Insights and Intelligence: A Collection of Essays and A Creation Story

Image by ambroo from Pixabay

By Vincent Boccarossa © 2020

A Creation Story

The young girl’s eyes were bright and inquisitive searching the face of the kind and gentle man sitting across the wooden table.  He looked strangely familiar, she thought, vaguely remembering stories she heard from her Mom.  But now that he was here, older and wiser, and nearly seventy years old, Victoria could only stare wide-eyed with fascination.  When he began to tell the story, all else blurred and faded away.  As if magically clearing the way for a visual clarity and profound comprehension of love and soul.  It filled the small kitchen with a calm serenity and a grounded stillness.

“Granddaughter, I will tell you a story that came to me many years ago, and now I am inspired to share it with you.  In this story we have a special name for God, we like to say the Tao…” He smiled tenderly.  “And from the Tao came all of creation, all life on all planets and star systems, all individual souls each with their own family pod or what we call the Oversoul was created through the consciousness of the Tao.”

The nine-year old girl perked up, “Kinda like our family.”

Grandfather smiled affectionately, “Each family pod is much bigger, sometimes with as many as fifteen hundred individual souls.”

Victoria looked serious. “That is a big family.”

Grandfather nodded, “There are billions of these Oversouls and the vastness of our existence reaches far into the Universe.  The creative design from the Tao gave each individual soul free will embarking on their evolutionary journey.  And each and every individual soul is an agent of unknown proportions,” he emphasized with a twinkle in his eye.  “It was here, in this solar system, on this planet… Gaia, our beloved Earth Mother or as we sometimes say, campus Earth.”

“Campus Earth… I like that!” she exclaimed.

Grandfather continued.  “Now at the appropriate time in history, at a specific point in the fabric of time, seven original human races were simultaneously seeded all across the diverse landscapes and waterways of this planet.  There was the Asian race, known for their wisdom, their reserve, and their understanding of science.  They were the first ones to travel around the northern hemisphere,” he gestured with his hands captivating her attention. 

“There was the Aboriginal race located in the region of Australia and New Zealand,” he paused.  “Do you know where that is?”

Victoria jumped up and ran to another part of the house.  She returned with a map of the world unrolling it on the table.  She pointed accurately.  “They are right here and here.”  She grinned.  “I like maps.”

“I see that.  Very good.  Now the Aboriginals were known for their simplicity, for how to be mobile, and how to be availing, which means utilizing whatever is in the natural environment and finding a practical use for it.  Do you understand?”  She nodded politely.

Grandfather resumed his story with Victoria pointing to the different regions of the world.  “The African race was seeded in a continent rich in resources, and like all the geographical regions, it had different climate zones and environments.  This race was known for their rhythm and music, for their physical strength, and for how they embrace style in their adornments and clothing.  Then there is the South American race living across from Africa now separated by the Atlantic Ocean.  They were recognized for their appreciation of colors, for their love of family, and for their focus on the home.”

Now Grandfather used the map pointing toward northern Europe, “In this area is where the Nordic race was established.  They were known for keeping food fresh through long winters, how to enjoy the solitude, and to always be prepared.”

“That is really important, isn’t it Grandpa?” She stated more than inquired.

Grandpa patted her small hand.  “Yes, it truly is.  The last two original races were the Atlanteans and the Lemurians.”  Again he used the map to  show her.  “The continent of Lemuria is mostly under the Pacific Ocean over here, and the land mass of Atlantis is basically underneath parts of the Atlantic Ocean.”

“What happened, Grandpa?” she asked with genuine curiosity.

“There are many stories about these two great floods, and some are closer to the truth than others.  The land mass of Lemuria was submerged from comets hitting the planet from outer space, yet some of the Lemurians had ships and were able to sail to safe shores keeping their race alive.  As for the continent of Atlantis, this catastrophe was man-made in its destruction, something like a nuclear bomb, but much more powerful.  Fortunately, many Atlanteans did not perish and like the Lemurians continued to migrate and mix with the other original races.  The Atlanteans were known for their warmth, their teaching abilities, and for their natural way of celebrating life.  The Lemurians were recognized for their elegance, for their diplomacy, and for their ability to see danger first like sailing to safety when the comet hit.  Over many centuries, the races would inter-mix or remain within their own race or enslave one another committing untold atrocities; yet there was more good people than the evil or wounded ones.  Love would always bring humanity together because in truth, we are each representing a soul fragment of the Oversoul.  We are all part of the Tao of creation.”

Victoria lit up with a smile, “That’s what I was just thinking!”

“That is because you are a very old soul,” Grandfather peered at her closely.  “You have experienced many lifetimes, many different cultures, you have been rich and you have been poor, you have been female like right now, but you have also been in a male body.  All of these lives make up who you truly are as a soul and the presence of your essence is like a beacon of light for others to follow.  And always remember, you are perfect, you are lovable, and you are important!” He lightly slammed his hand on the table for emphasis.

“You see, all individual souls must evolve through five cycles of learning; first as an infant soul, then as a baby soul, next as a young soul, eventually as a mature soul, and finally as an old soul.  Each cycle has seven levels of learning, and it can sometimes take hundreds of lifetimes to get through just one cycle.  This is a gradual process that requires each soul to become fully accountable, fully aware and enlightened or what we call a graduated soul.”

“Am I a graduated soul?” Victoria inquired.

“Not yet, but you are closer than most people.  But even when you graduate from the physical plane, there are others in your Oversoul family that might be much younger in their development and will need some coaching along the way.”

“Hmm…” Victoria pondered. “That makes sense. I mean, to help the other souls in our family.”

Grandfather smiled lovingly.  “Yes, it is agape, the act of unconditional love, and you have plenty of it.  Then there will come that moment in no time when all the individual souls in a particular Oversoul have each graduated from the physical plane, balancing all karmic ties and completing the lessons of each and every cycle.  At this point there will be a reunion within the family of souls that unites them as a whole, and the journey of evolution continues from there.”

The insightful young girl thought for a long moment. “What happens then, Grandpa? What happens to the family of souls?”

“You are smarter than your age to ask suc“You are smarter than your age to ask such a question, and I will tell you… As part of the evolutionary design of the Tao, there were seven planes of consciousness created each with seven levels.  How much is seven times seven?” Grandfather waited for Victoria to answer.

“Umm, forty-nine, I think,” she looked at him for verification.

“That’s correct.  There are forty-nine points of awareness that can be experienced serving each plane of consciousness.  On this physical plane there are both advantages and limitations, for there is a plethora of choices that determines one’s fate from lifetime to lifetime.  When our physical bodies are sleeping, our soul experiences at different levels of the astral plane.  This is where we go in between different lifetimes, always with a connection to our Oversoul, and always with a direct link to the Tao.  The astral plane of learning is like a “mirror” of our thoughts, actions, beliefs, feelings, and experiences reflecting them back to us through dreams, visions, meditations, introspection and other forms of inner work.”

Victoria was transfixed listening to each word.  “What many people call heaven is more of a return to the Oversoul; what some people call purgatory or hell are “places”created on the lower levels of the astral plane to allow a soul to experience the belief system that dictated their physical life.  These are temporary states of being and these seemingly “lost souls”are often “retrieved” by older souls either within the Oversoul or who were in some way connected with the person in the previous lifetime.  When I was in my mid-twenties a friend and I assisted your great-great grandmother who was a devout Catholic and prayed the rosary daily.  We helped her soul to leave the “purgatory” she was experiencing after being killed in a car accident.  She was in this “place of purgatory” on the lower astral plane for eighteen months, yet for the soul there is no time like there is on the physical plane.  Several months later she thanked me for the spiritual assistance that we had given her.”

“What comes after the astral plane?” Victoria asked without missing a beat.

Grandfather beamed with a twinkle in his eye.  “Remember the family reunion of souls all graduating from the physical plane.  Well, it is that reunion that allows the Oversoul to begin another cycle of evolution on the higher planes, which brings us to the causal plane of consciousness.  The Oversoul will begin to evolve as a whole family going through the levels at this plane.  Many people who channel or meditate often connect with “spiritual teachers” from this plane of consciousness.  The next plane is the akashic and this one serves as the “record keepers” or what some call the akashic records.  Each individual soul is a library of lifetimes and each Oversoul is a consortium of libraries.  These “records” are not “stored in stone,” for this is a system that evolves as individual souls evolve, as each Oversoul evolves.  That is why it cannot be replicated on the physical plane with a computer program, although younger souls are always trying to do such things.  It is perfectly designed by the Tao, and the entities or family pods that are evolving on these higher planes of consciousness are always willing to aid those who are sincerely seeking the truth.  Mostly they just observe us, until someone pays attention to their presence, and then it is turned on.”

Grandfather stood up from his chair and stretched.  He motioned to his granddaughter, “I want to smoke and watch the moon rise.”  

Victoria beamed at the idea and soon they were on the porch with Grandfather in the rocking chair and Victoria sitting on a small bench seat.  Grandfather lit his favorite clove and tobacco cigarette, and continued his story, relaxed and gazing toward the east.

“After the fluffy and soft-like feeling of the akashic plane, there is the mental plane of consciousness.  At this level of awareness, there are two special beings that reside here when they are not in a physical incarnation on this planet or another planet.  This is the Transcendental Soul and the Infinite Soul… And their manifestations are marked in history with Zarathustra, Socrates, Mohammed and Ghandi as the Transcendental incarnations.  For the Infinite Soul, the first life experience on this planet was Krishna, the second was Siddhartha the Buddha, the third was in China through the mystic Lao Tzu, and the fourth was Jesus the Christ.  These manifestations are uniquely designed to plant seeds of knowledge and uplift the consciousness on behalf of humanity and all souls involved in this creation story.  There are also cetacean souls here on campus Earth, using the body form of whales and dolphins to experience their incarnations.  Their evolution is similar to our human evolutionary process, although most human souls are not aware of this reality.  This metaphysical truth will become more apparent as human and cetacean souls communicate and interact with each other, both physically and in the dreamtime, and with conscious awareness and profound clarity.”

 “I want to dream with the dolphins too!” Victoria exclaimed.

“Maybe you already have and do not remember,” Grandfather mused.

“Then I want to remember,” she responded thoughtfully.

“And you will remember.  Memory is like a muscle and if you exercise it, then you will remember more and possibly past lives too.  Our teachers from the higher planes are always there, always available for authentic soul contact with people just like myself, and just like you.” 

Grandfather gestured affectionately at the young girl.  “After the mental there is the messianic plane of consciousness, and the teachers from this plane can be quite active in our world sometimes working through the animals or through the arts like music and film and storytelling.  Although one particular mid-causal plane teacher that likes to represent as “Merlin” is also quite active in the arts and likes to inspire a variety of artists.  Unfortunately, there are also some souls who are seduced by lower astral entities that have created aberrations like demons and hells and even a satanic figurehead that they worship as Lucifer, but it is all false pretense and is easily exposed with the Light and the power of Love.”

Grandfather abruptly sat up in the rocking chair. “I want to give you something. Close your eyes.”

Victoria looked back at him expectantly, then closed her eyes.

“Okay, good.  I want you to visualize an open forest glade with a banquet table and several people gathered.  There is a crystal castle behind us in the near distance.  Can you see the castle and all of us gathered?”

Victoria nodded. “Uh-huh. I see the crystal castle and I see you and other people that I don’t know.”

“Very good.  I am now giving you a sword of Light that as you grow into a woman this sword will grow with you.  It is a magical sword that contains all the colors of the rainbow.  If you think rosy red, it will emit that color; if you think emerald green like in your heart, then it will project that color.  Do you see the polished amethyst stone embedded in the handle?”

 Victoria nodded with her eyes closed and her small frame very still.

“When you touch that stone your sword will become a violet flame that you can use to protect yourself and others from any evil or negative energies.  You will always have this sword of Light in your mind’s eye,” he gently tapped her forehead.  “As a tool to protect your mansion and your hundred rooms of consciousness.  Now you will see a woman who is stepping forward, and placing a tailor-made cloak just for you.  This too is a magical cloak that can change color, texture and even be translucent.  She is blessing you with a kiss to your forehead.”

Grandfather pursed his lips together like blowing into a trumpet.  He called it the “bumble bee mantra” and slowly Victoria opened her eyes wide and alert.

“I saw it Grandpa!  I saw my sword and the colors and the violet flame.  And the older lady had such kind and loving eyes, and the cloak  felt warm and cozy around me.”

Victoria sat back content.  “I love you, Grandpa.”

“I love you too, sweetie.”  He eyed his granddaughter closely.  “May I finish the story?”

Victoria smiled and nodded, now laying on the bench, thoroughly satiated by the spiritual experience.  Grandfather puffed on his clove cigarette watching the moon begin to rise into view.  “The highest plane is the buddhaic and the seven levels at this plane of consciousness prepares the Oversoul for the grand reunion with the Tao.  A perfectly designed creation of soul evolution that continues ad infinitum…”     

Grandfather sighed deeply.  “There is more to the story, but I see you are getting sleepy.”

Victoria yawned despite herself.  Grandfather smiled rising to his feet and gesturing to the moon.  “She will be shining bright tonight.”  As he turned back to his granddaughter, she was curled up on the bench, looking peaceful and serene, dozing off into the dreamtime.  

Grandfather smiled and lit another clove cigarette gazing back at the moon.  He felt grateful for his life and for the awareness and streams of knowledge that flowed through him.  In that pristine moment, with Victoria’s angelic face magnified by the moonlight, he suddenly felt a wave of deep resolution through his entire being.  As if he had completed something and was now free to be content.  

And to continue on his journey.

By Vincent Boccarossa © 2020

Closing Insights on Intelligence

As 2020 comes to an end and the winter solstice nears, I am resolved in my mansion and in the self-mastery of my soul. I am grateful for the mystic path I have embraced in this life coupled with the creativity of film, music, and writing. My passion for self-actualization is at the heart of the Alternative Educational Alliance as a coach and educator I am in my natural element. I share this passion with one of my brothers back in Michigan, Michael Dennis, who I met at seven years old playing baseball in Levagood Park. I am part of his “Building Dreams” community organization ( which is a shining example of giving back to the younger generations.

As a recap from my first essay on “Deep State Infiltration” there are several disclosures that have yet to occur for both obvious and less apparent reasons. Unless one is outside the box and has done some research, for many people the global deep state cabal is a delusional conspiracy theory without proof or substance. In actuality the truth about this global cabal has been thoroughly examined, researched, talked about, written about, and experienced by those courageous enough to speak about it. The true conspiracy has been right in front of people for decades manipulated and manufactured through the TV, newspapers, magazines and movies. On the flip side, the hypocrisy of mainstream news outlets and the exposure of crimes against humanity through interviews and testimonials, through documentaries and independent journalism, through select films and a plethora of books is creating a global awakening and a revolution in consciousness.

Love and solidarity will eventually triumph over all the fear and division and turmoil; and the same TV that is brainwashing people can also be used to educate, enlighten and expose the truth. The Left/Right divide in politics can be splintered by a third group representing Independents, Libertarians, Greens, Sandernistas and all those either left of center or right of center or sitting on the fence; this third group is the true majority in the U.S. and around the world. There is a patriotic movement occurring on behalf of the 99% against the global cabal representing the 1%; it is actually less than one percent who is at the top of this inverted pyramid of corruption, influence, power and a slew of diabolical agendas.

The political charade that is playing out presently can be seen from different viewpoints inside the box, outside the box, from above the box, or from below the box; Biden is masked up like the “puppet president” that he is as Trump and his team are trudging through the swamp toward a second term despite the cabal forces against him. Many people are waiting and watching, meditating and praying, tending to their families and livelihoods, and we are uniting globally like never before in world history. However, if people are cheering on a puppet president and following the mainstream news, then they will have a rude awakening in 2021 as the disclosures and indictments are released to the public. The political charade will be revealed for what it is over a gradual period, although for some of us there is no time like the present. We have studied it for several decades and it is our responsibility to educate and deprogram generations of people brainwashed with a cultural Marxism, a deceptive Zionism and a “not-so-friendly” neocon Fascism.

When people begin to see through the charade they will be liberated from the prison-industrial-matrix into the sovereignty of one’s mansion within; each person has the free will to make the choice. As Charlie Ward expresses again and again that “we are moving into an amazing period exposing the pedophilia, human trafficking, and corrupt politicians. Anything wrong with that?” I think all people can agree on “that” regardless of one’s political affiliation, unless someone is involved in such criminal activities. I also think that people can agree on “this” or what we like to call the “kind” referring to the presence of one’s true essence and the knowledge of soul or “the Logos of the Tao.” This path is closer to the heart, aligned with the will or one’s spirit, visualized in the mind and experienced through a relationship to soul. It is not out there; it is truly in here.

I chose not to do an essay on the pedophilia pandemic and satanic cults for a few reasons. First and foremost, the book by Joaquim Hagopian Pedophilia and Empire: Satan, Sodomy, and the Deep State thoroughly covers this necessary deep dive and it can be read for free online at or the five volumes can be purchased at Amazon. Many thanks to Robert David Steele for his financial and website support of this monumental research project. I also recommend the documentary film “Out of Shadows” as an introduction into this rabbit hole showing how mainstream media and Hollywood are complicit to varying degrees.

Back in 2016 I wrote a screenplay “The Bounty Hunter” and rewrote on it earlier this year; I am now preparing to write “The Bounty Hunter II” focused primarily on pedophile networks and human trafficking. I know that Robert David Steele is supporting a documentary project on the extensive material that I wholeheartedly cheer on as well. Anything that exposes these cults, sects and sick people is needed at this time.

I will offer one excerpt from Joaquim’s book from Chapter 36 focused on the Netherlands that ends with this paragraph that sheds light on the global cabal and their centuries-long machinations…

“The internationalist robber barons of the late 19th-early 20th century industrial age seamlessly morphing into the corporate oligarchs and NWO globalists molding, shaping, and controlling the 21st-century unfoldment always had/have their eye on the same endgame prize – their dystopian vision of one-world government tyranny. Fact: throughout recorded history a handful of black nobility bloodlines have retained power and control over virtually all structured earthly affairs for millenniums (See Chapter 34), all the while secretly practicing cabalistic occult blood sacrifice and sexual torture ritual of child victims. The scale of this powerful pedophilic network behind today’s booming child sex trafficking trade has only grown exponentially as technological advances, amplified stealth, and continual public ignorance permit. The brazen controllers aren’t even hiding their quest to depopulate the planet and gain absolute despotic control over every surviving organism still left. With so much irrefutable, more than solid evidence readily available nowadays, we as a human species can no longer afford to condone nor accept their rampant criminality, unspeakable acts of perverse cruelty, horror, and heinous destruction committed against our most defenseless, vulnerable population or our fast-dying planetary eco-system. Denial, passivity, sense of impotence, and continued ignorance are no longer an excuse, not anymore.”

– from the book “Pedophilia and Empire: Satan, Sodomy, and the Deep State” by Joaquim Hagopian

An interesting development is an independent film coming out in 2021 entitled “Sound of Freedom” starring Jim Caviezel playing the role of Tim Ballard, a former government special agent who has devoted his life to battling child and human trafficking around the world. He is the CEO of two organizations Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) and The Nazarene Fund (TNF), has written six books, and several documentary films have been made showing O.U.R. in action including “The Accomplice” and “Operation Toussaint.”

I did mention as a side note on the difference between tropical astrology versus sidereal astrology because it reflects how easily people are conditioned to believe something that is untrue and accentuates the false personality. I often tell people that it is astronomy first and astrology second, yet that often goes over their head; they might want to tilt their head up toward the stars and planets and see it for themselves.

The following passage is from the article “Where Do the Constellations Begin and End” by Philip Graham published each year in the Stella Natura calendar. In the following passage, the author is referring to a wheel chart that shows the tropical “fixed” system on the inner circle versus where the constellations are actually at on the outer circle…

“The inner circle in the accompanying chart indicates the so-called tropical zodiac. It dates back to Ptolemy of Alexandria (second century A.D.), who produced a star catalogue from collected star wisdom inherited from the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt and texts written by Greek astronomers and astrologers a few hundred years before his time. This is the basis for most subsequent “definitions” of the constellations in European civilization during the Middle Ages and the modern era. There is a problem, however. While 0 degrees Aries was the point on the ecliptic before which the sun rose at the spring equinox in Ptolemy’s time, it is no longer astronomically correct in ours. Due to the precession of the equinoxes, the first day of spring now rises in the first stars of the preceding constellation, Pisces. It has moved 25 degrees “backward” in the 1800 years since Ptolemy’s time. In another 360 years or so, the first day of spring will occur in front of the last stars of the preceding constellation, Aquarius.”

– from the article “Where Do the Constellations Begin and End” by Philip Graham

I think Graham wrote that article in the 1980’s, so basically we have another 300 years traversing through the “age of Pisces” before entering the anticipated Aquarian age. As a collective planet transitioning from an “age of believing” into an “age of knowing” that matches up perfectly with the median collective “soul age” graduating from last level Young into the Mature soul cycle; a 300-year transition period sounds about right in the larger scheme of things. Some of us older souls may show up for the dawning of the age of Aquarius on behalf of another manifestation. Most souls living presently will surely be involved with lifetimes between now and then; I say that with the utmost sincerity, clarity and certainty. It is helpful to remember that each lifetime is a book, unique, important and perfect in its’ design; each individual soul has a library of books or lifetimes; each Oversoul is a consortium of libraries; and that is the truth.

There has been much conversation, books written, documentary films made, and so on in regards to “stellar civilizations” and consciousness. My own experiences began with a soul connection to the star Arcturus. I was in a metaphysical bookstore back in the early nineties and came across a book We The Arcturians, by Dr. Norma Milanovich. I cultivated this cosmic connection and they have been “watching over me” throughout my entire life. A few years later I found Godfre Ray King’s “ascended master” books as well as the Pleiadian material channeled by Barbara Marciniak.

The following passage is from a book compiled by Godfre Ray King entitled Ascended Master Instruction by Saint Germain. The following excerpt is from an Arcturus Discourse on the Musical Festival at Soldier Field, August 19th, 1934. Although dated, it is relevant today as we attempt to purge the global deep state and drain the swamp cesspool cleansing this planet once and for all…

The representation of signing the Declaration of Independence was to bring before the conscious attention of the Earth and especially America, its unparalleled activity upon the Earth; and to call it to the attention of the people of America, that they might hold close to and stand by the original Constitution of the United States, which was and is a Divine Creation, until such time as the complete Ascended Master Constitution of the United States of America shall come forth, as the advance of the Golden Age proceeds.
The Golden Eagle and the Shield represent the Height of Divine Protection for America again re-established. The Bell of Liberty in the Power color of blue represents the Glorious Liberty and Freedom forever for America and the Earth, from all human selfishness – the instigator of which in every case is private profit. The cause has been the same throughout the ages.

– from the book compiled by Godfre Ray King “Ascended Master Instruction by Saint Germain”

The four powerful Blue Rays that formed a canopy over the Field, thought to be ordinary by the mass of humanity, represented the Fourth Dimensional Activity brought into visibility upon Earth; and if it be necessary for the Protection of America, the Jewel in the Heart of God, then that Blazing Light as of a Thousand Suns shall descend upon Earth and consume all human inharmony and selfishness from the Planet.

– Arcturus Discourse on the Musical Festival at Soldier Field, August 19th, 1934

It was books and spiritual experiences like this that catapulted my life on a spiritual path of soul. We often have to delve into the darkness to emerge into the light, yet it can be a slippery slope going down rabbit hole after endless rabbit holes; even when these rabbit holes lead to one colossal rabbit hole that is the global deep state cabal. We are each challenged to “stay in our lane” and balance the research with positive love vibrations and activities that raise one’s consciousness to higher levels of awareness and truth.

My intention with this collection of essays is to offer insights with intelligence. I wrote this after years of compiling research and through using the “instantaneous intelligence” of my soul. I continue to be inspired by people around the world speaking out and taking a stand for our basic human rights, for our cherished liberties and for our most sacred soul sovereignty. We are all united within a collective consciousness, in the understanding of oneself and each other, and in our love for God. May we move forward during this transition period with a glad heart, an open mind and a free spirit riding on the waves of a soul tide on the rise.

My dear friend and mentor VCJ sent the page below to me back in August. I feel it is an appropriate end as we segue into new beginnings on the horizon. For truly we are planting seeds today that will take over three hundred years to fully blossom; however, in three years there will be many sprouts and in thirty years many more will see the light; and gradually this world will shine like the sun through a prism reflecting all colors and shades of the human rainbow. On behalf of the fifth manifestation, we salute you…

  • the world is a safe place; 
  • neglect of the soul is lethal;
  • if life isn’t a dance, then it’s a dead duck.

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