Medical Qigong Classes with Elena

Wednesdays at 11:00AM PST via Zoom; $15 donation, per class

Elena Rayo has been teaching Qigong for nearly 10 years. Qigong is the study and practice of moving our life force energy. She began her training in response to her desire to do some deep emotional as well as physical healing, and found that the ancient tradition of Qigong was both comprehensive and powerful.

Elena’s Qigong classes combine several traditions to create a whole body clearing and rejuvenation, from the meridians and muscles of the body to all the organs. Her unique guided meditations at the end of class are especially helpful for integrating the Qi as well as offering deep healing to the psyche.

“I was trained at the International College of Medical Qigong to become a Medical Qigong practitioner. For the past 5 years in addition to teaching I’ve also had a private healing practice. Medical Qigong protocols cleanse stagnation out of the client’s body and replenish with fresh healing Q (energy)i. It’s been wonderful to apply the knowledge of those practices to the exercises in my classes. There are two parts to my classes; the first part is learning traditional Qigong sequences that help to tonify the whole body and all the organs by clearing out stagnant energy and then infusing ourselves with fresh breath and Qi. The second part is a guided mediation that allows the accumulated positive Qi to integrate into the body while guiding the mind into clear visualizations that identify and heal emotional and spiritual blockages as well as being deeply relaxing.

My goal as a Qigong instructor is to help students become more aware of their bodies, the subtle energies inside themselves and getting out of the mind. Students tell me they can actually feel their life force energy more easily in class, and how the Qigong movements can
remove stagnation and bring in fresh healing Qi.

I see energy as the life force that runs through all things. There are different kinds of Qi with which we work but all of them are essential to complete health. Qigong is the cultivation of the skills needed to understand, maximize and move the QI.

Elena Rayo, Instructor & Founder of Ancient Wave Studios Ministries

As westerners, we primarily live inside our heads, often with a constant internal chatter that can keep us out of touch with what is happening in the rest of our body, even to the point of being unaware of pain or chronic illness until it gets to an acute state.

In Qigong, the easy and gentle movements, combined with directed breathing, bring us back into our bodies. The exercises are specific to clearing out stagnation of mental and emotional states which over time can also lead to ill health, before those imbalances manifest in the physical body.

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