my humble opinion, health and rejuvenation is something each person is required to learn as part of the “seven lectures” that VCJ once shared with me on one of my early solo visits to Santa Barbara back in the 1990s. The seven lectures are these:

  1. Fishing
  2. Fitness
  3. Flocking
  4. Hygiene
  5. Humility
  6. Impeccability
  7. Implications
Image by Milada Vigerova from Pixabay

I took those teachings to heart and here is a simple understanding of each one. Fishing is basically being able to survive and feed oneself; to find suitable work and ways to sustain one’s life. Fitness is keeping the physical body tuned up, yet that also can be related to other centers of consciousness like keeping the mind mentally fit. Flocking is gathering with others in public like a restaurant or a concert or at the beach or a party or wedding. Hygiene is taking care of one’s basic health needs and learning how to best care for oneself; ideally, this begins to be taught at a young age with attentive and caring parents or parental figures. Humility was defined as “finding one’s niche” similar to finding one’s purpose and fully embracing one’s sacred dream. Impeccability is doing the right thing; making wise choices; listening to the soul. Implications occur when one is not acting with impeccability; that kind of says it all.

Using the analogy that the physical body is a vessel and the soul is the captain of this vessel, then it is my responsibility as the first mate to take my orders from captain within; and to keep my crew and vessel in proper working order attending to my basic needs at all ten levels of consciousness (the ten floors of the mansion within); if necessary I can consult outside assistance like for stitches on a severe cut or let’s say a root canal. Many people rush to a doctor over the most minor things; to each his own, but for me personally I like to keep the wheel of my vessel close in hand and I am careful not to give my power away to others regardless of their status or education; credentials can be legitimate, but that doesn’t make a person the master expert above all other modalities or give someone the right to commandeer my sovereign vessel and influence my personal life without my consent. It brings up the current issue of mandatory vaccinations with the intention of making the world’s population safe from disease; it is a lofty goal with trillions of dollars at stake for those involved; however, unproven and untested vaccines are suspect and to use people as guinea pigs for these agendas are suspect too. Presently, they have people living in such fear of a coronavirus flu, which is not a pandemic and the real numbers prove it, that some are signing up voluntarily for the vaccine; a clever way to push their product into the marketplace to save humanity; not to mention, the virus was man-made in a lab; create the problem, get the public reaction; and offer the trillion-dollar solution.

Other people on this website can help you with detoxification methods and tools for rejuvenation, and I personally use many of them. I was always more interested in the history of the medical-chemical-vaccine complex and the collusion and corruption existing between specific foundations, corporations, insurance companies, the American Medical Association (AMA), specific colleges and universities; the entire web of the health care system where many good people work in yet another industry that has become a swamp. In some ways this fake pandemic has allowed for more exposure of this collusion and corruption, which may shine more light behind-the-scenes as investigative journalists like Del Bigtree and Corey Lynn, people such as Dr. Sherri Tennpeny, Dr. Judy Mikovitz, Dr. Rashid Buttar and so many others speak their truth. It is like a stampede from the outside because the “inside” has become obstinate in their stance to control false narratives and spread propaganda across multiple fields of influence; if this was only happening in one specific sector of our society, then it might be easier to dismiss; instead, it is prevalent nearly everywhere and globally too, which means red flags all over the place allowing people to connect the dots like never before in history.

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