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Investigative Journalists/Authors/Educators/etc.

In memory of Robert David Steele (

Matthew Ehret (

Cynthia Chung (

Mel K (

Corey Lynn ( journalist)

Joaquin Flores (

Strategic Culture Foundation (

Polly St. George (

Charlie Robinson ( of the Unwanted podcast on

G. Edward Griffin (

Anton Chaitkin (

Patrick Wood (

Benjamin Fulford ( journalist)

Ron Paul (

Hillsdale College (

Alex Newman ( journalist)

Ken Adachi (

Claremont Institute (

Jon Rappoport (

John Peterson (

James Lindsay ( channel)

Jackson Hinkle (The Dive Show/Rumble channel/geopolitics)

Brian Berletic (The New Atlas/YouTube channel/geopolitics)

Gonzalo Lira (YouTube channel/geopolitics)

Alexander Mercouris (The Duran/Rumble channel)

Alex Christoforou (The Duran/Rumble channel/geopolitics)

Vigilant News (

Dr. Eamon McKiney (geopolitical analyst/

Tim Kelly (Our Interesting Times podcast/geopolitics)

Roy Coughlan (

Covert Geopolitics (

VGuerrilla @ CJ (

Bonnie Faulkner ( podcasts)

Nina Rosenwald (

Project on Global Oversight (

Global Research (

Pepe Escobar (geopolitical journalist/

Gary Kah (

The Gray Zone ( news)

Peter Kuznick (

Edward Curtin (

Dr. Edward Lozansky (American University in Moscow)

Sam Labrier (history/engineering/

Jeffrey Steinberg (geopolitics/history/

Martin Sieff ( & historian)

Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould (

Gerald Therrien (Canadian historian/

Dr. Quan Le (

Jeremy Kuzmarov ( Action Magazine)

Jeff J. Brown (

Lawrence Freeman (

PD Lawton (

Ayo H. Kimathi (

Young Pharaoh (

Max Blumenthal (

Alex Newman ( journalist)

Peter Levenda (

Susan Bradford (

James Lindsay ( channel)

Jimi Brent ( channel)

Justin Deschamps (

Jack Cashill ( & journalist)

Professor Mattias Desmet (

Jason Bermas ( journalism)

Maryam Henein ( journalist

PD Lawton (

Jeff Pearce (

RAIR Foundation ( Align Ignite Reclaim)

The Globalist Agenda (

Covert Action Magazine (

Victurus Libertas (Jim @ Angie/bitchute channel)

Jim Jatras (

Cyrus Parsa (

Ryan Cristian (

Jason Shurka ( –

Tim Gielen (documentary film “MONOPOLY”)

Gareth Porter (investigative journalist)

James Fitzgerald (journalist/

Mark Crispin Miller ( on propaganda)

Adrienne Youngblood (filmmaker/

Kevin & Sam Sorbo ( & filmmaker)

Timothy Alberino (

Michelle Malkin ( & journalist)

Christopher James (“A Warrior Calls” podcast/Bitchute)

Peter Joseph (Zeitgeist films)

Caitlin Johnstone (

James White (Northwest Liberty News)

Alison McDowell (global analyst)

Mariana Van Zeller (investigative journalist/show “Trafficked”)

Matt and Terry Kibbe (

David Korten (

Harry Vox (

Michael Bacchioni (Eastside-Westside podcast)

Glenn Greenwald (

Chris Hedges (

Christina Tobin (

Public Citizen (

Susan Wise Bauer ( 

Matt Taibbi (

George Webb (investigative journalist)

Dr. Cornel West (author/professor)

Consortium News ( journalism)

Anthony Judge (

Paul Street (

Sander Hicks (author/

Naomi Klein (

Suni K. Sharma (

Abby Martin (the Empire Files) & Robbie Martin (filmmaker)

Michael Moore ( filmmaker)

Thierry Meyssan( journalist)

Thom Hartmann (

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (

Katy Grimes (editor of California Globe)

Kyle Kulinski Show (activist/politics)

Dave Smith (comic/radio/politics)

C.J. (

Paul Craig Roberts (author)

Dannion Brinkley (author)

Dean Henderson (author/

Danny Sheehan (author/

Claire Edwards (editor at UN/interview on Project Camelot/UK)

Graham Moore (The Full English/Daddy Dragon rumble/UK)

Jay Widener (author/filmmaker)

Henry Makow (

Stewart Rhodes (

Joe Martino (

Joe Rosati (

Larry Freeman (

Dave Rubin (author/investigative journalist)

Dr. Aaron Lewis (

Jay Richards (author “The Price of Panic”/theologian)

Tim Kirby (YouTube channel/ex-patriot living in Russia)

Mark Devlin (goodvibrationspodcasts/UK)

Taylor & Frank Winterstein (Families for Freedom/AUS)

Max Igan (

Pete Evans ( chef) 

Graham Moore (The Full English/

Kevin Barrett (Truth Jihad Radio)

Dr. Jawled Nawabi (author/professor)

Jason Reza Jordan (author/Iranian Leviathan)

Professor Clements (

Dinesh D’Souza (

Freedom People (

Sofia Smallstorm ( Blog)

Pi Ware (filmmaker/

Simone Jennifer Smith ( YouTube channel)

Matt & Joy Thayer (

Tony Mead (investigative journalist/Sandy Hook/pedophilia)

Deanna Pollard Sacks (

Dr. Katherine Horton ( (on globalization)

Rose Koire (author Behind the Green Mask/interview on

James Perloff (

Mark Gaffney (author/interview w/ Sean Stone)

Bob Dobbs (Operation Mind Control book/interview with Sean Stone)

David Gosselin (New Lyre podcast/Canadian analyst)

Christopher James (

Zain Khan (

Arijan Hassanaj (

Jeremy Ayres & Phil Escott ( Norburg) 

Dean Sandstrom (investigative researcher/on Nick TV)

Kevin’s Corner (youtube channel/interview on Mel K)

Shawn Jason ( patriot newspaper)

Romara Didulo (

Patrick Timpone (One Radio Network/

Joel Gilbert (”The Trayvon Hoax”)

Chris Eryx (  podcast)

Sherry Beall (

Joseph Goode (

The Last Refuge (

Maria Harris (Moms Unite For Freedom w/David Icke)

Johnny Cirucci (

Ray Songtree (

Tom Bevan (

Christopher Rufo ( research on CRT)

Lara Logan ( journalist/South Africa)

Sian Gissing-McMeel ( sovereign activist)

Ledet Muleta (Prime Media/YouTube channel)

Susan Bassi (investigative journalist/activist/CA)

Maajid Nawaz (author/activist)

George Orwell (about his Burma post in 1920’s):  “Seen from the outside, the British rule in India appeared benevolent, even necessary, but the truth is, no modern man in his heart of hearts believes it is right to invade a foreign county and hold the population with force… Imperialism is a racket.

Patriots & Whistleblowers

Sheriff Richard Mack (

Juan O’Savin (

Jimmie Schwinn (

Scott McKay ( Streetfighter/Tipping Point show)

Michael Jaco ( Warrior series)

Patrick Bergy (

Scott Bennet ( “Shell Game”)

Nino Rodriguez (

Jared James (

Mark Alexander (The Patriot Post/

Sheriff Mark Lamb ( County, AZ)

Kevin Jenkins (

Zach Vorhies ( whistleblower) 

Jason Fyk ( Big Tech)

Colonel Douglas MacGregor ( channel

Celeste Solum (FEMA whistleblower/writer/researcher)

Ryan Hartwig (“Behind the Mask of Facebook”/whistleblower)

Stephen Arnold ( analyst)

George Nasif ( network security)

Peter Navarro (

Leo Zagami ( of “Confessions of an Illuminati”)

Kevin Shipp (

John Kiriakou (

James Fetzer (

John Guandolo (UTT/

Delora O’Brien ( Gathering YouTube channel)

Cynthia McKinney (

John Perkins (

Alan Fountain ( researcher)

Joe Olson (

Veil of Politics (

Susan Lindauer (9-11 whistleblower)

Thomas Drake (NSA whistleblower)

Edward Snowden (NSA whistleblower)

The #Spygate Project (

Sibel Edmonds ( NSWBC)

Dr. Kevin Barrett (

Richard Gage (

Richard Grove (9-11 whistleblower)

Dan Hanley (

Victor Avila (author Agent Under Fire/whistleblower)

Alfredo Luna ( Alpha Warrior Show on Rumble)

John De Souza ( FBI investigator)

Robert “Cody” Snodgres (author Choosing the Light/former CIA asset)

Bruce de Torres (author God, School, 9/11 and JFK)

“Kris” Millegan (author Fleshing Out Skull & Bones/

Don Shipley ( Navy Seal)

Capt. Seth Keshel (

William Binney (

Russell Jay Gould (

Rick Jordan podcast (cyber-security)

Mike Baker (former CIA/

Angie Blake (

Arno Reuser (open source intelligence/

Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (

Dr. Cordie Williams (

Major Scott Huesing (former Marine/author

Jessica Jay Dee (

Sam Sorbo (

Chris Webby (“ForTheBurbs” YouTube/rapper)

RC the Rapper ( activist)

Chris Sky (#Just Say No/Toronto activist)

Matthew Turner (The Matrix Minds podcast)

Jeff Reynolds (“Behind the Curtain”)

Riccardo Bosi (politician/AUS)

Patrick Colbeck ( Michigan senator)

John Barbour (“The Garrison Tapes”/JFK)

Keith Knight (“Don’t Tread on Anyone” blog)

Kay Griggs (interviews on bitchute/insider whistleblower)

Philippe Argillier ( billionaire insider)

Shawn Taylor (ex-police chief in TN/

Sheriff David Clarke (

Michael and James Mundy (

Maria Zack (

Christie Hutcherson ( Fighting for America)

Christopher Key ( activism)

John B. Wells ( host/Rumble)

Dr. Lyle Repacki ( Arizona Today Show)

Kash Patel ( insider)

Roger Stone ( consultant)

Kyle Kemper (Canadian activist/older brother to Justin Trudeau)

Sam Bushman (

Sheriff Brad Rogers (

Sue & Jack Frost (

Dr. Scott Bradley (

Shawn Ryan ( Navy Seal)

David Straight ( intelligence officer)

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer ( & inventor)

Ted Nugent (

National Liberty Alliance (

Lt. Steve Rogers (

Jack Carr ( Close podcast/author)

Lawyers & Politicians & Political Activists

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano (

Edwin Viera (

Dr. Rick Martin (

KrisAnne Hall (

Brian Isley ( County activist)

Leigh Dundas (

Dr. Cordie Williams (

Captain Sherry Walker & Danielle Runyan Esq. (

Brian Festa ( organization)

George Papadopoulos (author “Deep State Target”/twitter)

Jim Moody (civil rights attorney/whistleblower)

Bobbie Anne Cox ( & activist)

Joey Gilbert ( for Nevada governor

Chilli Castro (“Delete Lawz”/YouTube/

Aaron Siri ( attorney)

David K. Clements (attorney/The Professor’s Record on rumble)

Lin Wood ( activist) 

Tom Renz ( attorney)

Larry Arnn ( College, MI)

Patrick Colbert (

John W. Whitehead ( Rutherford Institute)

The American Project (

Mike Lindell ( Foundation/Recovery Network)

Sidney Powell (

Patrick Byrne (

Joey Gilbert (

Senator Wendy Rogers (

Susan S (NY attorney/interview with Mel K)

Brian Isley (

Jesse Ventura (author/activist/former Governor of Minnesota) 

Fully Informed Jury Association (

Brian Festa ( attorney)

Douglas V. Gibbs (“Mr. Constitution”)

Patriot Paul ( Mel K show)

Samuel Culper (

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (

Rocco Galati (

Alessandro Fusillo (

Dr. Antonietta Gatti (nanopathology/author)

America First Legal (

Dr. Richard Cordero (

Open the Books (

Anna Von Reitz (

Common Law America (

David Straight & Ron Gibson (

Courtney Allen (PatriotStrong podcast)

Tamara Leigh ( On podcast)

Dr. Shannon Kroner (

Dr. Shiva (

BRAVE Coalition (, CA)

Mike Papantonio (attorney/Ring of Fire radio)

Children Health Defense (

Allison Folmar( rights attorney)

Vera Sharav (founder Alliance for Human Research Protection)

Nicole Pearson ( rights attorney/CA)

Keith Blandford ( Carolina)

Kevin Hoyt ( on Rumble/Vermont activist)

Jon McGreevey (running for US Senate/Baltimore, MD)

Royce White (running for Congress/Minnesota’s 5th district) 

Bobby Piton ( for US Senate/Illinois)

Justin Andersch (activist/Cannabis and Combat Show)

Maria Zeee ( media)

Ali Shultz & Randy Miller (

Miki Klann (

Reinette Senum (

Melissa Grace (San Diego Rise Up/activist/citizen lobbyist)

Mark Meuser ( Attorney/CA)

James Edwards ( host)

Robby & Landon Starbuck (

Gary Humble (

Dave Williams (

Robert & Jamie Agee (

Sonya Green ( for Freedom)

Lucia Sinatra (

Wendy Williams (

Michael McMahon ( activists)

Carina Powers (

Alix Mayer (

Leigh-Allen Baker (actress/activist)

Tom Jones ( activism)

Cara Castronuova ( York)

Mahatma Ghandi:  “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won.  There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall… think of it, always.”

Alternative News Sites

American Intelligence Media (

Australian National Review ( news)

Nicholas Veniamin (

Pete Santilli ( Pete Santilli Show/Rumble channel)

Dave @ X22 Report (

Josh Sigurdson ( channel)

Dustin Nemos (

Sacha Stone (

David Mahoney ( Warrior Productions on bitchute)

Charlie Ward (’s Club)

Simon Parkes (

Sean Stone ( & filmmaker)

Lewis Herms (”Screw Big Gov” YouTube)

Nick Alvear ( filmmaker)

James O’Keefe (

Scotty Saks (

MarkZ (

Chas Carter Show (

David Icke (

Gareth Icke ( Right Now Show/

Ole Dammegard (

James Corbett (

Courtnenay Turner (The Courtnenay Turner Podcast ton Rumble)

Gene Decode (

David Snedeker (

Jason Q (

Ron Partain ( History Channel)

Sean @ SGT Report (

Underground Patriot ( YouTube channel)

Patel Patriot (

Pryme Minister ( rapper)

Titus Ellis & Isaac Smith (Smitbros podcast/Rumble channel)

Joseph Arthur ( host/musician/artist)

Dylan Monroe ( map and intel)

Bernie Suarez ( & rumble)

Zak Paine (

The Liberty Beacon ( news)

Michael Baxter (

Brand New Tube (

Ben Swann (

Kyle Hunt (

USSA News ( Reset Reports/Judy Byington) (Patriot News & World Reports) (Alternative News, Analysis and Commentary) (“stun ‘em with truth”)  (Alternative News)

Grace (

Joshua Reid/Redpill Project Podcasts (

Frank (

Raheem Kassam & Natalie Winters (

Jesse Zurawell (TNT Raidio “Perspectives” show/

Richard Grove & Tony Myers (

Tim Cast ( news)

The Diamond and Silk Show (

Dan Bongino ( Dan Bongino Show on Rumble)

David & Stacy Whited (

Stew Peters (

Angela Stanton-King ( host)

The Expose ( news)

One Great Work Network (

Mel Carmine (independent researcher/podcasts)

Buck Johnson ( podcast)

Liberty Man ( the World Live podcast)

Paul Wittenberger (

Brent Hamachek ( & analysis)

Melissa Redpill (

Rachael (Writeside Blonde)

Revolution Radio (

Steve Mitton ( Radio)

Gordon Rose ( Uneven Podcast)

Vinny Eastwood ( Zealand)

Mark Passio (

Michael at The Patriot Hour ( intel)

Dave Krieger ( & radio)

Monkey Werx (MonkeyWerxUS/YouTube channel)

Spiro Skouras(

**Cirsten Weldon ( in hospital 1/7/2022 in CA)

Brad Goetz ( on GAB)

Bernie Suarez (

Kelli Higgins (

Dave Tatum (

Greg Reese (

Mark Steele (

Martin Geddes ( analysis)

Anna Brees ( journalist)

Janet Ossembaard (”Fall of the Cabal” series)

Hanne Nabintu Herland ( Herland Report)

Danielle Stotijn (researcher/Holland)

Claire Edwards (UK podcasts)

Tom Sidney Bushnell (Tom Numbers/ UK podcasts)

Shaun Attwood (

Camelot TV Network ( and Irina)

Dan Dicks ( (Canada)

Ole Dammegard ( (UK)

Teymara (Australian de-programming activist)

Brice Watson (Esoteric Atlanta/YouTube/Instagram)

Jason Liosatos (

Foundation for Dis-Information (

Ross Ashcroft ( Inc./UK)

Adrian (Conversations with Adrian podcast on Rumble/Australia)

Dave Whitehead (Truth Warrior podcast)

David Zublick (

Maria Zack (

Clint Arthur ( entrepreneur)

Shawn Ryan (Vigilance Elite/The Shawn Ryan Show YouTube)

Tammy Garcia (

John Bush (

Joe Oltmann (ConservativeDaily Podcast/rumble)

The Great Awakening Report (

The New American (

The True Pundit (

Alex Jones (

David Knight (

Dave Hayes (

Steven Crowder (

Jess Rogge (The Rogge Report on

Sean Morgan (

Pete Santilli (The Pete Santilli Show/radio/Rumble channel)

Chad Chaddington (The ChadChaddington/Bitchute channel)

Jim Hoft (

Next News Network (on youtube)

Doug Billings ( podcast)  

Clay Clark ( Tour/Fireside Chats)

Marnie Lynn & Rob ( website)

Joe Oltmann (Conservative Daily on Rumble)

Real America’s Voice (

Sam Bushman (CSPOA rumble/

Seth Holehouse (”The Plot to Steal America”)

Scott Kesterson (

John Michael Chambers(

Sean Morgan (

Mark Alexander(

Freedom Mail (

Kelli Ann (

April Moss ( the Facts on Rumble/YouTube)

Tania Joy Gibson (Beauty for Ashes on Rumble)

Pastor James (

Jennifer Mac (

Makia Freeman (

The Oriental Review (

Donald Jeffries (

Fort Russ ( news)

Information Liberation ( news)

The Neon Revolt Show ( archives)

Mark Emery (

Bob Woodson (

David Whitehead (

Adam Riva (

JP Sears (

Krystal & Saagar hosts Breaking Points (

The Jimmy Dore Show ( channel)

The Joe Rogan Show (

The Pat McAfee Show (YouTube)

Johnny B show (

Robert Doc Barham (

James Purpura (Paradigm Shift)

Greg Halpern (

Doug McKenty (

Max Blumenthal (

Ron Unz ( media)

Jim Breslo (UK – Hidden Truth Show) 

MarkZ (

Chas Carter Show (

The Patriot Impact (

Joey Saladino (the Raging Patriot podcast)

Brian Robert Hyland (

Santa Surfing ( Freak @ Colleen (Q intel)

Catherine Engelbrecht (

Patrick Courrielche @ Adryana Cortez (

Doug Hagmann (

RSB Network (alternative media) 

Ryan Dawson (

Alexandra Bruce (

Patrick (

Dr. Jerome Corsi (

Stephen Coughlin (

Richard Higgins (

Dave Hodges (

Steve Bannon ( Room: Pandemic show) (alternative media/military intel)

Nico Rocco ( agendas/geopolitics)

Jason Davis ( for freedom)

Dr. Dave Janda ( Freedom/Ann Arbor, MI)

Matt Thayer ( Reawaken America Tour)

David and Stacey Whited (

Oto Gomes (ManifestTruthDestiny podcast)

Edge of Wonder TV (Rob and Ben/

David “Doc” Skinner (

John Peterson (host of Uncommon Knowledge/Hoover Institute/UK)

Sorcha Faal (

Jim Lee (

Sky News ( alternative)

Mike Morales (

Matt Asher ( (Latin America news)

Howie Carr ( Curley)

Jesper Johansson (Perspektiv Rumble channel/investigative reporter)

Adnan Oktar (Turkish author/activist/

Israel-Palestine News (

Eurasia Review ( & analysis)

Age of Truth TV ( 

Michael Jones ( on Zionism)

News Punch (

Brannon Howse (WVW TV/

Michelle Malkin (host for Sovereign Nation show/

Paul Craig Roberts (

Trish Regan Show (

Dr. Jason Dean (Revolution Network)

John Seville (American Subversion)

Great News International (

O.N.E. News (

Pam Barker (

Kit Cabello (

Jeff Brain ( (documents) (link to (independent media organization)

Financial/Wall Street/Monetary Systems

Martin Armstrong (

Charles Hugh Smith (

Harley Schlanger (

Larouche PAC (

X22 Financial Reports (

Wayne Jett ( Fruits of Graft)

David Edwards (

Mike Colomb ( Membership Clubs)

Jim Willie (

Brad Lea (

Rob Moore ( Disruptive Entrepreneur)

Wes Christian (attorney)

Allan M. Pollack (attorney)

David Weild (

David Wenger (

Bill Majcher (financial fraud/Canadian)

Dr. Robert Shapiro (

Dr. Susann Trimbath (author – Naked, Short and Greedy)

Tom Luongo (

Professor Robert Blakely (attorney/educator)

Lew Rockwell (

Dunagun Kaiser ( interviews)

Lucy Komisar (

Alex Mandossian (

Michael Drew (co-author “Pendulum”)

Kerry Lutz (

Greg Hunter (

Bud Burrell (financial history)

Joseph McCarthy (real estate investor)

Michael Krieger (

Gerald Celente (

David Morgan (

Ronald Bernard (banker insider/Netherlands)

Bob Kudla (

Claudio Grass (

Richard D. Wolfe (

Thom Hartmann (

Mark Jeftovic (

Michelle Holiday ( Wealth Global)

Catherine Austin Fitts ( Report)

Jeff Deist (Mises Institute)

Atlantis Report (youtube)

Marin Katusa (

Bix Weir (

Lee Freeman (online name “Pimpy” on

Art Kleiner (Wise Advocate Enterprises)

American Institute for Economic Freedom (

“The Wall Street Conspiracy”/”The Minimalist” (documentary films)

Cole Hatter & Dan Fleyshmen (”Make Money Matter”)

Anthony Trucks ( NFL/”Own Your Shift”)

Rod Khleif ( Hands Foundation)

Kimberly Ann Goguen ( insider)

James Gold and Adam Shardlow (

Scott Crypto (Canadian analyst)

Brian Rose (

Tony Roman (

Dr. Kirk Elliott (

Ken Shortgen (

Rob Moore ( Disruptive Entrepreneur/UK)

Sorelle Amore & Leon Hill (

Scott Workman (FOTOC/

David Cay Johnston (

Tom Selgas & John Green (

Lloyd Chapman ( Small Business Alliance)

London Paul ( and geopolitics)

The Gadfly ( of  the Rebel Trinity/subscription)

Tim Ray ( Intentions Foundation)

Jessie Iztler( at

Ross Clark (”This Week in Money” show)

Liliane Held-Khawam (

Ken Mack & Coach JV (Financial Freedom Show/podcasts)

Ellen Brown ( analysis)

Aaron Russo (filmmaker/“Freedom From Fascism” on IRS)

Dr. Rashid Buttar (

Dr. Zach Bush (

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (

Dr. David E. Martin (

Del Bigtree (

Informed Consent Action Network (

Jeffrey Jaxen ( journalist)

Dr. Andrew Wakefield (

Dr. Tom Cowan (

Dr. Judy Mikovits ( biologist/author)

Dr. Judy Mikovits (author of four books including Plague of Corruption:  Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science, 2020)

Mikki Willis (Plandemic films w/ Judy Mikovits)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (

Dr. Rima Laibow (

Dr. Simone Gold (

Dr. Christiane Northrup (

Dr. Christina Rahm (

Dr. Jeffrey Barke (’s Frontline Doctors)

Jodie O’Malley (former Federal Nurse/whistleblower)

Prof. Dolores Cahill (

David O. Young (

Sucharit Bhakdi (professor/microbiologist/author)

Dr. Aaron Kheriaty ( and ethics)

Dr. Mark Sircus (author/

Dr. Cori Stern (

Ty @ Charlene Bollinger (

Dr. Christina Rahm & Clayton Thomas (

Dr. Ariyana Love (

Kevin Jenkins (

Ann Vandersteel (

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko ( w/HCQ)

No College Mandates (

Dr. Lee Merrit ( the Truth)

Dr. Ben Tapper (

Sayer Ji ( medical information)

Dr. Patrick Quillin ( specialist)

Dr. Peter Osborne ( in functional nutrition)

Dr. Chris Motley ( Chinese medicine)

Dr. Patrick Gentempo (

Dr. Bryan Ardis (

Dr. Peter McCollough (cardiologist/epidemiologist)

Dr. Robert Malone ( technology)

Dr. Ryan Cole (CEO of Cole Diagnostics/pathologist)

Dr. Thomas Seyfried ( Keto diet)

Dr. Robert Morris (

Kim Elia (

Prof. Michael Levitt (biophysicist/Stanford University)

Dr. Andrew Kaufman (

Dr. Roger Hodkinson (pathologist/UK/Canada/U.S.)

Dr. Michael Roizen (anesthesiologist/Cleveland Clinic)

Dr. Meryln Nass ( for Human Research Protection)

Dr. Stella Immanuel ( Doctors/author)

Dr. Carrie Madej (internal medicine specialist/health activist)

Dr. Dan Erickson @ Dr. Massihi (CA doctors in Kern county California)

Dr. Clare Craig (diagnostic pathologist/UK)

Dr. Louis Fouche (ICU doctor/founder REINFO COVID/France)

Dr. Kirk Milan ( heart specialist)

Dr. Yvette Milano (Dallas, TX)

Sally Fallon Morell ( with Dr. Tom Cowan The Contagion Myth

Tara Thornton, Denise Aguilar, Heidi Gleisner (

John Esterling and Olivia (

Steve Lepkowski ( protection)

Dr. Joseph Mercola ( @ Erin Elizabeth (

Peggy Hall ( writer)

Shawn Stevenson (

Dr. Jeffrey Barke (Newport Beach, CA)

Dr. Joe Dispenza (

John Baxter (

Dr. Faith Washington (biochemist/health coach)

Dr. Mark Sherwood (

Dr. Dave Janda ( Freedom/Ann Arbor, MI)

Dr. Christine Parks (

Dr. Pam Popper (

Dr. Bob Sears (

Dr. Patricia Lee (pediatrician/whistleblower/San Diego, CA)

Dr. Billy Demoss ( health expert)

Dr. Brian Hooker (biologist/chemist/author)

Dr. Omar Hamada (physician/US Army Veteran)

Dr. Brian Hooker (

Carl Schwartz ( constitutional attorney)

Dr. Sam Bailey (YouTube channel/New Zealand)

Dr. Robert Malone (US)

Dr. Phillip McMillan (UK)

Dr. Michael Levitt (chemist/Stanford University professor)

Cilla Whatcott (

David “Avocado” Wolfe ( activist)

Mike Adams (The Health Ranger/

Dr. Mark Sherwood & Dr. Michele Neil-Sherwood (

Jennifer Margulis ( investigative journalist)

Neil Z. Miller (Think Twice Global Vaccine Institute)

Teri Arranga (

Dr. Larry Palevsky (pediatrician/vaccines and autism)

Barbara Loe Fisher (National Vaccine Information Center)

Robert J. Krakow (attorney/vaccine malpractice)

Dr. Edward Group III (

Dr. Eric Zielinski (

Dr. Matthias Rath (

Dr. Paul Thomas ( expert)

Dr. Gaston Cornu-Labat ( medicine)

Dr. Thomas Lodi (

Dr. Paul Thomas (Physicians for Informed Consent)

Dr. Debra Gambrell (integrative medicine specialist/Los Angeles)

Dr. Suzanne Humphries ( medicine)

Senator Scott Jensen, MD. (

Dr. Erin Bendavid (infectious disease physician/Stanford University)

Dr. David Brownstein ( holistic physician)

Dr. Calame Nathalie (author “Covid-19: Stop Fear”/Switzerland)

Dr. Jack Wolfson and Dr. Heather Wolfson (doctors and parents)

Allison Folmar( rights attorney)

Dr. Jim Meehan (

Dr. Jason Dean (

Dr. Russell Blaylock (

Denis Rancourt (Canadian physicist/activist)

Dr. Sam Vaknin (

Dr. Stoian Alexov (Bulgarian pathologist)

Clint Ober (

John O’Sullivan (

Stephen Harod Buhner (author – 20 books on plant medicine, etc.)

Reverend Jim Humble (MMS advocate/

Dr. Phil Valentine (

Ryan and Teddy Sternagel (

Fran Drescher (

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy ( for New Medicine)

Donald Jolly-Gabriel ( therapy)

Dr. Richard Bartlett (Texas physician)

Paula Woodley (New York nurse)

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (

Mark T. Jackson ( veterans)

Susan Standfield (health @ justice activist/Washington, D.C.)

Kevin Jenkins (Urban Global Health Alliance) 

Dr. Q (book Eyes Wide Open)

Dr. Robert Scott Bell Show (author/host)

Anna Rodgers and Eddie Stone (book Toxic World, Toxic People)

Dr. Alexandra Henrion-Caude (geneticist/France)

Dr. Claus Kohnlein (co-author of “Virus Mania”/Germany)

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi (Germany)

Dr. Mikae Nordfors (Sweden)

Dr. Michael Yeadon (author/US)

Dr. Barre Lando (US)

Dr. Franz Allerberger (Austria)

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg (Germany)

Dr. Heiko Santelmann (Germany)

Dr. Roger Hodkinston (Canada)

Dr. Elke F de Clerk (Holland)

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler (US)

Dr. Daniel Cullum (US)

Dr. Hilde De Smet & Dr. Anne Fielafin (Belgium)

Dr. R Zac Cox (UK)

Dr. Kevin Corbett (UK)

Kate Shemirani (UK)

Dr. Vernon Coleman (UK)

Dr. Tom Cowan (US)

Dr. Kelly Brogan (US)

Dr. Margareta Griez-Brisson (Germany)

Sharry Edwards (

Amberly Logo ( diet/Dr. Jordan Peterson)

Lee Dawson (UK martial artist/health tips)

Kelly Gallagher (5x cancer survivor/LA)

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (healing w/HCQ)

Gemma O’Derty (ACI/Ireland/journalist/activist)

Brandy Vaughn ( rep) (petition)

Tracy and Josh Ryan (’s story)

Cheryl Chumley ( and Blunt podcast)

Dr. Lana Morrow (

Geert Vinden Bossche (Belgium)

Kate Sugak ( naturopath)

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg (Germany)

Dr. Jo Li (street MD)

Dr. Bryan Ardis (

Dr. Peter McCullough ( McCullough Report)

Dr. Robert Scott Bell (

Dr. Cilla Whatcott (

Dr Antonio Jimenez (

Dr. Zubin Marola (

Dr. Nalini Chilkov ( medicine)

Dr. Selvam Rengasarmy (

Dr. Matthias Rath ( medicine)

Dr. Raymond Yuen (Ophthalmology/San Diego)

Dr. Patrick Vickers (

Dr. Billy Demoss (

Dr. Abdullah Hossami (

Dr. Petris Alberts (Sweden)

Dr. Ariyana Love (Finland)

Dr. Bita Badakhshan (

Dr. Darrell Wolfe (

Dr. Francisco Contreras (

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers (

Dr. Chris Motley (

Dr. Elizabeth Micaller (

Dr. Lee Cowden (

Liliana Partida CN (

Dr. Xavier Curiel (

Dr. Patrick Quillin (

Michael Tyrrel ( and healing)

Dr. Jonathan Wright (

Dr. Suzanne Kim (

Dr. Chatcha Sribundit (

Dr. Thomas Lodi (

Dr. Marcel Wolfe (

Dr. Stella Immanuel (

Josh Swagel (Hempworx @ &

Shaun Wells (author The Energy Formula)

Jennifer Mac ( & beauty)

Dr. Marlene McMillan (

Brian Shillhavy (

Rachel Celler ( activist)

Erin Marie Olszewski (“Undercover Epicenter Nurse”)

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt (

Astrid Stuckelberger ( whistleblower)

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya (Professor of Health Policy/Stanford)

Erin Marie Olszewski (author “Undercover Epicenter Nurse”)

Dr. Emad Guirguis (

John Lieurance (

Grace Asagra ( Nurse podcast on Bitchute)

Clayton Thomas ( Wellness products)

**In Memory of Dr. Toni Bark (health activist/8-1-1959 to 3-1-2020)

Pedophilia Pandemic

Joachim Hagopian ( “Pedophilia and Empire”)

Cathy O’Brien ( survivor)

Tim Ballard ( Underground Railroad)

Dr. Colin Ross ( Institute for Psychological Trauma)

Deborah Sigmund ( & child trafficking)

Jessie Czebotar (

Jason Frank ( Rings YouTube)

Liz Crokin (investigative journalist/“Slave Princess” film/Pizzagate)

Nick Alvear ( Lion Films bitchute/Pervywood series)

Kelly Galindo (

Mark and Terri Stenmann ( Flynn O’Neill)

Christina Zorich (The New Abolitionist) (human trafficking website)

Jonathon Espy (

Ally & Shelly ( & child trafficking site) 

Laura Sanger (

Meredith Sithel (

Courtney (Patriot Strong podcast/child welfare specialist)

Judy Byington (

Whitney Webb (

Carine Hutsebaut (Dutch author/Child Hunters)/ 

International Center for Molested and Abducted Children (ICMA2C)

Sonia Poulton (UK journalist)

Shirley Oaks Survivors Association (SOSA)

Laura Ward (Freedom for the Children)

RedPill78 (bitchute channel)

Detective Clive Driscoll (UK author In Pursuit of the Truth)

Maria Farmer (human trafficking survivor)

Rebecca Bender (human trafficking survivor)

Vennie Kocsis (book on cult experience/survivor)

Dr. Judith Reisman (author of Kinsey, Sex and Fraud)

Cathy Fox ( abuse and trafficking)

Nick Bryant (

Michael Tarraga (survivor/author)

Virginia Roberts Giuffre (survivor/

Ryan Dawson ( Epstein) (global modern slavery directory)

Matt Dillon (The Assassination of Robert Maxwell:  Israel’s Superspy)

John Paul Rice (

Nicole Abisinio (actress/producer)

Mike Smith (“Out of Shadows”/documentary film)

”UK’s Hidden Shadows”/”An Open Secret”

Skywatch TV/”Silent Cry:  Darker Side of Child Trafficking” (doc film)

Craig Sawyer ( “Contraland”)

Nick Stumphauzer (director “These Little Ones”/YouTube channel)

Detective James Rothstein (on pedophile networks/NY)

Bob Hamer (former FBI)

Soul Survivor Inc. (SSI/tattoo removal)

Kevin Annett ( Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State –ITCCS)

Lisa Beane ( film)

Alessandro (”Louder than Love” documentary)

Wayne Madsen (investigative journalist/RT contributor)

Jerry Peyton ( child exploitation)

Vanessa Kohnen (founder of Rancho Milagro/

Micha Kat (

Neil David Sutz (interview w/Charlie Ward)

Anna Khait (The Anna Khait Show/YouTube)

Dr. Jason Loken/Tea Shahbazi (

Madyson Marquette (sex trafficking survivor)

Ally Carter (MK-ULTRA child/teenage survivor)

Mitchell Gerber (“Hard To Believe”/

Falun Info (

Cisco Wheeler (

Nic McKinley (

National Center for Sexual Exploitation (

Gemma O’Doherty ( & UK)

John Walsh (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children)

International Justice Group

Human Trafficking Rescue Alliance (local Houston organization) 

“Conspiracy of Silence” (doc film on Franklin scandal)

Dr. Colin Ross ( satanic ritual abuse, MK Ultra, etc.)

Cheryl Hersha (Illuminati victim/interview w/Victurus Libertas)

Tracy M ( helping girls and women)

Jill Silverman ( remedy)

Fiona Barnett (book “Eyes Wide Shut”/Australia MK-Ultra victim)

Kathleen Sullivan (book “Unshackled: A Story of Mind Control”)

Rachel Hamm ( Rachel Hamm Show – YouTube)

Lydia Cacho (author/“The Demons of Eden”/“Infamy”/“Slavery, Inc.”)

Michelle Smith (book Michelle Remembers)

Penny LA Shepard (MK Ultra survivor/

Meghan Walsh (actress/singer/cabal whistleblower)

James Martinez (book Operation Mind Control/publisher)

Steven D. Kelley ( whistleblower)

Trevor Karney (Irish born whistleblower/worked for the Gettys)

Angela Shermerhorn ( against children)

Ashleigh James ( survivor)

State of the Nation links on the pedophilia pandemic and pizza-gate  @

Agriculture/Energy Issues & Solutions

Joel Salatin (

J.C. Cole (

Trent Loos ( farmer/activist)

Wayne Jett (

Jeffrey Smith ( “Seeds of Deception”)

Dan DeLanghe (Minnesota farmer)

Cindy Trimble (the “hemp fairy” activist/Tyler, Texas)

Oppenheimer Ranch (

Leah Shaper @ David Mauriello/Jim Turner

Bob Baker (Executive Intelligence Review – Larouche 1974)

Christian Westbrook (

James McCanney (

Will Watson ( F. Braun – attorney)

Ken Rohla (

Ann Kreilkamp (

Jim Lee (

Tony Heller (

Dane Wigington (

Michael Howell (

Dr. Zach Bush (bridges nature with medicine)

Jim Benham (president Indiana Farmer’s Union)

Phillip Ackerman-Leist (“Rebuilding the Foodshed”)

Paul Stamets (author/the mushroom man)

Apricot Lane Farms (“The Biggest Little Farm”)

John Boy Farms (“The Bullish Farmer”)

Elinor Ostrom  (“Governing the Commons”)

Mike Strizki (hydrogen house)

Urban Farm Guys/Michael Reynolds (Earthship 101)

Clint Ober (Josh and Rebecca Tickell – “The Earthing Movie:  The Remarkable Science of Grounding”)

Dr. Chris Martenson (

Lawrence Freeman (

Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (

Jeffrey Smith ( “Seeds of Deception”)

Carey Gillam ( “The Monsanto Papers”)

The Water Liberty Project (on Twitter/for California?)

Science/Secret Space Programs/ET’s

David Sereda ( Harmonics Technologies)

Dr. Norma Milanovich ( Leadership Center)

Alex Collier (

Marciniak ( channel)

Viviane  Chauvet & Peter Benson (

Yazhi Swaruu ( – Pleiades)

Cosmic Agency Backup (BitChute channel/Taygeta)

Gosia @ Cosmic Agency  (YouTube channel/Taygeta)

Pleiadian Knowledge (YouTube channel/Taygeta)

Kerry Cassidy ( Tompkins

David Adair (inventor/science insider)

Steven Greer (

Alex Collier (

David Wilcock (

Dr. Michael Salla (

Randy Cramer (

Ross Dedrickson (U.S.A.F. Colonel)

Corey Goode (

John Kettler (

Roxy Lopez (

Dr. Richard Sauder (

Jordan Sather (

Dr. Richard Alan Miller (physicist/

Steven and Evan Strong (Australia/Pleaidian channels)

Brad Johnson ( Intelligence Report/ET’s)

Issues in Science and Technology ( Virts (astronaut)

Brad Olsen ( Esoteric Series books)

Jay Campbell (host)/ (podcast interviews)

Donald Marshall story (

Sevan Bomar ( Quest)

David Weiss (Flat Earth Sun, Moon and Zodiac Clock app)

Elena Danaan (author/contact w/aliens)

Tony Rodrigues ( w/aliens)

Nick Sylvester (independent researcher)

Elena Danaan ( & channel/archeologist)

David Childress (

Nick Sylvester (other worldly insights)

Other sites, Educators, Writers, & Interesting People

Dr. Jordan Peterson (

Aubrey Marcus ( channel)

Sacha Stone (

Chad Stewart (author/

Brent Hamacheck & Felisa Blazek ( )

Nia Peeples (

Leana (

Melisa Arnautovic ( channel)

Michelle Fielding (

Daniel Schmachtenberger(

Ann Delap (reviews Cabal series/

Dr. Sharnael Wolverton-Sehon (

Dannion Brinkley (author “Saved By The Light”)

Laura Eisenhower ( To Light podcast)

Christian Elliot (

Tara Antler ( Consciousness Show/YouTube)

Olga Sheean ( health/quantum physics)

Sarah R. Adams ( healer)

Dennis Adams (

Clif High (predictive linguistics/Web Bot Project/bitchute)

Tom Atlee (

Mike West (South African activist & truth seeker)

Tammy Garcia (

Iowa Mama Bears (

Imani Mamalution (

Angela Harders ( ministries/PMA’s)

Greg Paul (

Leila Centner ( education)

David Rodriguez ( Schooling activist)

Amala & Will Witt (PragerU podcast on Bitchute/YouTube)

Jill Simonian (PragerU Kids on Bitchute/YouTube)

Tara Thornton (

Laura Aboli (

Tiana Khalid-Islam (podcasts/India)/

Alpa Soni ( channel)

Amelia Love (

Leigh Wyman (

Lucinda Lidstone ( therapist)

The O’Neill Sisters ( music trio/Ireland

Rocco Moon (

Elizabeth April ( channel)

Rose ( channeling)

Bernhard Guenther & Laura Matsue (The Cosmic Matrix podcast)

Charles Eisenstein (

Jason Shurka (

Kyle Kingsbury (

Troy Casey (

Meri Crouley Ministries (

Nicole Apelian (

Nicole Abisinio (actress/producer)

John Bush (

Deborah Pietsch (

Kim Greenhouse ( 

Elana Freeland ( SubRosa America)

Lillian McDermott ( host)

Matt Belair (

Adi (

Carmen (

Golden Age of Gaia (

Carrie Kohan ( spiritualist)

Mikael Cromsjo (

Jenny Lee (

Danielle Stotjin ( (esoteric, metaphysical, spiritual database)

Kaia Ra (

Simon (UK channel/

Kelli Rivers podcasts (activist in southern Cali)

Education News (

Celeste Solum ( (alternative films)

Joni Patry ( astrology)

Penny Kelly (

Julia Treat ( medium & healer)

Lisa Shermerhorn (

Rashika Rose (

Laura Sanger (

David Ian Rogers ( work/UK)

Journey to Truth podcast (

Christopher Rudy (

Cosmic Convergence Research Group (

House of Huna ( of Lemuria Five)

Simulation & Global Enlightenment (

Patrick and Anne Bellringer (

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov (

Alejandro Ferradas @ Elena Bensonoff ( readings)

William Owens ( & poet)

Jason Shurku ( of Divine Knowledge)

Victoria Reynolds ( luminary)

Master Lama Rasaji ( of Circle of Life)

Theresa King (channeler/spiritualist/Arizona)

Dr. Randy Short (patriot minister)

Bishop Harry Jackson (

Joe Dingle ( Ministries)

Pastor Artur Pawlowski (

Winifred Adams (

Shelley A. Kaehr (

Rebecca Shaw ( life regressions)

Jennifer Hendershott ( patriot)

Dave Daley ( Monsta Motivator)

Billy Falcon (

Kim Clement (

Alisha Brache (

Sandra Wigren (

Cheri Reeder (

Kamala Devi (

Jose Arguelles (

Ethan Banegas (Kumeyaay historian/

Harley Swiftdeer ( Tribe Metis Medicine Society)

Tom Brown, Jr. ( of the Earth Foundation)

Rick Berry ( Elements Earth Education/youth programs)

Frank and Karen Sherwood (

Jon Young (

Mary Radloff (

Allyson Rice and Mark Ringwalt (

Linda Runyon (

Rosemary Gladstar ( (a resource website) (an international unity bridge)

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