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“A Practical Study”

The possibilities for alternative education for the youngest generations may take on a much larger significance due to the strict mandates currently being discussed in the public and private education sectors.  It will inevitably create a desire by many parents to choose a home schooling program instead of traditional public or private education.  The Alternative Educational Alliance (AEA) has created a simple model for Home School Teaching Pods (HSTP’s) designed for parents to implement in their own family and friendship circles.

An HSTP consists of six children; for example, let’s say four and five-year-olds, with three girls and three boys; the parents will include twelve adults (unless there are single parents), with six females and six males (unless two men or two women are raising a child); those twelve adults are invested in the HSTP because they are co-creating and designing it; depending on work responsibilities, some parents will be more involved than others. If the adults in an HSTP feel the additional need for teachers and other adults who work with kids (someone with a specialty in music, arts and crafts, survival skills, etc.), then finding people the parents trust explicitly is important. From this group of parents it is ideal to have at minimal six adults invested in the HSTP in regards to their time, the choreography of logistics and schedules, extracurricular activities, teaching programs, gardening projects, nutrition, and basic hygiene, and other considerations for raising children in natural and harmonious settings; some locations you can create and have control over, while other places like a beach or a park are in the public domain. The idea behind HSTP’s is not to exclude or alienate our children from the world, but to allow as much authentic contact and interaction as possible without a mask on their face or someone exhibiting a phobic presence; especially during the imprint years from ages one through seven. I think HSTP’s can be designed for different age groups; common sense and necessity prevail in determining what is best for each young person in relation to their age and their personal development.

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One of the reasons for creating HSTP’s is in direct response to the draconian measures that are being forced upon our children, on our public institutions, on our public places, on the entire globe in nearly every country; it is challenging our Republic like never before in U.S. history. Using the HSTP model for one’s child is taking personal responsibility as a parent and maintaining an active role in their education and codes of conduct. The parents involved uniquely design the HSTP; thus, each HSTP may vary in different ways. One HSTP can bridge to another one and share ideas, teaching supplements and tools, nutritional tips, and other relevant educational information. Ron Paul has created a curriculum at ronpaulhomeschool.com; Don Tolman offers educational supplements like his BootCamp4Brains, and there are others soliciting their educational resources and home school supplements. Author Chad Stewart with his “Britfield” book series and boots on the ground presentations with students and schools is truly admirable. Mel K interviewed Chad and I highly recommend parents watch this enlightening conversation…

 The reason I came up with groups of six children came from an interview that Robert David Steele did with Mikael Cromsjo about what he calls fractal organization

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Mikael’s model for problem solving and strategizing involved groups of six individuals that could easily bridge to other groups of six, each with one chosen representative from each group. The model and philosophy was fascinating and I started thinking about how to apply it to a home schooling model comprised of six children; it’s large enough creating three pairs of two and small enough to make it easier to manage giving more attention to each child as needed. For example, six HSTP’s could link up creating a pool of thirty-six children; one adult representative from each HSTP could meet to help coordinate between the different groups; this representative is subject to change as long as each group is represented. I don’t think this model will replace all the schools in the world because those institutions can be improved as well; smaller classrooms and accelerated learning is encouraged in some school settings as well as accommodations for slower learning students.

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An HTSP offers parents an alternative and creative approach to educate and raise their children free of state mandates like mask-wearing and social distancing or flu vaccinations. Without choices that are often outside the box of socialized conformity, many people can feel helpless in their ability to challenge the dictates of the state. We must remember that our country is a Republic with a Constitution and a Bill of Rights; we might also remember our “Pledge of Allegiance” as it has been systematically removed from the classroom…

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.”

The Pledge of Allegiance of The United States of America
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Education is a key solution to our present state of affairs as well as the necessity for a global economic reset to rid this world of the international banking cabal who are nothing more than pirates of profit. Gradually people will realize what has occurred and redesign their lives accordingly. How we teach our children and what we choose to instill in the younger generations is something we can influence if we so choose. Many parents have become accustomed to sending the kids off to school as they work at various jobs and maintain a household. It takes extra effort and quality time to become more involved with a child’s education and extracurricular activities; yet to hand this responsibility over to the public and private institutions can have detrimental effects. Instead of improving our public school system, we are creating “wards of the state” through rote, memorized learning, and social conditioning experiments. This has been going on for well over a century and unfortunately extends into colleges and universities. Higher education can easily become its’ own box of conformity limiting the student from other alternatives of study. 

Thankfully, there are educators and professors who will not allow such blind compliance and encourage students to think for themselves, to use critical thinking, to be creative in their approach to problem-solving, and to discern truth from falsehoods or suppositions or opinions or theories. There is book learning and writing, there is reason and logic, there is hands-on experience, there is intuitive knowing, and there are street smarts; it is rare to have all these qualities, but to experience different types of learning is worth the extra effort. When designing a Home School Teaching Pod, the parents can incorporate a variety of activities to educate their children.

A Home School Teaching Pod 

  • Six children (4 to 5 years old)
    • Three Girls & Three Boys
  • Twelve adults
    • Six Women & Six Men

Weekly Schedule (for example)

  • Monday – extracurricular activities (swimming, gymnastics, hiking, sports, playgrounds, horseback riding, etc.)
  • Tuesday – homeschooling (all the basics)/space for all six children
  • Wednesday – extracurricular activities (arts and crafts, music, etc.)
  • Thursday – homeschooling (all the basics)
  • Friday – special activities, alternative teachings, tailor to the age
  • Saturday/Sunday – family events, parties, sleepovers, religious services or Native ceremonies, additional sports activities or music and the arts

This basic sample model allows for some interesting dynamics in regards to nurturing young people through their stages of development and rites of passage from the imprint years to pre-puberty to puberty to young adult.

NOTE:  We can overlay teachings such as the “Life Cycles” and the “Moon Cycles.” We can use readings like the soul overleaves, sidereal astrology and numerology, and other modalities to better understand each young person, their emerging personality, and how to best nurture their self-discovery process through learning and growing. We can introduce the mansion within and the one hundred rooms of consciousness when they are old enough to digest it. These are a few tools for the parents that can gradually be given to the young person at the appropriate age and cycle.

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In many respects, the HSTP’s are an extension of the parents who are most involved in creating them. The parents need to establish harmonious relationships with one another and are encouraged to communicate and strategize on behalf of their HSTP; it is also recommended for the six women to gather together at least once a month and for the six men to do the same in their own design. As the children enter pre-puberty and puberty rites of passage years, the young girls will have “special days” with the women only and the young boys will have the same with the adult men. This is important because over several generations we have steered away from puberty rites of passage ceremonies that were common in cultures for many centuries before us. Again this is created and designed by the parents of each HSTP; this may create a learning curve for some parents who never had a rite of passage themselves. The parents may choose to seek outside counsel to design a ceremony and to better understand the value and necessity for such practices. I think the parents who are able to devote time and energy into their HSTP will find it fulfilling and rewarding; other parents find that fulfillment through their job, work activities and by providing for their family. The idea is to create a balance in one’s life that serves both the individual needs of each person and respects the needs of the family, of cultivating friendships, of breaking bread together, of playing and having fun, of sharing chores, of celebrating birthdays and accomplishments, of remembering the simple things like kindness and gratitude, and all those experiences that make our lives memorable and uniquely our own.

This model is in no way reinventing the wheel as I can imagine many parents are considering their options and weighing the pros and cons of educational institutions at this time. What is unique about the HSTP’s is the ability to create the curriculum within certain boundaries of the basics (reading, writing, and arithmetic) and outside the box in whatever ways the parents choose to go. I think this model can be ideal for younger children and up to about sixth grade, and with an accelerated home program, it is possible to have a nine-year-old with the aptitude of a fifth-grader. I know people who have home-schooled their children and were able to do just that; however, in these cases, one of the parents takes an active daily role in their child or children’s studies. The HSTP’s allows for the parents to share in these responsibilities and for the young people to have others to learn and interact within a six-person teaching pod.

The ability to instill the joy of learning through building character and developing self-esteem is essential for all young people; in many respects, it goes for all persons regardless of one’s age or educational level. We are all students here on campus Earth and we each have an inherent value that is priceless with inner gifts that can be awakened; this awakening process is a realization of one’s true essence. From a physical, practical perspective, it is wise to always master the skills necessary to survive; when the teenager becomes a young adult at eighteen years old he or she will have different options like college, the military, trade skills, work programs, and so on. Personally, I chose college on a four-year academic scholarship and rites of passage of the soul; it was the road less traveled, a path of awareness and knowledge that is always available as yet another avenue for learning and growth.

As individual souls we are each evolving as part of an Oversoul, comprised of roughly 600 to 1600 individual souls; there are billions of these “entity pods” karmically connected to this planet. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s Messages from Michael and the soul overleaves are useful tools for this metaphysical knowledge; these overleaves can be read with clarity in a person’s book of life and “with a little help from our friends” on the akashic plane of consciousness. There is an array of metaphysical books and authors, speakers and mediums, and streams of knowledge that can be inspirational for students on this chosen path. The Seth material by Jane Roberts is worth checking out with several books to choose from; we have star relations such as the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, and many others; there are those who channel these beings and some people experience contact through meditation, telepathy, and the dreamtime. There is also a sea of discovery to be found in the cetacean world of dolphins and whales. This is an ensouled species that interacts with human souls all around the world; thus far, these communications have been mostly through telepathy, meditation, automatic writing, and the dreamtime; although marine biologists, scientists, and others are studying their language of sounds and vibrations to bridge the communication gap that appears to exist. For some human souls the connection can be a profound spiritual experience and a conscious transfer between the two species; sometimes one on one and other times interfacing with a cetacean pod.

From my perspective the “great awakening” is actually a transition period, a graduation of sorts from young to mature soul consciousness collectively, as well as a manifestation of epic proportions. I know some people think we are already in the age of Aquarius; however, the astronomical truth is that we have approximately another 330 years in the constellation of Pisces before we traverse into the Aquarian age. For those interested, I highly recommend the Stella Natura biodynamic planting calendar; it is a simple way to track the astronomical movements of the sun, moon and planets in relation to the astrological constellations as well as charting monthly planting cycles; it also reveals a person’s true “sun sign” from a sidereal perspective. This awakening process will bring many people out of a trance-like state induced by fear and trauma as part of a social-engineering agenda; some people will have a more full awakening to their true essence; others may experience the walk-in phenomenon in perfect alignment with their Oversoul; and there are those who will remain asleep and miss the opportunity to catch a soul tide on the rise.

I was inspired to write this essay on behalf of all those who are raising and educating our young people. The Home School Teaching Pod is a model that can be recreated and replicated as an alternative for parents, communities and cities all around the world each tailored for their culture, their beliefs and their codes of conduct. May we educate, enlighten and expose the truth while preserving our Republic, our Constitution and this beloved planet for all future generations. Here are a few founding father quotes to end with:

“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own Governors must arm themselves with the power that knowledge gives.”

– James Madison

“I consider knowledge to be the soul of a republic, and as the weak and the wicked are generally in alliance, as much care should be taken to diminish the number of the former as of the latter. Education is the way to do this, and nothing should be left undone to afford all ranks of people the means of obtaining a proper degree of it at a cheap and easy rate.”

– John Jay to Benjamin Rush, March 21st, 1785

“I am opposed of any form of tyranny over the mind of men.”

– Thomas Jefferson
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