Insights and Intelligence: A Collection of Essays and A Creation Story

Image by ambroo from Pixabay

By Vincent Boccarossa © 2020


This collection of essays was created during the 2020 pandemic hoax and “covid-19 lockdown.” A majority of the research dates back over a thirty-year span and some are from the last few years. These writings are a response to a global deep state cabal and shadow governments around the planet seeking to undermine all free countries and Constitutions with a Zionist/Fascist/Marxist state and their new world order agendas. It can no longer be so easily dismissed as one of those “conspiracy theories” for the knowledge, history, and truth about these machinations is bubbling to the surface and beginning to see the light of day.

I have always maintained an Independent stance politically for a few reasons. I was raised in a middle-class Italian-American family with my great-grandparents at the base of a giant tree with many branches. At large family gatherings and holidays, there were two things I learned at a young age that was not discussed “at the dinner table,” politics and religion. The justification was to keep the peace and for fear that great-grandpa Mario would get too emotionally worked up and have a heart attack or something. By my teenage years living in a blue-collar house with my parents and younger brother, the political tone was Democrat without a doubt. My dad’s father on the other hand had become a diehard Republican and several uncles, aunts, and cousins shared his views. I chose to take the third option as an Independent and it has served me well.

Over the past four years, the divide between the Left and the Right both in my own family and across the nation has finally reached a breaking point; and we are now on a precipice between losing our country and our Constitution versus restoring our Republic of the United States of America.

My extensive studies outside the box of formal education began during my college years in Detroit at Wayne State University. I had received an academic scholarship and commuted for two and a half years from my parent’s home in Dearborn. In my second year in college, I found this place called the School of Metaphysics (SOM) taught in a house by some folks who were down-to-Earth and spiritually focused. I studied there for a year doing dual school and then got a part-time job as a waiter. I met two women at the SOM and for five months we shared in these “awake dreaming circles;” basically, we meditated together yet remained fully conscious and aware through the process. It was during this period and with the help of these two sisters that my inner gift of “seeing” was awakened. I was experiencing this through the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 as we were “dialing it” in.

Toward the end of 1987, I attended one day of a four-day workshop taught by Harley “Swiftdeer” Reagan of the Deer Tribe. I delved into Native Indian spirituality healing on my puberty rite of passage years and connecting with the Earth Mother and her worlds. During the next thirteen years I would experience a three-day vision quest, six sundances, and over 160 sweat lodge ceremonies; I was already fully committed to the path of my soul, so I chose not to join the Deer Tribe as an apprentice.

In college, I was introduced to the martial art of Aikido and found a dojo in Detroit where I studied for a few years. I moved into an apartment in the city in the spring of 1988. The WSU campus back in the late 1980s was an undefined radius that was distinguishable as one ventured past “invisible boundaries” into nearby neighborhoods or down into the “seedy” Cass corridor. My inner-city bohemian existence was not as psychedelic as my teenage years where I spent five years partying like I was already in college; that’s what happens when you’re twelve going on twenty-one. It was however a period of learning and experience as I burned the candle at both ends in all areas of my life.

Things moved fast as I graduated from college in May of 1989, yet at times it felt like I was in slow motion. I was fired from one of the worst jobs of my life, a ten-month part-time stint with UPS starting at four in the morning; I hated that job and never could get there on time which was why they finally fired me. Then on the night of my commencements at one of the arenas in downtown Detroit, I came out to find my pickup truck had been stolen. Welcome to the harsh reality of post-college life. So I packed an army duffel bag and spent the summer in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina with some older friends I had met through a Deer Tribe workshop. I’ve written many pages on that eventful and memorable summer.

A year later I flew to southern California for my first sundance experience in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. In December of that same year, I drove cross-country in my custom ’78 Chevy van through Santa Fe, New Mexico, and arrived in Los Angeles two days before Christmas. Over the next decade, I lived in L.A. residing in several places with my longest stint in a studio apartment for five years on the canals of Venice. My spiritual exploration and journey continued as well as deep dives down several rabbit holes reading books by Antony C. Sutton, David Icke, Jim Marrs, Cathy O’Brien, and several others. Although I chose not to pursue the road of higher academia, I continued to study and learn at a steady pace. I also began to write screenplays for feature films that became more of a hobby rather than the career I was seeking at the time. Instead, I bounced in and out of the construction trades and did house painting to survive financially. I met more Hispanic laborers than people in the film industry, although I came close to “plugging in” a few of my screenplays but to no avail.

From 2000 to 2020 I would find myself living in various places including a karmic stint in southern Utah with a woman who was battling breast cancer. As the 9-11 false flag attacks swept across the airwaves, I was packing up a house and preparing to go on the road in a 34’ motorhome with my partner Laney whose health was deteriorating at a rapid pace (see my essay on “Alternative Health”). By May of 2002, I was back in L.A. picking up the pieces of my life. A year and a half later on Thanksgiving, I found myself in Nevada City, California. Nestled in the gold country of the Sierra Nevada foothills, I met a remarkable woman, Melanie Rose, and moved in with her teenage son. My three years in northern California introduced me to another circle of friends that I am in contact with to this day. Melanie and I remained friends after I returned to southern California in 2007; she moved to Kaui in 2011.

In January of 2007, I attended a three-day workshop scheduled over three consecutive weekends. It was called “Instantaneous Intelligence and the Mojo Philter” created by my dear friend and mentor VCJ and presented by his wife in their home. My friend Carl and I drove from L.A. to Santa Barbara to attend the workshop; no one else showed up and for three weekends we enjoyed the metaphysical experience expanding our perception of self, soul, and reality. I had first met VCJ in 1993 and received a soul reading from him that has defined my spiritual path for the remainder of my life.

In 2007-2008 I lived in Pasadena and then in 2009, I moved to a three-acre base in Woodland Hills with Carl and his girlfriend. I built a sweat lodge on the property and conducted “Monday night classes” for young people between 18-30 years old. This two-year period had tremendous potential, yet the five thousand dollars per month rent eventually ended the living situation. I then spent eight months in Guerneville, California, and escaped that “creepy-feeling” place nestled in the woods north of San Francisco. I finally landed in San Diego in the spring of 2012 and moved into a backyard hut; a close friend I’ve known since high school owns the property. I am writing this in December 2020 from my humble abode in Point Loma with a naval base just down the hill that plays a recorded national anthem at eight o’clock every morning.

I did not plan to write this collection of essays, yet I was inspired by the “lockdown” and the “fake pandemic” sweeping across the nation and the world. In many respects, this “pause” in normalcy has unified a global movement of patriots, sovereign individuals and truth seekers to find each other and create a newfound solidarity across a broad spectrum of races, creeds, colors, genders, communities and countries. This movement represents the 99% in more ways than many people realize regardless of the outcome of the 2020 elections. The 1% elitists representing the global deep state cabal is fighting tooth and nail to circumvent this movement through blatant censorship, “fact-checking” debunkers, and a host of mass media manipulations, fraudulent activities and decades of corruption, crimes against humanity and in some cases, outright treason.

We the people of this world are on a precipice that will determine how the next few decades will play out economically, politically, and socially. As the global cabal make their “final push” toward world domination, the people are finally taking a defiant stand without burning down buildings and police cars, without an armed resistance that is an option, without billions of dollars from deep state players who are funding organizations like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, without the support of the mass media, without the backing of the justice system although that is quickly changing, and without the “approval” of a Zionist/Fascist/Marxist state that has engineered “Operation Covid-19” with dire consequences and global implications. What may appear as the “endgame” is actually the beginning of a new era of liberty, integrity, and transparency.

“The truth of knowledge can liberate and unite us through love and understanding.”

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