Trade Skills

Motivating the younger generations to learn a skilled trade and focus on other such vocational pursuits is a worthwhile endeavor for any person, whether for personal enjoyment, as an expression of creativity, or as a means of income. 

Over many decades, the perception of tradespeople has become negatively skewed. With the influence of technology and social media, exposure to different trade skills is more important than ever. We can improve the social perception of what it means to be a tradesperson by improving public awareness of trade education and training requirements. By providing educational curricula focused on developing mastery and skills at a younger age, we can teach our youth the joy in working hard and creating something tangible.

As a society, tradespeople are critical for economic growth and play a huge role in American society. It’s a matter of recognizing, communicating and exposing children to the myriad opportunities that exist. Every child can be magnificent when we nourish the genius within.

The potential for permaculture and gardening projects is highlighted in the Agricultural section.  Please also see Home School Teaching Pods for additional, related information.

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