Politics & U.S. Constitution: Introduction

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It is obvious to many independent thinkers that the U.S. and many parts of the world are cleverly being divided along racial and gender lines, political and religious lines, and economic class lines.  The global cabal has been gradually destroying the middle class and concentrating more wealth into the monopolies of the one-percent.  The biggest conspiracy is how this cabal has been furthering their agendas from the “inside-out” infiltrating all key areas of our society.  Instead of uniting against this tiny minority, we the people are fighting over the crumbs to survive with too many people buying into false narratives that continue to divide and separate us.  It is imperative that we educate the populace and rise above petty differences, harsh opinions and the blame game.  We are all partially responsible for not seeing through the façade of a one-party two-party system, for not seeing through the guise of global machinations, for not seeing who the real culprits of conspiracy are lurking in the shadows of their new world order and comfortably living above the law.  

Burning of Washington, Paul de Thoyras

In 1776 we fought against the powerful Great Britain, and then again in 1812 when they burned down our capitol.  In 1861 we fought against European factions intent on dissolving and splitting the Republic that the founding fathers had created.  Today these global cabal players are making their final push for complete control and total global governance.  It is not just the United States that is in peril, but free nations all over the world are at the effect of these globalization machinations.  It is through transparency and courageous whistleblowers, through independent investigative journalism and dedicated authors, through individuals willing to take a stand for liberty and freedom, through people waking up from a deep state trance promulgated by the mainstream media channels that the scales can be balanced and the truth of knowledge can prevail.  We the people have the numbers in our favor and can now stand on the high ground that is above the division, above the hatred, and above the racism that fuels their diabolical goals.  We can stand in solidarity, in altruism and good will, in love and liberty, in the truth of knowledge and the truth of soul; for that is our sovereignty as human beings.  

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It is possible to re-create history and design a future that not only serves humanity but honors all life on this planet, our beloved Earth Mother.  We’d like to remind people that the world is a safe place as we return lifetime after lifetime to evolve and learn on campus Earth; we might also remember that the “physical plane is the cruelest and roughest” of all the planes of consciousness testing our mettle from one soul cycle to the next.  It might be a comforting thought that the individual soul chooses each physical incarnation knowing the parameters of the situation and the prevalent existing cultures.  As individual souls evolve, so too does cities, states, countries and the world as a whole, a collective humanity reflecting a collective consciousness.  Astronomically, it will take another three centuries before the age of Aquarius truly begins; and the seeds we are now planting will gradually grow into a mature soul consciousness ending over two thousand years of “learning the hard way” as baby and young soul paradigms are dismantled and dissolved.  In a lighter sense, it’s like when the shoe no longer fits as the body grows older; it is similar for the individual soul as the collective consciousness evolves from the younger soul cycles of dogmatic warring factions pitted against one another into the mature soul cycle of introspection and inquiry of soul.

The state itself is never the purpose, it is important only as the condition under which the purpose of mankind may be fulfilled, and this purpose of mankind is none other than the development of all the powers of people, i.e., progress. If the constitution of a state hinders the progress of the mind, it is contemptible and harmful, however well thought-out it may otherwise be… In general, we can establish a rule for judging political institutions, that they are only good and laudable, to the extent that they bring all forces inherent in persons to flourish, to the extent that they promote the progress of culture, or at least not hinder it. This rule applies to religious laws as well as to political ones: both are contemptible if they constrain a power of the human mind, if they impose upon the mind any sort of stagnation.

-Frederick Schiller, poet, dramatist and founder of the Science of Universal History, excerpted from his lecture on the Constitutions of Lycurgus’ Sparta and Solon’s Athens   

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It appears imperative to re-educate the populace in regards to politics, the Constitution and what it means to be a free Republic.  The global elites have made a concerted effort to sanitize history and keep a large majority in a trance-like state of apathy, social compliance and blind ignorance.  We the people are challenged to wake up and wake others up through whatever educational tools are available.  The late Robert David Steele and Cynthia McKinney created #UNRIG, twelve necessities for election reform designed for equality and fairness, and to encourage people back into the voting booths.  It is a bi-partisan platform challenging the corruption of the one-party two-party system and opening a door for a dominant third party to emerge in the U.S.  Through education and election reform we the people can empower one another to uphold the Constitution and preserve our Republic by electing individuals who have honesty, integrity and political perseverance to battle corruption and the corporate lobbyists trolling in the swamp.

Education is the single most important function of government.

– Plato
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