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By Vincent Boccarossa © 2020

Professional Sports Have Been Hijacked

I was born and raised on the southwest side of Detroit in Dearborn, Michigan to first-generation Italian-American blue-collar middle-class parents. During the 1967 riots I was still nursing as an infant and we lived only a few blocks from the Detroit city limits. My father had joined the Air Force working on the planes as a mechanic; he returned home after his four years moving into a flat above my great-grandparents, Mario and Filomena; who brought the family from Italy in 1935 as Mussolini rose to power. My great-grandfather had been to the U.S. a dozen times before he was able to convince Filomena to move from her homeland; it was actually her two eldest daughters that made the difference when they come home from school spouting fascist ideology. On the night of the riots my father drove down Michigan Avenue with a younger cousin squirming in the passenger seat; my father had this fearlessness about him and a genuine curiosity to his nature; he had to finally turn the car around appealing to his better common sense. He no longer lived in the upstairs flat and returned to his tiny garage home where I imagine my mother was either nursing me or taking a much-needed break; he never said a word about his jaunt into the city.

Growing up in Michigan there are three things people talk about incessantly… the weather, their job, and sports. My father grew to love the sport of hockey, even though he never had a chance to lay himself; so at four and a half years old I was learning how to skate like it or not. Like many things in life, it was hard at first, but I also grew to love the game as did my younger brother. I would play twelve years of hockey and baseball, which fit my athletic nature and my desire to compete; however, I didn’t grow past 5’ 6” and 135 pounds as I shifted to college studies, metaphysical disciplines, Aikido classes, ceremonial activities, and the creative arts. Yet the lure of sports was always there on the T.V. screen and so I picked my favorites like the NHL hockey playoffs, the World Series, the NFL, and college football. Even after moving to southern California, sports events were fun to share with others in various social settings; for example, when a really good boxing match came around and we gathered to watch it or for an occasional Super Bowl party.

Here we are in 2020 with a real flu virus that was quite clearly a bio-engineered flu virus and then propagated as a global pandemic resulting in the most absurd draconian mandates that I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. It is an all too familiar script and similar to the false flag operation of 9-11, this pandemic hoax continues to spread fear, separation and suspicion poisoning people’s lives with unhealthy mask wearing, ridiculous social distancing and a push toward mandatory vaccinations. What is most disconcerting is how professional sports are being used to further the globalist agenda in cahoots with the mainstream media and controlled by the Zionist/Fascist/Marxist state or what they call their new world order… 

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

– U.S. billionaire David Rockefeller, to UN Business Conference, 1991

We the people or in this case the fans of professional sports have been taken out of the equation; it’s not like people can boycott and not show up for the games, instead they are opting for a virtual reality background with enough people wearing these subservient masks to keep the social-engineered experiment moving in the desired direction. Before all of this nonsense, the only time we saw people in a large public population wearing masks was in heavily polluted cities of Communist China; thankfully, there are many people speaking out against these unconstitutional mandates and false narratives. There are a few retired professional sports figures that have had the awareness and the courage to speak up; yet for the most part, the sports world including owners, coaches, players, trainers, referees, and camera operators have been fully compliant and obedient to the fabricated mainstream narrative. I have noticed a few NFL coaches challenging the status quo that lacks common sense as well as common decency; it’s about time some of these people have the balls to take a stand instead of a weak, subservient knee.

I see nothing safe or humane about people being mislead into wearing masks that numerous doctors have spoken out against including the truth about the coronavirus and the negative effects of this fake pandemic; however, those doctors’ expertise and voices are systematically silenced. Come on, man, wake up! And none of this “woke” nonsense and juvenile chatter circulating on social media; get outside the box and learn to think and question and discover the truth.

This is a classic example of history repeating itself. One hundred years ago the formation of the American Medical Association (AMA) in a not-so-covert relationship with chemical companies silenced as many alternative and natural remedies, herbalists and holistic healers, Native shamans, and tribal practices, in order to pave the way for big Pharma and thus creating the medical-chemical complex. In the health sector, we are at the pinnacle of their machinations and corruption; the lies and shameless cover-ups are disgusting; the ignorance and blind compliance are equally revolting; however, that is only one limited view and many people are directly challenging the trillion-dollar push for mandatory vaccinations across the globe.

If people think this is just about the United States and President Trump, then they are sorely mistaken; these are global agendas cleverly crafted and designed to take down the Republic of the United States and anyone who attempts to get in their way or exposes them. Look at how they attack people on a daily basis on their mainstream “mockingbird” media channels; and their “google gestapo” tactics, their juvenile facebook rules, their youtube “fact checkers” and it goes on and on. It is no surprise that they are politicizing and blatantly using professional sports to further their Machiavellian agendas; what is disconcerting is that so many creative, down-to-earth, innocent, intelligent, unique and talented people have bought the bill of goods acting as “responsible global citizens” in order to keep the world safe and their reputations in good standing. Are you feeling more safe and secure in their new world order or is that comfortably numb in a state of ignorant bliss?

I ponder how to best encourage some of these people to think outside of the box and find other sources of information and knowledge like Robert David Steele’s public intelligence blog at or several online platforms. The brainwashing and mental mind-fuck creates levels of cognitive dissonance that is not easy to break through like the person who builds a prison within themselves fortified with walls of fear and blocks to true intimacy; life becomes constrained and restricted as the masses are controlled, manipulated, and unjustly quarantined.

Over these past several months Brian Rose at London Real TV created an entire digital platform when youtube began deleting some of his interviews; he now has uncensored content and conducted five intelligent interviews with author David Icke who continues to unmask the global deep state cabal. Amazing Polly and Dan Dicks are two Canadians who are doing their research, connecting dots for people, and taking a defiant stand in the alternative media. Even former boxer David “Nino” Rodriguez has stepped back into the “ring” and is throwing punches at the deep state and the pedophile network both in Hollywood and globally. Anyone can go to and read for free Pedophilia and Empire:  Satan, Sodomy and the Deep State by Joaquim Hagopian for the deepest dive you can do on this media taboo subject. We’re in overtime down here on campus Earth in regards to the cesspool that is circulating in numerous black market operations that extend into the highest echelons of power, wealth, and unrestricted influence adversely affecting people’s personal lives and all life on this planet. It is not time to take a knee; it is time to stand up and wake up!

It is difficult to watch this fake pandemic charade as football coaches in the NFL are forced to wear masks and several head coaches are visibly uncomfortable with it; while the players run around mask free. This is on prime time channels with a massive built-in viewer base that is pounding home the message of fear and conformity in this “do-gooder” self-righteousness that is steeped in misinformation and mixed messages. It is cleverly designed to make the viewer compliant to the status quo; it also has the effect of creating confusion and making some people angry. It is obvious that people involved with professional sports are being controlled and “forced” to stick with the false narrative and play according to the new rules like it or not. In the NBA many players have openly supported Black Lives Matter unaware of how that movement has been hijacked and used to distort the racism narrative. In this melting pot culture, we are each challenged to see through these divisive tactics and to rise above the racism. Is it so difficult to agree on the truth that all lives truly matter, thus turning the tables on those who breed separation and propagate division?

This is nothing new for those pulling the strings behind-the-scenes to infiltrate a grassroots movement and use it for their own economic and political purposes. It occurred in the early 20th century with worker strikes; it happened during the hippie protests of the 1960s and 1970s, and sadly it is happening again today. I bet if every head football coach and their coaching staff refused to wear masks, then what are they going to do, shut down the game and the broadcast; arrest them all on national TV; I highly doubt it. People are selling out to keep the masquerade going and it’s distressing and difficult to watch; it makes me think of the late George Carlin…

“It’s a big club, and you and I, we’re not in their big club!”

– George Carlin

I have to make a note that the NHL playoffs this year were not as draconian as coaches were able to remain “mask-free” and they focused more on the game with less emphasis on pounding the social standards of submissive conformity into a person’s subliminal mind. There was no underlying political agenda associated with it unlike the NBA playoffs that were obviously making a political statement. The NHL hosted all the playoff games in Canada with the Stanley Cup finals played in Edmonton; both national anthems from the United States and Canada were sung before each game and everyone was standing without making it a political issue. On the flip side, the World Series between the LA Dodgers and the Tampa Bay Rays was an obvious display of “forcing” managers and umpires to wear masks, although many times the camera people spotted them not wearing the mask. The double standard of a contagious flu virus that “attacks” only at certain times of the day, in specific scenarios and stores, and threatens all healthy people with an efficient immune system is subject to a thorough investigation with unbiased scrutiny and an open, transparent debate.

I understand the necessity to protest, to march, to voice dissent, and challenge a narrative; what is even more important is to know what the protest, march, or rally is all about and be aware of any insurgents that may lead a peaceful, non-violent gathering into a dangerous and even deadly mob. There are those who want to “take-out that fascist Trump” as they gobble up the mainstream news like little chickens to feed, yet there are millions who see it differently watching a different channel, and then there are people outside the box to varying degrees. The reality that a tiny percentage of the population is in cahoots against the majority of humanity is key to understanding how we the people have been divided and separated in order to be controlled and conquered. The stage is set as the global elite cabal plays all of its dirty cards laying them on the world table for everyone to see. Thank God some of us are not buying into it and are asking questions, challenging the status quo, engaging in conversation, and calling them out for who and what they truly are…

“We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.”

– US banker, financial advisor to President Roosevelt, and Council on Foreign Relations member, James Warburg testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, February 17 l950

In an essay like this people are going to insist that credible sources are listed in regards to the coronavirus. There are two approaches to this inquiry; one can look at those who fronted this global agenda like Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates; or two, I can offer a list of reputable and respected doctors, researchers and independent journalists who have made their statements, done their due diligence, and recorded their findings through books, essays, interviews and lectures. The handful of people listed below, because there are many others, know much more about all this than I do; but anyone can do their own research.

Right out the gate, Del Bigtree at comes to mind for his courageous role to maintain a public educational platform amidst a barrage of big Pharma pushback. Corey Lynn at her website is an excellent journalist and her research on this subject is outstanding. Judy Mikovits’ story can be read in her own words or simply watch one of the many interviews she has given over the past six months; they tried to silence her but to no avail. I like Dr. Rashid Buttar and his adamant and educated stance about mask-wearing and social distancing; not to mention his story about healing his own son of autism and many others including cancer patients. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is another person who is extremely vocal about the vaccination agenda and this fabricated “plandemic” that is paving the way. I enjoy Dr. Zach Bush for his ability to bridge medicine, nature, and common sense; his voice has been a cornerstone for common sense and knowledge on this subject.

I think Dr. David Martin is brilliant and his vast intelligence includes medicine, law, and our Constitutional rights; he is an intellectual force to be reckoned with and is on the alternative front lines challenging bogus mainstream narratives. The courage of two southern California doctors, Dr. Erickson and Dr. Massihi to publicly express their data sent shock waves across the mainstream as they were quickly silenced and marginalized to the Internet sidelines. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has been an advocate for investigating the vaccination agendas and exposing their “track record” specifically in countries within Africa. I highly recommend the presentation entitled “Line in the Sand” hosted by Sacha Stone and Dr. David Martin; it may change your perspective.

Back in April 2020, Robert David Steele compiled a list of thirty people that he proposed to President Trump to use as a way to re-educate the mass population and end this damaging facade; his idea was to put three speakers on each day for ten days to balance the scales and put people’s fears at rest. Now it’s been over six months and the warped psychological social-conditioning experiment is playing out with successful results; although many people refuse to fully accept or comply with all the fear tactics and supposed health risks, a large majority have bought the bill of goods and it may cost all of us much more than the “sheeple” can even imagine. Millions of jobs have been lost and thousands of businesses destroyed; empty stadiums that employed a variety of people now sit idle in their homes watching the TV tube; the backlash from fans and workers has been “justifiably” sidelined for the “greater good of the state” and for their new world order global agendas as one of their more vocal proponents states…

“The one thing man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by a World Government, a New World Order.”

– Henry A. Kissinger

We are on a precarious precipice that may very well determine how society chooses to function for several decades into the near future. High paid celebrities, sports figures, scientists, newscasters, political pundits, government officials and intelligence agencies appear to be fully complicit with these bogus narratives cheering them on without questioning the facts or the truth for fear of losing their job, position, reputation and even forsaking one’s sovereignty as a human being. Individual liberties and personal lives are being destroyed; yet those are simply casualties in a covert war against humanity regardless of race, creed or color. We must rise above that which attempts to divide us and focus our angst and grievances at those who truly deserve such treatment for they are “elected” to serve the people and uphold the Constitution.

Within the 99% there is a silent majority becoming more vocal that may offer a prosperous and sustainable way through this technocratic matrix within maze of deceit and blatant lies. There are dedicated and intelligent people who are offering solutions using their common sense, ingenuity and problem-solving skills across an array of issues from agriculture and health to economics and politics to education and entertainment to spiritual awareness and intergalactic communications. Although the age of Aquarius is three centuries from becoming an astronomical reality, the seeds we are planting within the collective consciousness will gradually bear fruit creating a golden age for humanity and for future generations. I had an after thought to share a list of my favorite sports films over the years, since I started this essay on a more personal note. The best hockey film ever is the Miracle; the Vince Papale story Invincible; Billy Crystal’s story of Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris in 61; the boxing classic directed by Ron Howard Cinderella Man; the basketball drama Coach Carter; the Ernie Davis story The Express; the story of Jackie Robinson in 42; the story of Michael Oher with Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side; Clint Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby; and Brad Pitt in Moneyball. I was going to end at ten but too many kept coming to mind… Remember the Titans, We Are Marshall, Friday Night Lights, Rocky, Southpaw, The Fighter, The Natural, Rudy, Seabiscuit, and Field of Dreams.

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