Insights and Intelligence: A Collection of Essays and A Creation Story

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By Vincent Boccarossa © 2020

Alternative Health and Body Maintenance

As important as this topic is I have resisted writing on it because I am not a doctor or a nurse or a holistic practitioner or a healer or any of that; although, I humbly admit to have learned a few things along the way as an old soul back here on campus Earth. I think my athletic nature and small frame at 5’ 6” and 130 pounds was a blessing in disguise. It was ideal for stealing second base and for streaking down the ice on a breakaway until much bigger players could skate just as fast and crush me or try to hit a baseball at 90+ miles per hour, and so I hung up my glove and the blades at eighteen. I shifted to college, metaphysics, Aikido, some racquetball, and even now I still love to chase down a well-thrown frisbee and test my speed. How natural it is to want to relive our earlier years or at the very least keep up with the younger generations.

Back when I was twenty-five I experienced a few colonic cleanses and saw a worm as big and thick as my finger pass through my intestinal tract. For me, that was a wake-up call as I began to use herbal supplements, essential oils and checked my diet. If I had maintained on that track, then I would have fared better; but my life was a whirlwind of activities with financial stress as an underlying, self-sabotaging theme. I played the struggling artist card too many times, which was in truth the pattern of my chief feature of martyrdom or the fear of worthlessness.

From the book Messages from Michael, there are seven “chief features” that are the nemesis for the individual soul “trapping” many people in a false personality “molded, sculpted and armored” in order to “fit in, belong and conform” within a predominantly young soul culture. I was born as a seventh-level old Artisan soul with the goal of Submission, the mode of Power, the attitude of Skeptic, in the Moving part of the Emotional center, with the chief feature of Martyrdom. It is no wonder I had inner conflicts and struggles with authority and the young soul “Establishment;” however, the real battlefield was within myself. As I discovered the mansion within, the prison of my teenage years became a mansion with one hundred rooms of consciousness to maintain my life and sustain my purpose, my sacred dream. Martyrdom was my nemesis, the “Gollum” inside clutching and grasping using fear and various forms of seduction; younger souls like to call this the “devil” or other names; to each his own understanding of truth.

The seven chief features are as followed…

  • Greed – fear of loss or not having enough
  • Self-Destruction – fear of loss of control
  • Arrogance – fear of vulnerability
  • Self-Deprecation – fear of inadequacy
  • Impatience – fear of missing something or missing out
  • Martyrdom – fear of worthlessness
  • Stubbornness – fear of change and dealing with new situations

From another book by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Michael for the Millenium, the following passage is relevant: 

“Morality is based upon fear, and as such, it is the societal bastion of chief features. The underlying fear of all chief features have their ‘moral hooks’ in them.” 

From the book “Michael for the Millenium” by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

This is different than having a “moral compass” that exemplifies discernment and sound judgment. It has more to do with the false personality and the “fear” associated with one’s imprinting years, puberty rite of passage, and life experiences. The chief feature is rarely “extinguished” in a particular lifetime, but it can be done; this is a higher goal for the individual soul in relationship to a fully awakened person.

When I was thirty-three I met a woman, Elaine “Laney” DeLanghe, who was forty-eight at the time and had been battling breast cancer for over three years; we became lovers and I moved into her home in southern Utah in the late summer of 2000. Laney had a program she had been practicing and promoting called “Rejuvenation Unlimited” which was her life’s passion exploring alternative forms of healing, energy work, physical exercise, and proper nutrition. She eventually would meet Bob Mahaney, a renowned “dowser” in his eighties; Laney loved to share her marked “psychic abilities” and inner gifts doing readings on people expressing to me, “I’m just picking berries, babe!”

Unfortunately, she had “burnt out” a few times too many and worked most of her life as if she was three people; that’s what happens when you’re raised on a large cattle farm in Minnesota, the second oldest of eleven siblings. In my eighteen-month journey with her, we traveled in a motorhome with two of her sisters, back to Marshall, Minnesota and by the Christmas holidays, we were living on the farm with her brother Donnie and his family. Laney crossed over on January 2nd, 2002; it was exactly one month before her 50th birthday.

When I’ve seen Dr. Toni Bark offering her knowledge in interviews over the past few years, it reminded me of Laney, for they shared a similar enthusiasm for expanding awareness on this vital topic. Toni crossed over on March 1st, 2020 and I would like to dedicate this essay to both her and to Laney for they are truly cheering us on from the “balcony” directly aligned with their Oversoul… In my vision, I see them like two “angelic cheerleaders” beaming their light and love on all of humanity.

As I transitioned into my fifties now turning 54 years old in December, I had to revisit the valuable knowledge and natural alternatives I had learned about over the years… once again focusing on my diet, on my lifestyle, and on my daily habits. I had to use my discernment, to trust my inner gifts and intuition, and to verify the truth with my soul to guide me in clarity and knowing. I like the metaphor that the soul (I am) is the captain of the ship (body) and myself is the first mate; if the ship is in need of repairs then it is my responsibility to respond and take appropriate action; each and every cell is under the command of the captain. I take my “orders” from the captain on a daily and nightly basis.

The statement neglect of the soul is lethal is crucial to understanding how people continue to be brainwashed and brutalized, indoctrinated and manipulated, vaccinated and victimized as compliant, obedient  “wards of the state.” As a result of this mass phenomenon and for personal reasons, I began a deeper dive into this study when a friend referred me to “The Truth About Cancer” ten-part video series hosted by Ty and Charlene Bollinger; two dedicated health activists who are exposing the truth about the medical-chemical complex that is the health industry. A year later I watched the “Answer to Cancer” video series hosted by Dr. Patrick Gentempo and was again inspired by the excellent research and interviews with a variety of professionals and cancer survivors. Both of these documentary series are valuable educational supplements designed to expand one’s perspective on health and body maintenance.

In October of 2020, Ty and Charlene returned on the scene with the explosive ten-part series “The Truth About Vaccines” highlighting a host of activists, doctors, medical journalists, and parents including Del Bigtree of “The Highwire” and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. The impeccable research and timing of this series being re-released to the public on the heels of this bogus global “plandemic” reveals how we the people are challenging and uniting against a deep state cabal, specifically in regards to individual human rights and the overall health of humanity.

So who are the key players behind this medical-chemical-complex? At the top of this profitable pyramid are the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, for their “contributions” to the World Health Organization and their collusion with the big four of Pharma… GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Merck, and Sanofi SA who are responsible for over seventy vaccines for adults, children and infants… And to show their track record, these companies have paid over 35 billion dollars in lawsuits because of their weakly tested vaccines and the damages they inflict on a “trusting” public. Other key organizations are the American Medical Association (AMA), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and Anthony Fauci as the director since 1984 of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), spearheading the push to vaccinate every single person as the de facto “health dictator” for the entire world.

The “corporatism” of health insurance companies, big Pharma and chemical companies, and the apparatus of the medical-chemical complex has trapped many excellent doctors and nurses in a “not-so-healthy” system. The entire health industry needs to be re-examined for its pros and cons, although in terms of emergency care it is top-notch. I imagine the numerous war casualties and violence in our world has given them plenty of practice in this specific area of treatment.

Corey Lynn at her website explores this rabbit hole as do many other investigative journalists and independent researchers around the world. Jon Rappaport is an author and researcher posting his insights throughout this year calling out the pandemic hoax. Mikki Willis with his explosive “Plandemic” films with Judy Mikovits went viral on the Internet and continues to educate people. As much as professional people speak up, they continue to be marginalized by the mainstream narratives and blatantly censored across all media channels.

What is apparent is how people literally “give their power away” to these health professionals, listening to their advice on taking prescription drugs, on vaccinations, on a variety of “dis-eases” and how to “best” treat them. The mainstream media channels and various publications keep the public “well informed” in regards to their health, so there is little incentive to go “outside the box” and explore healthy alternatives.

However, there is a shift in consciousness occurring that is directly challenging these status quo narratives and many people are realizing the value of taking more personal responsibility for their physical bodies. The “ability to respond” versus reacting to a situation is a valuable perception, especially when it relates to what is going into and comes out of the body. When more doctors begin to work with their patients rather than catering to the medical-chemical complex, then the results will speak for themselves and we can begin a new era in holistic healing, advanced healing methods, and extraordinary alternative fields such as energy, light, and sound therapies designed for regeneration and rejuvenation.

I think what is often overlooked is how the emotional and mental aspects of ourselves play a key role in one’s overall health and vitality. I remember Laney having a copy of Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life and how it addressed these essential factors. We have a list of thirteen fears that can affect us in a myriad of ways: Fear of death, injury, disease, loss, rejection, failure, loss of control, entrapment, of the unknown, money, insanity, anger, and fear of joy. The primary emotions of anger, anxiety, fear, grief, and joy are very much a part of our lives and to be devoid of emotion often involves drugs and other intoxications, hypnosis and mind control, and sometimes when a person “checks out” of the body rather than staying present in the body representing the soul.

As much as some people and practitioners are making this connection and are actually helping people to heal on themselves, simultaneously, the medical-chemical-vaccine complex is preying on people’s fears, specifically the fear of death, fear of disease, fear of loss, fear of loss of control, fear of entrapment (by entrapping people), fear of the unknown and fear of insanity. This global medical tyranny is also stirring up anger, anxiety, and grief with joy nowhere to be found in their narrative, in what these “experts” are calling the truth. And they have the arrogance and authority to call us conspiracy theorists? The truth will be revealed and these perpetrators can face the music of the masses that are gradually waking up to a different tune.

It is clearly obvious that to divide and separate us from ourselves, each other, from our families and friends, from the elderly and homeless, from our businesses, our schools, churches, music events, sporting events, gatherings of any kind, and so on is an essential element of their new world order. The mandates for mask-wearing and social distancing are as draconian as it comes to revealing their hidden agendas in plain view. I think that is their strategy, as this is the tipping point in a global social-conditioning experiment they have been conducting for over a century. The results and the ultimate conclusion have yet to be determined, yet they are on a “fast track” to vaccinate and chip the entire world’s population. As individuals and as a global humanity, we need to “debunk” and expose this cabal in order for healing and understanding to occur; may truth and common sense prevail through it all.

Below is a rather extensive list of doctors, health practitioners, medical journalists, and alternative health advocates that I have compiled; there are many, many more people in this country and around the world that could also be on this list. I am sure over time more names will be added.

I added these doctors from an AmazingPolly podcast on vaccines:

  • Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi/Dr. Mikae Nordfors (Sweden)
  • Dr. Michael Yeadon (US)/Dr. Barre Lando (US)
  • Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg (Germany)/Dr. Heiko Santelmann (Germany)
  • Dr. Roger Hodkinston (Canada)/Dr. Elke F de Clerk (Holland)
  • Dr. James Lyons-Weiler (US)/Dr. Daniel Cullum (US)
  • Dr. Hilde De Smet & Dr. Anne Fielafin (Belgium)
  • Dr. R Zac Cox (UK)/Dr. Kevin Corbett (UK)
  • Kate Shemirani (UK)/Dr. Vernon Coleman (UK)
  • Dr. Tom Cowan (US)/Dr. Kelly Brogan (US)
  • Dr. Margareta Griez-Brisson (Germany)/Reiner Feullmich (Germany)

World Health Sovereignty Summit


WHSS Defenders Alliance/ITNJ with Sacha Stone & Imani Mamalution

Rev. Dr. Nancy Ash (ITNJ trustee)/Dr. Sandra Michael/Thomas Brown

New Earth Project (

I recently saw an interview that Robert David Steele did with Sharry Edwards on bioacoustics and energy-sound healing that was fascinating and completely out of the medical-chemical-pharmaceutical box. The website for her thirty-plus years of research and work is at; this woman has a heart of gold and refused six million dollars from the Japanese who wanted to buy all of her life’s work. She is adamant that this knowledge and these techniques are used for the true health of humanity versus the gradual genocide of millions of people. It reminded me of a book I read in the early 1990s entitled Gem Exilirs and Vibrational Healing, by the Gurudas; they too spoke of alternatives in healing modalities for the future including color and sound therapies.

I know it is difficult for people who have been brainwashed by the TV for most of their lives with both the Silent Generation (1926-1946) and the Baby Boomers (1946-1964) getting sufficiently dosed and thoroughly entertained night after night, week after week, and year after year. We now have younger generations taking in mainstream media news at warp speed with online social networks controlling narratives and censoring people with impunity. Fortunately, the tables are beginning to turn on all aspects of society that are feeding into these globalist agendas either consciously or unconsciously. And thankfully, a soul tide has been rising within the collective consciousness or what many have been calling the “great awakening” for three decades. Call it what you like and let’s create a world of truth, love, and creativity coupled with integrity, harmony, and instantaneous intelligence; the intelligence of one’s true essence and the expression of one’s soul sovereignty.

I realize many people may read this and feel mixed emotions about the material presented; that is a common reaction to the knowledge that is outside the status quo. Many people are lining up for the vaccine and believe this is the “solution” to the “pandemic” or else there will be some end of the world apocalypse by a flu virus; sounds like a typical Hollywood propaganda film. There are extremely dangerous and toxic “things” out there and the majority has been created and often manipulated in laboratories on military bases and in other “special” facilities. It is known that the Wuhan lab was one of those places, and trust me there are many more out there. A thorough study down this rabbit hole is difficult to digest and stomach, yet to follow like sheep to the slaughterhouse is unacceptable and defies common sense.

I already used the following quote in the first essay of this book, but it is worth repeating here for obvious reasons…

“If people let government decide which foods they eat and medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

– Thomas Jefferson

The choice is ultimately up to each individual, at least that is what many people are fighting to maintain and preserve at all costs. Many of us realize that they will push for “mandatory” vaccinations, creating insane profits for big Pharma and the medical-chemical-complex, and seek to further enslave humanity with a Zionist/Fascist/Marxist state. Regardless of their agendas, we will continue to educate, enlighten and expose their machinations with the unified intention of restoring free Republics, upholding Constitutions, and by re-creating a new “Coalition of Countries” promoting unity, peace, and self-sustainable practices and prosperity around the world.

I would like to end this essay with a quote from Bob Mahany, the dowser and “psychogenic” researcher that Laney knew well and I had the pleasure to meet twice. He crossed over in his mid-nineties over a decade ago, yet his vision for the future is just as relevant now and will be for future generations to come…

“We should have great hope for the future based on the natural changes going on now. There will be an ongoing investment in producing optimum mental health. There will be a unified economic and commercial system and a solid, stable currency. Political borders will be eliminated in this new world. Education will not be based on rote learning but will be goal-oriented toward the full development of each person’s talents and abilities.

The art of life will consist of cooperation with all life forms on Earth, as well as the total planetary system. The objective will be the creation of a joyous life.”

– Bob Mahany
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