The Hypocrisy of the Oligarchy

The Magnet, from Puck, 1911. (Udo J. Keppler / Library of Congress)

By Vincent Boccarossa

     In a world composed mostly of free nation-states, we have been gradually and systemically divided through espionage and wars, through elite cabals and mafia cartels, and through a social-engineering apparatus designed to indoctrinate humanity.   Individual qualities such as dignity, integrity and sovereignty are being replaced with an acquiescence for the greater good, a blind conformity to authority figures, and a passivity that echoes the useless phrase “it is what it is,” solidifying a victim-like self-righteous obedience to the status quo.  As Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”  And the best way to move forward is with a thorough examination into various areas of our culture and society.

     One of the most divisive bones of contention has been in the political spectrum, which has both an enlightening and sordid history.  From the roots of ancient Greece to a relatively young America struggling to preserve her bold Constitutional Republic, the forces of imperialism continue to wage a covert and overt war against the peace, progress and prosperity for humanity.  The political divisions in the U.S. were cleverly crafted from the beginning by infiltrators and spy-like figures such as the British-linked Aaron Burr, whose treasonous activities were despicable and long lasting.   Throughout the 20th century this globalist cabal created the charade of two opposing parties to such a degree that all third party candidates and patriotic voices of reason, like the late Lyndon LaRouche, were marginalized to the sidelines of history.  

In a manuscript written in 1978 entitled The Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elites, LaRouche opens with this overview…

Through three millennia of recorded history to date, centered around the Mediterranean, the civilized world has been run by two, bitterly opposed elites, the one associated with the faction of Socrates and Plato, the other with the faction of Aristotle.  During these thousands of years, until the developments of approximately 1784-1818 in Europe, both factions’ inner elites maintained in some fashion an unbroken continuity of organization and knowledge through all of the political catastrophes which afflicted each of them in various times and locales.

 (Read the full manuscript here:

     As a note of interest, LaRouche ran for the presidency a record eight times.  As one delves into his understanding of economics, history and philosophy, it is apparent why LaRouche was a threat to the globalist cabal.  His uncanny ability to dissect their agendas and machinations has been passed on to a broad spectrum of authors, economists, historians, independent researchers and students of all ages.  Just as LaRouche carried the torch from JFK and FDR before him, Matt Ehret and Cynthia Chung are keeping the flame ablaze with their Rising Tide Foundation, as a center for learning and educational resources.

In the Introduction of Matt Ehret’s Volume III of The Clash of the Two Americas, he describes the divide in this way…

While the military aspect of the war of independence was won, an unresolved deeper invisible war between two systems continued on and a powerful evil grew within the heart of the USA which continued to subvert the better hopes and traditions of 1776 for the ensuing 250 years. When genuine patriots in tune with these historic forces attained power, great good was always the consequence.

Systems of constitutional economic practice were adopted that forced the banking system to build real wealth, increase internal improvements, intelligence, and harmony of the parts to the General Welfare of the whole. Empire lost its foothold, and living peace, reason and understanding played active roles domestically and among cooperating states within “a community of shared principle” as envisioned by the great John Quincy Adams and his allies. 

When these constitutional principles were abandoned (often over the dead bodies of great statesmen), and corruption reigned within the corridors of power, America often found herself, as Ancient Athens or Rome earlier, set upon trajectories of decay. During these dark times, decadence, ignorance, enslavement and war were the consequences of America’s imperial ambitions and pride. 

Such were the two opposing principles of organization from which sprouted the idea of Manifest Destiny which became a rallying cry for great creative works throughout American history. (p.12-13)

     There were many who embraced a Manifest Destiny that was designed to ripple across the planet with benevolence, good will, fair trade policies and productive manufacturing sustained in all countries.  There were others who usurped this iconic phrase for their own perverted desires to maintain a oligarchical structure ruling over a slavocracy both in the U.S. and across the globe.  The sane ones embraced the idea of sovereign nation states, while the insanity of others sought for the destruction of these nationalistic values, seeing them as a direct threat to their supremacy, which they were and are to this day.  

     Many people can now see that both Democrats and Republicans have been paying homage to a new world order globalist vision for several decades.  Definitely since the assassination of JFK and his brother Robert a few years later, and also after FDR’s suspicious death in 1945, which allowed people like the Dulles brothers to subvert FDR’s New Deal, control Truman and create a military-industrial-intelligence complex including the formation of the CIA and NSA.  By 1970 the seeds for globalization had been firmly established, and their agendas began to adversely and mercilessly effect the middle class, the working class, and countries worldwide for the next five decades.  

In Cynthia Chung’s book The Empire on which the Black Sun Never Set, she opens “Chapter 14:  Sleepwalking into Fascism” with the following excerpts:

Quickly after the Cold War was announced by Churchill, it was necessary to create a fervor of fear and paranoia amongst the American people in order to have them quickly forget the fact that the Russians were their greatest allies during both the First and Second World Wars, and to replace it with the image of  a ghoulish race of boogeymen.

If the Americans were to remember that the Russians had fought valiantly during the Second World War against fascism and had paid by far the largest sacrifice, then the Cold War division could never have occurred.  This is something that could not be tolerated by Churchill and the British Empire.  Thus, terror was unleashed on the American people and McCarthyism was given precedence over the people’s right to question and form conclusions for themselves.  That sort of thing could not be tolerated when the ‘enemy’ could be anywhere; they could be your neighbor, your child’s teacher, your co-worker… your spouse.

In order to combat the ‘threat’ of Soviet ‘propaganda’ entering the US and seducing Americans, Operation Mockingbird was created as a form of control over information dissemination during the period of McCarthyism.  Operation Mockingbird was a CIA program that was started in the early 1950’s in order to control the narrative of the news.  The CIA Family Jewels report compiled in the mid-1970’s, confirmed that Project Mockingbird did exist as a CIA operation and that it was guilty of wire-tapping journalists in Washington.

At the helm of this project was none other than CIA Director Allen Dulles, an enemy of JFK, who by the early 1950’s oversaw the media network and had major influence over 25 newspapers and wire agencies.  Its function was to have the CIA write reports that would be used by a network of cooperating ‘credible’ reporters.  By these ‘credible’ reporters spreading the CIA dictated narrative, it would be parroted by unwitting reporters (mockingbirds) and a successful echo chamber would be created across the world.  

     If you call it neoliberal or neoconservative, in reality, it is a push toward a post-industrial, neo-feudal order where “you will eat bugs and take drugs” and “you will own nothing and be happy.”  The dystopian films that Hollywood has pumped out during this entire 50 plus years of globalization policies is part of the psychological, social engineering delivered on a TV platter to entertain your worst fears possible.  The blatant hypocrisy of these globalist agendas and the key corporations, foundations and families involved is beyond belief; and yet it is glaringly, in your face, and corrupt to the core. 

     In many cases the political differences have been expressions of how people think both individually and as part of a defined group.  When people break free from this fabricated paradigm of identity politics that entices one to pick a side, then a space is created to see more clearly the issues affecting our society.  How to discern if an idea has true value or if an agenda is part of a global octopus with tentacles imbedded within the culture requires critical thinking, introspection and often further study.

     Upon closer scrutiny, this culture of globalization is saturated with a host of distractions, frivolities and materialistic goals that foster a consumer-driven mentality with an undercurrent of a “fight or flight” syndrome.  It dangles the golden carrot of multi-millionaire dollar status as the divide between the super wealthy and the rest of humanity grows ever wider.  It knowingly targets the emotional center steering a mob-like consciousness from one drama to the next, from one tragedy to the next, from cheap entertainment to propaganda news channels, all forms of hypnosis and marketing designed to “properly” condition and pollute the mind of the populace. 

     It is no wonder that people have been “dumbed down” and kept at a juvenile level of behavior.  Even the so-called intellectuals and professionals have been brainwashed or bribed or blackmailed to varying degrees.  As many people drew a line in the sand against a slew of draconian mandates, there were millions of others who bought into the mainstream narratives hook, line and sinker. Regardless of the ongoing pushback from people around the world, it appears to be business as usual as they continue to pump the covid narrative and the fear porn, pounding on their war drums like this never-ending barrage on our better senses and our true values as human beings. 

     The hypocrisy of these globalist agendas is the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” deceptively cloaking their actions and policies as if they are helping humanity.  Nothing could be further from the truth and their own horrific track record shows it.  These oligarchs and their warped dystopian vision will in many ways implode upon itself and each other.  It is inherently corrupt emulating mafia cartels and pirates for profit rather than “philosopher kings” and true statesmen.  Just as there is a vast difference between “free trade” policies and “fair trade” agreements, there are those who seek to control with force and power versus those who champion free nation states and the inalienable rights of all sovereign souls.  Gradually, we are exposing the wolf and shining a light on their deep-rooted, diabolical machinations.  

    Will people see it for what it truly is or has the brainwashing reached the point where the people now promote the propaganda for them?  It sounds eerily like any communist or fascist regime in history, but this comes with a twist, a “friendly form of fascism” similar to the frog in a pot of water that slowly comes to a boil.  Are you feeling the heat?  Or are you already comfortably numb?

It makes one consider what side of history am I thinking on?  When psychological warfare is part of their battle strategy, then it does make a difference in regards to what we are watching, reading, listening to and how we are thinking.  It is crucial to recreate platforms for intelligent conversations and the sharing of knowledge.  Solidarity is created as our thoughts link together into ideas with practical applications both for our personal growth and for the betterment of society as a whole.  We can recreate natural ways of learning and loving that will counterbalance the abuse, brainwashing and indifference that is rampant in our younger generations.  We can re-educate the populace exposing the misinformation and propaganda wherever it is on display replacing it with truthful journalism and unbiased disclosures on corruption and crimes against humanity.

     We are at the beginning of the end for these Malthusian oligarchs and their unsustainable dystopian vision.  On a basic timeline, they have had 300 years to reach this pinnacle of power proclaimed by U.S. presidents such as George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton, amplified by their 9-11 false flag attack, reaffirmed with their pandemic hoax and verified by this “global green reset.”  These psychopaths and sociopaths are beyond delusional and clearly out of control.  However, they cannot stop what is bubbling in the collective consciousness as more people wake up to their deceptive veneers, false flags and false fronts.  War mongering, black market activities, money laundering, family bloodlines, mafia cartels, a seemingly endless array of nefarious crimes and cover-ups, yet we the people remain steadfast, hold the line, and stay the course. 

     How do we take a stand against such a Goliath-like global cabal?  They have systematically gained control over the mainstream media including entertainment and sports, the educational institutions from kindergarten to the university level, and have created and maintained the medical-chemical-vaccine complex.  There are other key areas that they have targeted including food distribution and production, manufacturing and the outsourcing of it, the military-industrial-intelligence complex and the mainstream media outlets.

     In all the sectors of society mentioned above, there are individuals and groups that are challenging the Establishment and the status quo.  Artists and poets, teachers and professors, doctors and nurses, engineers and farmers, inventors and scientists, military patriots and whistleblowers, and mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, the family of humanity in all countries and cultures.  We can use our media channels as truth outlets and our films, TV shows and sporting events for education and entertainment versus mass indoctrination and political propaganda.  We can non-violently resist as exemplified by Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Jr., both fighting against centuries of imbedded slavery and the oligarchical structure.  We can rise above our personal, petty and political differences finding common ground through constructive development and creative ideas that improve our homes, neighborhoods, cities, states, and countries.

     It is overly idealistic to think that the global oligarchs will have a change of heart in regards to the uplifting of humanity. These generational family bloodlines are clearly focused on a concentration of power and wealth representing an inherited entitlement and age old imperialist thinking.  In retrospect, the billionaires club is the epitome of a warped system supporting “free trade” piracy and fractional reserve banking in the pursuit of global domination.  For these people life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is not for we the people of humanity, but for an “enlightened elite” and for them alone.  

     Is it possible that there are billionaires and millionaires who are not blackmailed or bribed or brainwashed into this elitist club?  Of course there are individuals and groups resisting this tyranny and many do have the monetary resources to change the current tide leading Western countries into an economic meltdown and post-industrial, technocratic nightmare.  As more people recognize how economics and politics are linked together, one can see who is connected to who and as always, follow the money trails.  

     For the dedicated students on this journey, follow the authors and historians that have a better grasp of the past.  In Anton Chaitkin’s essay entitled Synarchy Against America, the following historical analysis caught my attention.

The creation of the American republic was projected and built for by Europe’s republican philosophers and statesmen, from Plato’s humanism through and beyond the revival of knowledge in the 15th-Century Golden Renaissance.  The American settlements of the 1600s were designed to make a renewed Renaissance base, safe from the tyranny of Europe’s Venice-centered imperial rulers and their manipulated wars of religion and revenge.  The 1648 Peace of Westphalia gave Europe a respite and a direction for survival.  But the world’s real hope was in America.  Cotton Mather, John Winthrop, Alexander Spotswood, and at length, the scientist Benjamin Franklin—allied in ideas and action with the greatest minds of Europe, Gottfried Leibniz, Jonathan Swift, and their friends—all together contesting with Europe’ s feudal- minded financial powers over the fate of the human race.


To further illuminate upon how this global “deep state” was actively pursuing its insidious plans during the 19th century, I encourage people to read Matt Ehret’s Volume I of The Clash of the Two Americas.  

By 1836, the 2nd National Bank was officially killed after a mass propaganda campaign convinced a duped mob that is was an instrument of tyranny in America, and over the coming six decades, the only five presidents who would make any serious effort towards reviving America’s nationalist system would end up dead while in office (Harrison in 1841, Taylor in 1850, Lincoln in 1865, Garfield in 1880, and McKinley in 1901).

The man who is today celebrated for having “killed the bank” and “paying off Americas debts” was in reality a force of pure destruction. Jackson “paid the debt” by cutting all infrastructure projects and unleashing mass speculation which resulted in a devastating 1837 bank panic that drove the nation into discord and depression. An unrepentant racist, Jackson also gave enormous assistance to the slavocracy by emptying the southern lands of Cherokee in the genocidal “Trail of Tears” and giving the land over to cotton planting oligarchs loyal only to their profits, “way of life” and the British Empire. (p. 70-71)

“Map of the World. Delineating the Contrasted Longitudinal and Latitudinal forms of the continents: the Isothermal Zodiac and Axis of Intensity Round the World; and the Line of Cosmopolitan Railway and its Longitudinal Feeders.”William Gilpin

     In the true spirit of Manifest Destiny and as a warning to future generations, the following passage by William Gilpin from his Cosmopolitan Railway published in 1890 is worth sharing.  I found this quote in Matt Ehret’s Volume III of The Clash of the Two Americas.

Let the world but for a day stop its senseless wranglings over political clap- trap, stop its wars and preparations for further human butcheries and devote its intelligence and energy to this works and it is done. It is a small matter how the money is raised; or by whom, so that it is forthcoming; only as before remarked, the work, in my opinion is better in the hands of the nations than under the control of individuals; For all species of tyranny, that which emanates from individuals or corporate power, is the worst.

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