Sidereal Astrology

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For years I have envisioned a book on sidereal astrology titled, “Get Real, Go Sidereal” in order to encapsulate the knowledge of our dear friend, Mari Red Moon. I think astrology is a worthy study and tool for understanding the personality; however, to read charts that are not accurate to their astronomical placement in the sky is foolish and placates the false personality.

I encourage people to buy a “Stella Natura” calendar to track the sun, moon and planets as they move through the constellations year by year. That will take all the guesswork out of knowing one’s astrological sun sign and the more curious students can get a reading with Mari herself. She recommends The Instant Astrologer by Lyn Birkbeck as a supplement for reading a personal sidereal chart.

Another helpful book MythAstrology by Raven Kaldera explains each astrological aspect using various myths from around the world.

For more basic information on sidereal astrology and for your own personal chart, contact Justen Naughton:

To calculate your personal sidereal chart, visit:

Over the years there have been several numerology books that have caught my attention.  It is a study that can be interwoven with other streams of knowledge to better understand one’s personality, life path and purpose.  One specific book entitled Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker was a helpful tool that I received as a gift at eighteen. 

Other teachings such as the “Life Cycles” and the “Moon Cycles” can overlay with the cycles of numerology expanding one’s awareness through insight and further understanding.  Another in-depth book on numerology was by Dan Millman entitled The Life You Were Born to Live.

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