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“Truth is the greatest good. And Love is the highest truth. Love is its own reward as is Truth.”

– Messages from Michael

The study of metaphysics and the spiritual path of the soul is nothing new in history. Although it is that road less traveled, many people do find their way to this path in their own unique way. I embraced this journey at eighteen years old and I have never looked back to find another way. It fit my old soul like a glove fits the hand or a shoe fits the foot. In the spirit of the AEA, may I offer a helping hand and put my best foot forward as I walk my talk on this spiritual path.

For all human souls the first metaphysical or spiritual experience is being born into a human body or the physical vessel. All individual souls will experience this phenomenon many times in a series of lifetimes evolving through cycles of learning. Cetacean souls experience a similar evolutionary cycle in dolphin and whale bodies. All other animal species have what is called a “hive soul” essence rather than an individual soul that is connected to an Oversoul or what I like to call a “family pod of souls” (there are between 600-1600 individual souls in an entity or Oversoul). All of these Oversoul pods and each individual soul was created out of the Tao (or if you prefer from God, Great Spirit, Source, etc.). In all of the esoteric knowledge I have digested, this rather simple explanation has been helpful and proven quite accurate through keen observation and personal experience.

The relationship to one’s soul can be discovered and expressed through a myriad of ways; in my humble opinion, it is an intimate relationship that is closer to the heart and encompasses the mind through the mansion within; a mansion with one hundred rooms of consciousness. A workshop was created to share this knowledge called “Instantaneous Intelligence and the Mojo Philter”. It is an effective and efficient method for introspection, self-awareness and fostering a relationship to soul; for the key to your mansion is this relationship.

My first past life experience occurred when I was eighteen years old. I met a girl at college and it was her adopted mother, Shirley Irene Ponto, who opened my “eyes” to the reality of soul. Those early experiences into past lives resonated deeply with my old soul. One might say that I took to metaphysics like a whale takes to the ocean sea. Shirley would also share crystal and gem medicine with me, numerology and astrology knowledge, and cautioned me on the “shadow deep side” of the occult. She gave me a simple light invocation with my first quartz crystal…

I invoke the Light of the Christ within
I am a clear and open channel
God’s Light is my Guide

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I used this invocation with crystals in hand and sometimes a tree on my back as a way to meditate and began to slowly awaken to my true essence; it was just the beginning of a lifelong journey. When I read Siddhartha by Herman Hesse and was introduced to the Japanese martial art of Aikido, I would then “invoke the Light of the Buddha within” and sit with that presence. I would later discover that the Christ was actually the fourth manifestation of the Infinite Soul (the first being Krishna, the second being the Buddha, and the third being Lao Tzu). As I began to remember and exercise my “memory like a muscle” waking up those inner gifts that all humans have within them, I began to see glimpses of my time with Krishna, my time with Siddhartha the Buddha, my years with Lao Tzu, my time with Jesus the Christ, and much more. The gratitude and love I have in my heart because of these soul experiences has inspired me to once again embrace this path.

Shirley gave me a book entitled Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker; it was a brilliant gift and had the Ryder tarot deck (78 cards) as part of the content. I found many books during that first decade of practice and study (see the book list); however, a few channeled books are worth noting. I have thoroughly enjoyed Messages from Michael (and other Michael books) by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and the Seth material by Jane Roberts; both were channeling mid-causal plane entities or Oversoul teachers from the higher planes.

During my earlier years studying the Deer Tribe teachings that were founded by Harley “Swiftdeer” Reagan, I delved into Native American spirituality through direct experience, ceremonial activities and more books. Over a thirteen-year period I experienced six sundances with the Deer Tribe, participated in a variety of sweatlodge ceremonies and cultivated my relationship to the Earth Mother and her worlds. I enjoyed the insights of Tom Brown Jr., Carlos Castaneda, Sun Bear and Black Elk, and even a few classics like Buried My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown. Those years helped me to lay a foundation for my life and were a necessary learning and healing period to balance the self-abuse of my teenage years and essentially to reclaim my rites of passage from youth into adulthood.

At another level of awareness there is the rites of passage of the soul, which is that place of full awakening, when a person realizes they are the soul versus “having a soul.” The body is a vessel for the soul to experience the physical plane; the body has limits and is mortal; the individual soul is a being of unknown proportions and is part of an entity or an Oversoul. When every individual soul graduates from the physical plane within a particular entity, that “family of souls” will celebrate a reunion of sorts, and graduate to the first level of the causal plane and continue the evolutionary process. There are seven planes of consciousness with seven levels within each plane; I see this as 49 “points of awareness.” The five higher planes serve the lower planes in various ways and every Oversoul will gradually merge back with the Tao upon completing the full cycle like a grand reunion with God.

This esoteric knowledge resonates with the AEA and we encourage people to have their own spiritual experiences verifying the knowledge and truth of their relationship to soul. We do not adhere to a specific religion or seek to facilitate dogma. The truth of knowledge is experienced… And belief is not required.

The book An Old Soul’s Guide to the Universe covers all this and much more. It will be available soon as an e-book for a small donation. The AEA will also offer readings, classes and workshops pertaining to the study of metaphysics, the mansion within and the path of soul.

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