Sidereal Astrology

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Why Sidereal Astrology? For those new to astronomy and astrology, we recommend the “Stella Natura” calendar as a way to track the sun, moon and planets as they move through the constellations year by year. In today’s world, many people have apps on their phone where they can track the astronomical placements as well. Don’t believe us…LOOK IN THE SKY!

“When you look at this calendar’s charts, you will see that the sun and the moon in constellations different from the tropical sign familiar from popular astrology and some almanacs. Understanding why and how the systems differ is essential for someone wishing to use this calendar.”

Stella Natura Calendar

The following paragraph from “Where do the Constellations Begin and End” by Phillip Graham, explains the astronomical difference between sidereal and tropical astrology:

“The inner circle in the accompanying chart indicates the so-called tropical zodiac. It dates back to Ptolemy of Alexandria (2nd Century AD), who produced a star catalogue from collected star wisdom inherited from the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt and texts written by Greek astronomers and astrologers a few hundred years before his time. This is the basis for most subsequent “definitions” of the constellations in European civilization during the middle ages and the modern era. There is a problem, however. While zero degrees Aries was the point on the ecliptic before which the sun rose at the spring equinox in Ptolemy’s time, it is no longer astronomically correct in ours. Due to the procession of the equinoxes, the first day of Spring is no longer anywhere near the beginning stars of the constellation of the Ram (Aries). Moving at the rate on one degree in 72 years, the sun on the first day of spring now rises in the first stars of the proceeding constellation, Pieces. It has moved approximately 25 degrees “backward” in the 1800 years since Ptolemy’s time. In another 360 years or so, the first day of Spring will occur in front of the last stars of the proceeding constellation, Aquarius.”

This essay, along with the following chart, is printed in the Stella Natura calendar each year.

For years we have envisioned a book on sidereal astrology titled, “Get Real, Go Sidereal” in order to encapsulate the knowledge of our dear friend, Mari RedMoon. Astrology is a worthy study and tool for understanding the personality; however, to read tropical charts that are not accurate to their astronomical placement in the sky appears to placate the false personality. The astrological knowledge holds true, but it is recommended to use a sidereal chart that better reflects the true personality of the individual.

Sidereal Readings

The AEA offers an introductory sidereal reading that includes your natal chart, perspectives on each of your aspects and basic knowledge of the houses, planets and astrological signs. $75 donation, per reading. You will receive a PDF packet via email and a physical copy via U.S. Mail.

Mari RedMoon offers advanced, in depth phone readings, and has assimilated over 40 years of experience with sidereal astrology. Her readings are one-of-a-kind! $150 donation, per reading.

For more information

Over the years there have been several numerology books that have caught my attention.  It is a study that can be interwoven with other streams of knowledge to better understand one’s personality, life path and purpose.  One specific book entitled Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker was a helpful tool that I received as a gift at eighteen. 

Other teachings such as the “Life Cycles” and the “Moon Cycles” can overlay with the cycles of numerology expanding one’s awareness through insight and further understanding.  Another in-depth book on numerology was by Dan Millman entitled, The Life You Were Born to Live.

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