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This section is devoted to books and compliments the book list on this website.  It is designed to encourage people to read and to think with both curiosity and discernment.  Reading can inspire the creative mind and give us a way to explore ideas and to express those ideas freely.  In the spirit of the AEA we celebrate a “renaissance in consciousness” which is also a renaissance in learning and learning how to love.

Seven Evolutions of Love

1. Nurturing

2. Alliances

3. Reciprocity

4. Appreciation

5. Comprehension

6. Altruism

7. Agape

May we learn to love and respect ourselves so we can truly love and respect others and all life on this planet.  May we embrace the love of learning and experience the joy of reading.  May we cultivate the art of listening as well as the ability to listen in order to learn.  I have been a “road dog” in this lifetime traveling all over the U.S. and everyone knows the phrase, keep on truckin’ which I can appreciate; for the Reading Room,  I say keep on learning.

As an informal book review, I recently reread Cathy O’Brien’s TranceFormation of America:  The True Life Story of a CIA Mind Control Slave that was published back in 1995 with Mark Phillips as a co-author.  A friend gave me a copy of the book in ’97 or ’98 and I read it then for the first time.  Cathy and Mark’s heroic story is tragic as well as a testament to the human spirit.  Not only did Cathy’s story blow my mind, it was close enough to where I was born in Michigan to make it somehow more real and tangible.  Cathy was born in Muskegon, on the western side of the state, and I was born in Dearborn, on the southwest side of Detroit.  After that first read, it made me appreciate the love I experienced as a child, and at the same time, an overwhelming compassion for people like Cathy.  It was impossible to imagine her experience born and raised in a generational pedophile family.  This abnormal and dysfunctional environment was “normal” to Cathy and her six siblings.  Her father became a wealthy and “upstanding” Catholic “citizen” with a polished front; in truth, he was pimping and using his children through pornography, prostitution, and for drug smuggling.  But it was Cathy who was his winning ticket with the elite establishment, for she was considered a “chosen one” and rose through the Project Monarch programs to eventually become a “presidential model.”  Project Monarch was a specialty division within the MK-ULTRA umbrella for mind control experiments and much, much more.  This book is a must-read and I encourage you to go to Cathy’s website to order the book.  After reading this book, you will begin to look at the “new world order” that is in our face and on our doorsteps in a much different light; for it is people like Cathy who are illuminating the darkness by having the courage to share her story.  I also realized that it would make a riveting film or possibly a TV mini-series.
The first book I read by author Jim Marrs was Rule By Secrecy over two decades ago.  In this review, I focus on one of his later books published in 2008 entitled The Rise of the Fourth Reich with a subtitle that reads “the secret societies that threaten to take over America.”  The historical value of this book in regards to WWII, the Nazis, and those capitalists and imperialists who supported this war, financing both sides of the conflict, is indispensable.  Marrs’ research into Nazi Germany’s secret space programs and advanced technologies, their eugenics programs and their extermination methods is well documented.   The rat lines established by the Nazi high command to escape Germany and Europe as the war comes to an end is thoroughly examined with the Vatican involved issuing fake passports for travel abroad to destinations like South America and the United States.  Another chapter focuses on the now declassified “Project Paperclip” that allowed and welcomed over a thousand German and Nazi scientists into the U.S. after the war.  Marrs explores conspiracy theories like the death or “escape” of Hitler, and uses credible sources to address these topics and other questionable assertions.
I highly recommend this book for those who enjoy delving deeper into history, specifically from the 1930’s-1950’s, revolving around WWII and many of the key players and financiers involved with this war.  Jim Marrs published this book nine years before he crossed over in 2017.  In honor of his memory and his investigative research throughout his life, the AEA salutes him.
The Clash of the Two Americas:  Volumes I & II
     A plethora of books have been written on American history and geopolitics portraying a “picture” of events, people and places.  However, the imagination of ideas and philosophies can often be overlooked, unless the student is willing to read, study and take a deeper dive into history.  In “The Clash of the Two Americas:  Volumes I & II,” authors Matthew Ehret and his wife Cynthia Chung explore these ideas and philosophies in masterful detail.  These books also include events, people and places, yet the reader is challenged to revisit our founding fathers, to re-examine presidents in power and those “removed” by deadly means, and to see clearly the economic models based on imperial notions to control the resources of the world and “to rule over the masses” versus other models designed to better serve all of humanity and to ensure the necessities for peace, progress and prosperity among free nations worldwide.  For anyone who is interested in expanding their view of history, then I highly recommend this reading material for an in-depth study.  
     To learn more from Matt and Cynthia, then go to the following links: (Matt Ehret’s Insights)  (Through a Glass Darkly) 
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