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This section is a list of various creative projects that I have written over the past thirty years.  The art of screenwriting fueled my imagination and creativity exploring stories of myth and history and through personal and past life experiences.  Although none of these creative endeavors have made it to the big screen, they are worthy of further production development.  If you are interested in reading one of the scripts listed, then contact Vincent at the email below.

“The Mirror”  (six episodes written) – A TV drama series about a magical Mirror dating back to the 1820s that acts as a portal between past lives, potential future lives, and as a reflection of one’s life and soul essence.

“Hollywood Heights” (pilot episode) – A TV crime/drama/history series set in Los Angeles during the 1920’s Prohibition with political and police corruption, mobsters involved with bootlegging, prostitution, gambling and extortion, and a colorful cast of characters including historical figures and fictional ones.

 “The Bounty Hunter” – Set in 2050 A.D., this action-drama follows veteran bounty hunter, Derek Stone, fifteen years after the global Takeover, as he reflects on the past, returns home, and then pursues one final fugitive.  

“The Flying Dutchman” – Set in the early 20th century representing the dead ball era of baseball told through the life of Hall of Fame shortstop Honus Wagner.  This baseball epic includes the 1909 World Series featuring Ty Cobb and the Detroit Tigers versus Wagner and the Pittsburgh Pirates.

“Knights of the Grail” – This timeless tale of the Arthurian myth weaves together a story accurate to the classical literature Morte de Arthur.  This action/adventure/drama is an epic film with legendary heroes and villains and a spiritual quest.

 “Tin Horns and Calico” – Based on a book by the same title, this historical drama focuses on the 1840’s anti-rent rebellion that occurred in the Catskill regions of New York involving tenant farmers and wealthy manor lords.

“Carmella’s Class” – Set in Venice, California during the early 1990’s, this alternative classroom drama centers on the life of a charismatic substitute teacher Martin Carmella and the dynamic relationship with his students.

“On Common Ground” – This juvenile delinquent story is set in Detroit from the late seventies into the nineties.  Mitchel Chapman is the main protagonist who endures incarceration in the J-Max facility, then turns his life around and returns to the streets to help a friend from the past.

 “Who’s On First?” – This story offers an alternative perspective on death and dying through the disease of Alzheimer’s and one family’s ability to bridge beyond death communicating with a deceased father.

“A Call To Mutiny” – A fictional story about teenage beach gangs in southern California and one gang leader’s journey to becoming something more and find meaning in his life.

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