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By Vincent Boccarossa © 2020

Deprogramming the Masses

This topic was suggested to me by a friend who said instead of using the phrase “deep state” that the theme of deprogramming is what people need right now. I responded by saying I will think about it, but also made the relevant point that people are “reacting” to the phrase deep state because the mainstream media hijacked it and spun it in a negative way even going as far as calling President Trump a fascist of the deep state.

The social-conditioning experiment and the mass programming agendas have to varying degrees been an effective and efficient way to literally brainwash billions of people. I feel like I am writing as a character in a Twilight Zone episode and the mass population has been infected not by a deadly virus, but instead with a dis-ease of the mind encased by fear, shock waves, and a steady dose of mainstream mind-fuck indoctrination; remember the CIA Project Mockingbird, well the bird is still singing through the ‘ole TV tube, the radio and now they’re blatantly censoring across the Internet.

Welcome to their new world order… Are you feeling safe and secure? Are you thinking for yourself? Do you know how to think critically? Can you discern truth from false? Is it possible to know the truth? Personally, I know what I need to know when I need to know it; because I am curious, inquisitive, and introspective, I need to know more than the average person. How then do we deprogram the mass population that has obviously been dumbed down to a juvenile level by wearing masks mandated by the state, by social distancing as another rule of the state, by showing their blind ignorance “masked in social responsibility” and clothed in obedient, subservient compliance on behalf of the state, and of course, by taking a knee in defiance of a leader who is actually battling a global DEEP STATE?

Wait a minute, that’s one of those conspiracy theories, isn’t it? We can thank the CIA for that manipulative phrase created after JFK’s assassination to “debunk” anyone challenging the official narrative propagated by the media channels and eventually “confirmed” by the Warren Commission led by none other than the clandestine and infamous Allen Dulles. Okay, well by now, I’ve probably lost anyone who really needs to deprogram, yet I will persevere on for those sovereign souls and truth seekers continuing to read this essay.

It is crucial to understand that these mass manipulations were created through the studies of psychology, sociology, mind control, psychological warfare, and more covertly, the “darkest aspects” of the occult and satanic practices. Remember the interview clips of Michael Aquino in the documentary film Out of Shadows; he was the founder of a satanic “religion” the Temple of Set, and a former Lt. Colonel as a US Army military intelligence officer specializing in physiological warfare; he also was a sick pedophile and known for raping, terrorizing and even sacrificing his victims in satanic rituals; Aquino crossed over earlier this year and the world is far better off because of it.

In Cathy O’Brien’s revealing book TRANCE Formation of America, she remembers being “programmed” at Fort Campbell, Kentucky in 1980 by Aquino, and said he used barbaric trauma techniques on both her daughter Kelly and herself. Her life story is shocking and began with her pedophile father selling her into a “covert military program” and her “grooming” as a Monarch sex slave; she would eventually be used and abused as a “presidential model” during the Reagan administration catering to the sexual perversions of high-ranking politicians. Cathy’s story is a personal experience remembered after several years of deprogramming with her “rescuer” and then her husband, Mark Phillips; who crossed over in 2017.

In Joaquim Hagopian’s monumental research project entitled Pedophilia and Empire:  Satan, Sodomy, and the Deep State, sponsored by Robert David Steele at, he offers a much larger, comprehensive view on this sordid topic and other related subjects; I highly recommend this book for all truth seekers. Since I am exploring the new world order “matrix” in this essay, then I have to throw a shout out to David Icke in the UK who continues to stir it up after all these years, doing interviews, publishing books, and speaking out; people like Joaquim, Robert and David are educating and exposing the truth, connecting the dots, and encouraging people to learn and think for themselves.

This is the first key to deprogramming… to break through the cognitive dissonance and step out of the box. This can take months for some people and much longer for others depending on the level of abuse, trauma, brainwashing, disinformation, dogma dosing, TV watching, computer game playing, and other factors. The goal is to free oneself from the “matrix” and to liberate the mind from the “herd-mentality” mass programming. It is not easy to do, yet it can be done.

One of the best books on this subject is Daniel Estulin’s Tavistock Institute:  Social Engineering the Masses; it reveals the history and motivations behind this agenda with valuable insights, quotes, and references. These studies date back many centuries via occult practices, yet in the 20th century the most notable movement was the rise of Hitler and the Nazis; after WWII they began to take their “experiments” to another level of mind-fuck both on the individual “subject” and on mass populations. In the 1960s cloaked within the National Security Council was a secret “special staff” that on one hand, “was a part of strategic psycho-political operations that focus propaganda at small groups of people, such as academics or experts, capable of influencing public opinion and on the other side, a part of tactical psycho-political operations that focus propaganda at the masses through mass-communication media.”

Also during this historic decade were the assassination and political coup of JFK, the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr., Robert F. Kennedy, and many others who were either imprisoned or remain missing to this day. The “hippie movement” with all the “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll” was a manufactured counterculture movement that was easily infiltrated by the CIA and other cabal agencies using LSD, violence, and divisive tactics with some satanic influences to add to their psychotropic brew.  As Estulin points out in Tavistock, “…the Vietnam war was used as a backdrop against which to create the anti-war movement. Their disillusionment with the war made the protestors easy prey for their masters to condition them under the guidance of the Tavistock Institute and the CIA through the influence of the LSD drug culture.”

These “seeds of the sixties” planted into the mass consciousness allowed for a “democratic Marxist ideology” to germinate and is now firmly represented on the Left side of the political coin; on the other side of the same coin they blatantly used the “republican Fascist approach” to further divide the people and to piss off the Left; the Zionists “played” both sides of the coin, but have leaned toward the Left dominating Hollywood, the media networks, the Jewish mafia, and bringing their Mossad agents into collusion with the CIA, the FBI, MI-5 and MI-6 establishing a covert alliance of deadly proportions. This conveniently set the stage for the 9-11 false flag attack and for the war on terror mantra to be unleashed on the public further traumatizing people and infecting the mass consciousness.

Back to Estulin’s book…

The key elements controlling international terrorism include the ‘fascist international,’ coordinated by the Eastern European branch of the Maltese Order, the Sovereign Order of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. They also include British Round Table and official intelligence organizations. They also include elements of the Socialist International and elements of international Zionism.”

More than half of the population has remained outside of this polarized, partisan system by remaining Independent or Libertarian or as a Sandernista (the populist movement behind Bernie Sanders) or they’re opting out altogether. It will take more than President Trump to pull this off, for a psychological and physical war is upon us; yet I hear the words of Admiral John Paul Jones in a famous naval battle against the British during the Revolutionary War, as they asked for his surrender, Admiral Jones replied, “I have not yet begun to fight.”  It is that kind of spirit we need “to muster the troops” in order to defeat and dismantle this global DEEP STATE cabal.

From my view, there is a potent “silent majority” as well as a growing “underground movement” that is coming together globally in a way that has never happened before in history; join the for we are the intelligent and soulful antidote for those that have contracted this dis-ease of the mind as we continue to combat their tiresome old world order machinations in their technocratic matrix.

I heard this definition of fear from Brian Rose of LondonRealTV… FEARS are “False Expectations Appearing Real.” As an emotional response or reaction, there are many categories of fear such as fear of death, fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of loss of control, fear of insanity, fear of loss, fear of rejection, fear of entrapment, fear of injury, fear of dis-ease. As real as these emotions can “feel” to a person, it is physically impossible to place that fear on the table; that’s why as humans we empathize with each other, which is a wiser response versus sympathizing and “feeding” an emotional reaction. Other primary emotions are anger, anxiety, grief, and joy; when a person becomes “emotionally balanced” and understands what “triggers” an emotion is another key to deprogramming because the matrix in place is designed to distort, inflame and manipulate the emotions of the masses.

It is interesting how emotions affect the mind and one’s thinking abilities; when someone is grieving or dealing with constant anxiety, one can observe the mind “following” the emotional experience and sometimes even showing up in a person’s dreams. Many artists channel their emotions into a creative outlet; however, when we channel and combine more aspects of ourselves like the mind and the soul with our emotions then we often get the best creative results.

I grew up playing the sports of hockey and baseball, but I also had a punching bag in the garage that I liked to pound on through my adolescence and teenage years; it did not resolve the anger and frustrations I felt during those years, yet it was a positive physical release and it made me a formidable scrapper if I needed to defend myself. I also had a father who would challenge my fears and I am grateful for that; ultimately, I had to resolve these emotions on my own as I came to terms with my personality and my chosen path in this lifetime.

This leads to another reason that we have populations around the world who have so easily been brainwashed and literally locked down. For several generations, many cultures have lost a healthy rite of passage for our young people. At birth, the soul enters the physical body and that might be considered a passage of sorts; at puberty we each experience a rite of passage within the body that makes a girl now fertile and a boy potent; this is the more traditional rite of passage practiced in Native cultures for centuries. Another rite of passage is optional and involves an awakening to one’s true essence or individual soul connected to the Oversoul; this passage determines if a person will awaken within their consciousness or remain asleep to this inner reality. Many people experience a full and productive life without ever realizing the truth of their essence or the heightened awareness that can come with it. This rite of passage of the soul is the key to one’s mansion within containing one hundred rooms of consciousness.

This metaphysical insight is in direct opposition to those who are living within a prison created by their thoughts, beliefs, and expectations; it is this mindset that is collectively manifesting and being “ushered along” by the global cabal. Through these state mandates and unlawful lockdowns, a global prison-industrial-mental complex is adversely affecting all humans regardless of age, creed, gender, or color; this is their new world order crossing all borders and boundaries, from the oceans and the land to our ecosystem and into the space domain. As Mahatma Gandhi once said,

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall… think of it, always.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

If we have a mass population that has been dumbed down to a juvenile level through brainwashing and propaganda utilizing mainstream media as the main conduit of confusion and disinformation, then it is of the utmost necessity to have independent journalism and investigative truth seekers, the Q-posts, uncensored online platforms, an Open Source Agency as proposed by Robert David Steele, and a TV Anonymous campaign to encourage people of all ages to unplug and detox from their mass media addiction; and yes, that includes the “smartphone” too.

Estulin elaborates on this point in chapter five…

“The slyest form of control is making people think they are free while having someone manipulate their every move. One form of dictatorship is being in a prison cell, seeing the bars. The other, a far more subtle form of control and dictatorship is when you can’t see the bars and you think you are free. The biggest hypnotist in the world is an oblong box in the corner of the room that tells people what to believe. Television, with its reach into everyone’s home, creates the basis for the mass brainwashing of citizens.”

The timing of this Orwellian orchestration with the 2020 elections hanging in the balance is significant as the global cabal is desperately using the media, televised sporting events, schools, businesses, church services, and any form of social gathering as a way to enforce the mask mandates and the social distancing to create prison-like isolation and separation within the population. Both of these state mandates are proven to have no health benefits and are shown to actually weaken the immune system and adversely affect the emotional and psychological health of both the individual and society as a whole. Wait, that sounds like another “conspiracy theory” and those anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers that need to be silenced because they are a threat to the welfare of the Zionist/Fascist/Marxist state. Excuse me, but who is the real threat to our health and sovereignty?

This election is a turning point in history and it may just spark a revolution in consciousness that has been on the rise for nearly three decades. If they’ve had three hundred years to create this 21st-century matrix, then it is fair to say we can plant seeds for the next three hundred years when the age of Aquarius will astronomically be relevant to the planet; and not this fabricated, false calendar with its’ inaccurate “tropical astrology” system twisted into occult practices and satanic rituals, all based on false lies and oaths of secrecy denying the truth of the soul, the love of God, and a respect for the Earth Mother and all her worlds.

Many are saying that this election is not just between Left and Right politics, but between good and evil, between the light of humanity versus the dark forces of the global deep state cabal or what many used to call the “Establishment.” Each person will have to discern for themselves and as Charlie Ward likes to say, “to use one’s moral compass” or if this has been warped because of the collective constructs of mass hypnosis, then find someone who has their moral compass intact and starts doing some research, some reading, watch some educational videos, watch intelligent interviews, observe and keep studying, and more than anything, cultivate a relationship within, to the soul that you truly are, and open the doors to your mansion.

The essence of freedom is a spiritual liberation that we seek to express in our physical lives through the free-will gift that God gave to all sovereign beings in order to learn and to evolve, to love and to know the truth, to achieve self-mastery, to enjoy the ecstatic, and to experience true intimacy and authentic soul contact with each other. We are not reinventing the wheel here, and to share more of our perspectives and solutions is apparently in short supply as this young soul charade continues to play out like a distorted and twisted Shakespearean drama. We need to drop the curtain on this theatrical play or maybe we just start throwing rotten vegetables at these cabal puppet players or better yet just put them in prison and throw away the key; if they find their soul in a prison cell, then it will be their just redemption.

The “cancel culture” and the “woke” movement is more of a manipulated emotional reaction rather than a concerted effort to know the truth about issues, scenarios, key players and their associations, key organizations and their machinations, and the global DEEP STATE cabal. In some ways this younger generation is being “played” similar to how they “engineered” the hippie generation; they also have their music, there are plenty of drugs of all varieties, alcohol is available everywhere, and they have a “common target” to vent all their anger and frustration at with Donald Trump as their president. We do not need to dismiss or delete them for they too deserve to have their voice heard; however, many of the tactics that they are “bitching about” have been exactly the kind of coordinated smear campaign that’s been used on President Trump. And now the major cabal players have crossed the line in 2020 showing their corrupt cards, revealing their diabolical hand, and it appears they are pushing all-in with their chips.

People are noticing the deception; people are waking up to the hypocrisy; people are resisting non-violently and are pushing back; people are standing up and finding their voice; people deserve to know the truth; people are standing in solidarity and have more in common with each other than with those who have been pulling the strings and yanking our chains; we the people as sovereign individuals will be the difference as we rise above their endgame maneuvers and foil their insidious agendas. The goals of deprogramming are to re-educate and re-create one’s reality, to take full responsibility for one’s thoughts, words and actions, and to free oneself from a fabricated matrix of deception and falsehoods. There is a global awakening gradually occurring in all fields of pertinent interest… health and education, agriculture and localization, economics and politics, open-source intelligence, religion and spirituality, entertainment and sports, and a focus on true pandemics like widespread poverty, starvation, homelessness, and the taboo topic of pedophilia and human trafficking. As we unite the people of this world against this global criminal cabal, we shall hold them accountable for their crimes against humanity and pave the way for an era of economic prosperity, goodwill toward all men, women, and children, and newfound freedom with liberty and justice for all.

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