Peace, Progress & Prosperity – Part II: The Untold History of Manifest Destiny

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The Alternative Educational Alliance welcomes back Matt Ehret for another insightful lecture on the history of Manifest Destiny and the key players involved. He is the founder the Canadian Patriot Review and the co-founder, with his brilliant wife Cynthia Chung, of the Rising Tide Foundation. He has published four books on “The Untold History of Canada” and three volumes on “The Clash of the Two Americas”.

As Matt describes on his website

“In this presentation with Vincent and Brandi (founders of the Alternative Educational Alliance), Matt was invited to shed light on the various and often opposing currents of manifest destiny which have shaped the contour of world history from Ancient Athens through 1776 and today’s multipolar alliance.

In some instances, Manifest Destiny has been a beautiful expression of the best of humanity’s powers of creative reason and goodness, while at other times, the rot of empire have used the cloak of manifest destiny to justify great destruction and enslavement of the masses.

This lecture de-mystifies the two currents and clarifies the attributes of Natural Law which has always been the guiding light for humanity seeking to blossom as a species made in the living image of a creator.”

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