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An Introduction to the Creation and History of Rejuvenation Unlimited…

            In the summer of 2000, I was thirty-three years old returning to the Los Angeles area after yet another cross-country drive from Michigan, my home state.  I was considering my options for a place to live when a friend asked me if I wanted to take a weekend trip to St. George, Utah.  He knew a guy named “Padre” who had forty acres of land and wanted to plant paulownia trees.  Feeling strangely inspired, I made the trip with my friend Stephen and met this fellow named Padre.  Two weeks later, Stephen and I returned for a second trip and a longer stay.  The southern Utah landscape had drawn me in, yet I was unaware of the opportunity in store for me.  I was following my soul’s guidance and remained open for yet another learning experience.

            Padre was a unique and somewhat complex character.  He had been ordained as a priest or so he said, he raised goats, was a reformed drug addict, healed his body of various ailments, was no longer a priest and was now living with another man, a woman, and a younger roommate.  They lived in Toquerville (20 miles north of St. George), off of a road leading toward the Zion National Park and into some of the most beautiful and bizarre landscape in the country.  I connected with this unusual family pod of souls and made friends.  Before returning to Los Angeles, Padre picked me up one afternoon and we drove seven miles outside of St. George to a subdivision called Kayenta.  It was there that I would meet a woman who would change my life… Sounds like a romantic cliche, even now, over nine years later, but that was the truth. 

            Elaine Mary DeLanghe (Laney) was born on February 2, 1952, the second oldest of eleven children and raised on a large cattle farm in southwestern Minnesota.  Laney joked about how her Mom had gone to the doctor after having given birth to eight children asking for “the pill.”  Now this is around 1960 and Laney’s Mom is a devout Catholic with a husband who manages a major farming operation.  She took “the pill” and still had three more children; regardless of her religious beliefs, Laney’s Mom is a truth seeker, a no-nonsense person who carries the weight of the world on her shoulders and to this day never gives up.  When her husband passed on at the young age of forty-nine, leaving her with eleven children and the farm, she buried him on the property and continued on.  When a local authority showed up at the house to protest this burial, she responded, “Well then, I guess you’ll have to go talk to him about that” and shut the door. 

Laney’s life on the farm was a mixture of practical, hands-on learning, Catholic beliefs and morals, and a family love that had its’ ups and downs.  She had embodied an ambitious work ethic and was instilled with a sense of true confidence.  By nineteen she was opening her first hair salon.  A year later she was the first to marry; her father was sick and died soon after the wedding.  Laney helped put her husband through college, then after much agonizing, chose to divorce him.  She told me her father came to her “in a vision and sat on the bed” and told her it was okay to leave him.  Her mother, on the other hand, did not talk to Laney for almost a year.  So much for Catholic forgiveness; I guess for some that comes later.

            Laney’s life led her to many interesting jobs as her beautician skills evolved into body awareness, body maintenance, and body rejuvenation.  She even realized one of her goals when she went to work for Regis Philbin who hosted the show “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”  Then an interesting opportunity came her way as she approached forty years old.  She had a befriended a partially handicapped woman in Minnesota named Cynthia and the two became fast friends.  Laney offered many things to Cynthia with her knowledge of the body and its’ rejuvenation capabilities.   When they first met, Cynthia could barely use her hands and needed daily assistance.  As they spent more time together, Cynthia began to show signs of recovery that was truly extraordinary.  When Cynthia moved to Kayenta in southern Utah, she bought a second home next door and offered it to Laney.  For Laney it was a dream come true for she had seen herself living in a desert-like terrain with beautiful red rock all around.

            I can still remember like it was yesterday the first time Laney opened her front door to me.  I was fourteen years younger and felt freer than I had in some time after ending a six-year relationship the year before.  Laney lit up a room with her unbridled enthusiasm and her winning smile.  She had a sibling-like relationship with Padre who would help himself to anything in her fridge (including any pot that might be stashed in the freezer).  I found it all to be oddly familiar, and was drawn to Laney on a very deep level.  Over a month later, I stayed the night and we slept on her trampoline under the Utah sky.  My hand remained on her right breast the entire time we were asleep.  It was a breast ravaged by a deadly cancer Laney had been battling for over three years.  She was forty-eight years old.

            I know Laney had several reasons for not wanting to experience the Western medicine route for her breast cancer symptoms.  Her father had died utilizing this approach and then fifteen years later one of her younger brothers passed on rather suddenly.  Her brother Gregg was a farmer with a wife and four children.  When he started having a cough in his chest that would not go away, he finally relented and went to the hospital.  Laney was living in Utah and had already voiced her opinion in regards to her brother’s condition.  Her alternative suggestions did not include hospital tests or anything in the mainstream; which is exactly what he chose to receive.  He was diagnosed with some rare blood disease and within six months he was gone.  Laney was so upset she broke her arm on the way to the airport for the funeral in Minnesota.  She didn’t bother going to a doctor.  She simply held her arm on the plane and healed it herself over several weeks.  The anger and grief over her brother’s death did not heal so easily.  I know this well because our first six months were spent getting to know each other really fast and very intimately.  I guess on some level we knew that we only had so much time together in this incarnation, so we made the most of it regardless of the challenges and obstacles.

            The details of our experience over the next eighteen months is truly a bizarre love story if I can be at liberty to call it that.  In reality we were on a journey that involved an in depth study of the self and the soul.  Since the soul is “a being of unknown proportions,” the knowledge we discovered and “the berries we picked” along this path allowed Laney to literally transform herself.  It did not happen with some miraculous recovery, although many a day and night I prayed for some kind of spiritual intervention, or for another alternative to come our way, or even for an ascended master to appear and walk into Laney’s bedroom laying hands filled with the liquid gold.  It was not to be like this.  Laney would learn her lessons, she would leave a legacy of experience behind, and she would transcend this physical world with a new role to play from the “other side.”  As much as this reality was in our face, both Laney and I never gave up hope or lost faith in the workings of the soul.  We were both truly committed to this path. 

            On my last night with Laney, now back on the farm in Minnesota among family and friends, we laid together on a bed staring at a picture of Jesus with a single candle burning.  It was January 1st, 2002 and the rush of the holiday season was gradually coming to a close.  I remember watching Laney closely, who was now in a frail body that could no longer maintain even the basic functions, and yet her eyes were so clear, the same green and brown and gold of my own.  We had made a pact at the beginning of our relationship that if this was no longer any fun, then we would separate.  As I looked into her eyes, I could feel her penetrating the truth of the Christ, the truth of all mystics who had walked the path, and the truth of the soul.  And then I had a vision that stays with me vividly…

I saw Laney dressed in white as she was welcomed by so many souls that it appeared to be a procession that went on for eternity.  It was a joyous reunion and tears rolled down my face as I watched her go home.  She smiled at me and I kissed her.  An hour later she was sound asleep.  It was six in the morning and I had once again been up all night with her.  I saw her brother Donny’s wife, Teresa, who was getting up, and told her this would be Laney’s last day, that she was going home.  I then went to sleep in one of the bedrooms.  They woke me up several hours later and several people had gathered for her final hours. 

            Laney died at forty-nine years old, one month before her 50th birthday.  She had battled an aggressive form of breast cancer that primarily affects women in their forties with a success rate for recovery that is less than ten percent.  For over five years Laney used alternative methods and her body rejuvenation knowledge to heal herself.  In the end it did not save her physical body, but it did open more doors to our self-awareness as souls in a physical existence here on campus Earth.  As Laney liked to say, “we are not the body, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  

            As I move into the body of this book, I will be referring to my experience with Laney and the many readings we received with one of her teachers and mentors, Bob Mahany.  Bob was eighty-five years old when I arrived on the scene; he was a dowser and spiritualist with a very solid foundation in this physical world with his engineering background.  I met Bob twice during my time with Laney and I knew him to be a powerful person in both presence and in his work as a soul.  He passed on in 2008 and I do believe his “psychogenic research” is being compiled into a book.  Many of the readings with Bob were written down by Laney and myself during her experience.  The majority of these readings were done over the phone. 

            In no way am I a practicing healer or body specialist of any kind.  I have been fortunate to find natural ways and alternative methods to heal and maintain my body.  Some of the most valuable things I learned from Laney or other people like her.  I received clearings that had compromised my Spirit for most of my life.  I listened to Laney’s suggestions and we “muscle tested” daily using applied kinesiology (as Laney would like to say, “it’s rarely what you think it is”).  I had arrived on Laney’s doorstep with a cell age of fifty-seven; yet I was only thirty-three years old.  In nine months, I was able to experience a cell age of seven.  It didn’t last long as Laney became more frail and sick, and I had to shift into nurse mode.  Then we were forced to move out of the house Laney had lived in for nearly ten years.  After Laney almost died in northern California, we finally made the journey back to Minnesota in a motorhome with two of her sisters.  What a “hoot” that trip turned out to be!

            I am so very grateful for my time with Laney and the many gifts that she gave to me.  I can now be with her and feel her presence without being so emotionally overwhelmed.  Death truly is an illusion; for we are eternal beings as human souls.  And thanks to Laney and her rejuvenation tools my cell age remains low averaging around twelve on most days.  I am now forty-two years old living in the Los Angeles area.

            Rejuvenation Unlimited is designed to offer people alternatives to learning how to heal the self, which in truth is a process of getting to know the self and the soul in essence.  This section is more than my experience with Laney and her battle with breast cancer, for I feel others will be inspired to share their stories of healing and some of the approaches taken in their process.  In this way a more broad perspective can be shared in regards to body maintenance and our rejuvenation capabilities.  In many respects, we have only scratched the surface of these capabilities and our true inner gifts.  I remember reading a channeled book entitled Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing, Volume 1, by the Gurudas… They made reference to where this planet was moving in regards to healing practices.  The response was quite simple involving advancements in sound therapies, color treatments and various crystal applications.  That might sound “out there” to the more conditioned person who believes in their doctor and Western medicine to solve their health issues; however, over the next several decades many will discard this approach for more natural, less evasive methods to not only heal and maintain the body, but to learn what is at the root of the “dis-ease” and at the cause of the illness.  Many will begin to explore how their thoughts affect the body.  They will look into the mirror of self-reflection and see the imprints from their earlier years.  The process of introspection will bring many people into alignment with their soul.  From this place the individual will know that the body is the sacred vessel for the soul and must be honored as such.

Chapter One:  Into the Metaphysical

            My first out-of-body experience that I recall occurred when I was almost five years old.  My Mom and I were driving to the mall and a woman missed a yield sign hitting our car.  I was in the front seat and my face was cut by the steel shaft from the radio knob.  I was quickly brought to a nearby house and put on a kitchen table.  I can still remember as I watched several adults inspect my face realizing I needed to go to the hospital.  When I was being stitched up by the doctor, I again remember seeing myself below like in a scene in a film. 

            The out-of-body experience (OBE) is nothing new and many cultures have used various methods to attain heightened states of awareness that often may include an OBE.  The beatnik exploration of LSD and other experimental drugs that fueled the hippie generation of the sixties is a modern day example.  Many people who practice various forms of meditation, yoga, exercise, and so on may experience heightened states or go out of body.  In many respects, OBE’s are overrated and to stay in the body while accessing other realms of consciousness is worth the study. 

            Perhaps the best place to begin this manuscript is with a quote from Bob Mahany himself:  “The secret behind this ability to make the intangible tangible is – there is no secret.  What’s required is an unquenchable thirst to understand our intangible metaphysical body.”

            As we evolve as spiritual beings experiencing life in a physical body, these so-called unkown realms of spirit and soul are truly the next frontier in human development.  As each person reaches greater levels of awareness, the potential of what it means to be human will become clearly evident.  As Jesus once said, “You shall do greater works than I.”  With deep reverence and with much respect to all enlightened earthly masters, we strive toward an impeccability and understanding that will bring us closer to the heart of God and in alignment with the healing of this planet and all her children.

            What exactly is “psychogenic research” and how does healing occur within this paradigm?  In Mahany’s words it is using one’s innate and natural ability to see beyond the visible…  “Your physical body needs the organizational and vital energies coming through from your SOUL.  If these energies become blocked by a stress within the pysche, a vital part of your body loses its life force and ‘identity’ as a member of your body.  A vital part with no ‘identity’ will be treated as a foreign object by your immune system.  Your immune system will then act to destroy it.  Illness begins now, but physical symptoms may not appear for months or even years later.  Psychogenic research is working within the realm of the psyche, detecting the area of illness and defining the stress that generates it – often before physical symptoms appear.”

            Healing through the paradigm of psychogenic research will often give an explanation to the seemingly inexplicable happenings that occur daily in a person’s life.  There are many pieces of research that are similar in nature; however, each reading is unique and must be handled accordingly.  Mahany has often been asked to teach classes in how to use the “recording wire” and his response is worth noting.  “In truth, I do not know how to teach others to use the wire.  I do all the mental work so effortlessly that I hardly know that I am doing it.  I am almost totally unaware of the work that my ‘MIND’ does as it analyzes a problem.  The only thing that could be taught is how to think, so that a problem can be analyzed.”

            As medical technology strives toward a greater efficiency in treating physical problems and their symptoms, Mahany delves ever deeper into the cause of an illness and the balancing of the individual’s metaphysical bodies.  “The reality of the metaphysical environment is extraordinary complex – the part that concerns only you can be the least of your problems.  There are events needing understanding that took place many centuries ago.  There are reactions taking place because a known or an unknown Soul, as a baby, is coming into the world.  There are false gods and beliefs whose weight can put strong, unhealthy pressures on the psyche.  There are hates and other reactions taking place completely undetected.  People do not realize the power of such intangible events.”

            This beginner’s guide to the wire is a blueprint into the metaphysical science of psychogenic research.  Mahany has documented several aspects of his work over the past thirty years; this booklet is designed to integrate the essence of his research by weaving past discoveries with present day paradigms that continue to evolve as he continues this extraordinary work.  It can help the beginner to a certain degree, and then it is the individual who must step up and do the work. 

            Mahany sheds some light on this point.  “It is essential to understand that the wire itself is a tool and not a mystical instrument.  People have mistakenly thought that they should talk to or ask questions of the recording wire… The real insturment is the MIND of the operator; the external tool is the Recording Wire.

            It is important to note the MIND of a person in connection to the MONAD (the God self; the Divinity; the Highest Self) enables a person to effectively work the recording wire.  As a person strengthens their connection to Source, the ability to be a more clear and open channel becomes apparent.  This accessibility to Source and the many dimensions that exist beyond this third dimensional, physical reality are available to all human beings; granted, it does require a commitment to one’s Higher Self, the discipline to stay connected to one’s path of Heart, and the ability to follow through which is the work itself. 

            When the individual places his or her attention on Source and the spirit that moves in all things, the possibilities and potentials are endless.  Guatama the Buddha sat for many days without food or drink, meditating under the Tree of Life, focusing his complete and undivided attention on the Source of All That Is.  The mastery of his presence and his ultimate self-realization brought thousands to study and learn his teachings.  Each of us are sons and daughters of God, and through the process of life, each will come to realize the path of their Heart on the road to their Divinity.  May we each be a spark of the Divine, a light the shines in the heart of humanity, and a blessing to all who share in our Presence.

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