Peace, Progress & Prosperity – Part III: Manifest Destiny: Lincoln to McKinley

Please join Alternative Educational Alliance Ministries for another invigorating conversation with historian and author, Matthew Ehret. We continue from Part II of our series, delving into the obstacles that Lincoln faced during his Presidency and his incredible accomplishments towards true progress for the American people, in the face of such opposition.

Matt is the founder the Canadian Patriot Review and the co-founder of the Rising Tide Foundation with his wife, Cynthia Chung. He has published four books on “The Untold History of Canada” and three volumes on “The Clash of the Two Americas”.

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The Standing Lincoln sculpture (aka – Lincoln: The Man) is considered the most important sculpture of Abraham Lincoln from the nineteenth century. The 12-foot bronze figure standing before his Chair of State was designed on commission by Irish sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens (1848-1907) who became one of the foremost sculptors of his time. The sculpture is mounted on a semicircular exedra designed by architect Stanford White.

Chicago lumber merchant Eli Bates (1806-1881) designated funds in his will to create the statue, which was to be located in Mr. Lincoln’s namesake Lincoln Park. The statue was dedicated on October 22, 1887. Present at the dedication were a trustee of the Eli Bates estate, Abraham Lincoln II, the president’s grandson, and a crowd of 10,000 people.

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