How Satanic Cults are Trying to Take Over the World

How Satanic Cults are Trying to Take Over the World -
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Growing up as a Buddhist in a predominantly Christian/LDS area of the United States made it difficult to relate to many of my peers. I never believed in God in the traditional sense, I actually thought it was strange as Eastern philosophies typically have a different perspective on God and the Universe in general. As I became an adult I experienced many different perspectives and gradually came to the understanding that I hold today, which is that God is real, it helped me to understand the views and beliefs that I had not understood before.

Naturally, when one believes in a certain “side” of things, there must also be the opposite, seeing as we live in a dualistic reality – I had never really put much thought into Satan or the Devil, I believed that they were fairy tales meant to instill fear and conformity. In many ways, that still holds true but again, my perspective has changed throughout the years. I also came to the realization that it actually doesn’t matter whether or not I believe it, the people who intentionally orchestrate darkness in this world certainly do believe it. The fact that belief itself holds tremendous power in our reality should make you pause and consider what is happening in today’s world.

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus “pandemic”, I have researched many different topics – ranging from health, viruses, vaccines, gain-of-function research, alternative healing techniques, the psychology of fear, and of course history. While researching the psychology topic, I came across a document/training manual from 1993 that caused me to stop in my tracks… It was titled “Satanic Cult Awareness” and was compiled by G W Hurst and R L Marsh for the Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice. They describe this training manual as “the result of compiling information from investigations of Satanic worship and links among drug use, deviant sexual behavior, and occult behavior. I decided to have a look and was flabbergasted to discover that the entire operation we have seen since the beginning of the “pandemic” fit neatly into what the document refers to as “Cult Techniques of Psychological Manipulation”. Please keep today’s context in mind when reading this article.

Destructive Religious Cult Defined

“A DRC is any group which uses psychological manipulation to impair, destroy or make captive an individual’s freedom of thought or reasoning abilities. This is done with the hidden purpose of promoting the wealth, power or vanity of charismatic cult leaders. The recruitment practice is usually deceptive and the victim enters the cult without informed consent. Cult leaders demand blind faith in their teachings, restrict the freedom of their followers and direct them to engage in criminal activity.

Satanic Cult Awareness by G W Hurst & R L Marsh for the Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice

The document then lists the techniques used by Destructive Religious Cults as psychological manipulation to achieve its goals. They are listed as follows – with breakdowns as to how they apply to today’s world.

  • ISOLATION – loss of reality induced by physical separation from society and rational reverences.

This one is fairly obvious, from the distorted perspective of the media and politicians, we are encouraged to avoid others and self-isolate for our own “safety”. In Australia, they are even prohibiting people from speaking with their own neighbors. According to the article “The risks of social isolation” by The American Psychological Association:

“Loneliness, it seems, can lead to long-term “fight-or-flight” stress signaling, which negatively affects immune system functioning. Simply put, people who feel lonely have less immunity and more inflammation than people who don’t.”

from the article “The risks of social isolation” by The American Psychological Association

  • HYPNOSIS – state of high suggestibility induced by hypnosis, often thinly disguised as meditation.

Again, this one is pretty obvious, the constant fear narrative from the media and politicians creates a state of hypnosis that paralyzes people’s rationality and common sense. As pointed out by the website PsychMechanics in their article “How TV influences your mind through hypnosis“:

“Your mind slips into the hypnotic trance state within seconds of watching TV. This lowers your brainwaves to a lower ‘alpha state’ commonly associated with meditation and deep relaxation. This is believed to be caused by the screen flicker and explains why you feel sleepy while watching TV. Under this state of trance, your subconscious mind becomes highly suggestible and whatever information you receive from the TV becomes part of your memory pool. Since beliefs are nothing but memories, this information has the tendency to alter your beliefs or form new ones when it seeps into your subconscious mind. You might think the remote is in your hand and you’re watching the programs but, in truth, you are the one who is getting programmed.”

from the article “How TV influences your mind through hypnosis” – March 27, 2015 by Hanan Parvez

  • PEER GROUP PRESSURE – suppression of doubt and resistance to new ideas achieved by exploiting the natural need to belong.

Again, this one is pretty obvious. The social/peer pressure being applied on people to take an experimental product with zero liability proves this. Those who are questioning the safety of the vaccine are being labeled as “dangerous”, “extremists” or even “terrorists”. In fact, the website SpunOut lists peer pressure as a form of bullying in their article “Peer pressure and its influence on decision making“.

“Peer pressure is traditionally thought of as being limited to the teenage years, but even adults can be pressured by their peers into doing something they do not necessarily want to do. When people try to get you to change your opinions or behaviours, it is also known as peer pressure. Peer pressure isn’t always easy to recognise. It doesn’t have to involve words. You might simply get a feeling from others that you should be doing something just because they are.”

from the article “Peer pressure and it’s influence on decision making” by SpunOut

  • LOVE BOMBING – sense of family and belonging contrived through hugging, kissing, touching and flattery.

Once the isolation and peer pressure has been successfully applied to a society, it stresses relationships and even families to the point of division, which also reinforces the isolation method. Family love and affection is replaced by societal approval and a false sense of virtue.

  • REMOVAL OF PRIVACY – loss of ability to evaluate, logically achieved by preventing private contemplation.

“Groupthink” is a term that describes a phenomenon in which a combination of peer pressure, sense of belonging, fear, and shame all merge to make one question their “own” thoughts and beliefs. This type of groupthink is highly evident on social media and is implied every day by the media and their fear-mongering and guilty-by-association type of insinuations to anyone who questions the “popular” narrative. According to the article “The Bandwagon Bias – The Dangers of Groupthink” by the Interaction Design Foundation:

“We, human beings, are social creatures. The urge to belong and to conform is strong within us – it helps us form relationships and brings meaning to our lives. It also has a downside; it can make us conform to the wrong beliefs or take the wrong actions because well… “everyone knows…”. For example, nowadays, social media have an enormous effect on groupthink.”

from the article “The Bandwagon Bias – The Dangers of Groupthink” by the Interaction Design Foundation

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