The World School and Centner Academy are Recreating the Natural Ways of Growing & Learning.

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Forget the ‘old normal’. Ditch the ‘new normal’. Let’s get with the NOW!

Knowledge and learning are at the core of AEA Ministries. We have created this educational container to share streams of knowledge and varying perspectives so that the children of our future can enjoy inspired and healthier ways of living, learning and growing, for the benefit of all humanity.

Many of us can agree, our public education system is flawed. America’s cookie-cutter approach to teaching a diverse population of students isn’t sensible. Recent trends show parents taking their children out of the school system at rapid rates, for more customized, flexible and creative learning, such as homeschooling, home school teaching pods and unschooling. In addition, with more parents working remotely, the ability for entire families to live abroad has also increased and become a more viable option for those in the economic position to do so. These natural modes of learning, with families spending time and sharing space together are more akin to “learning villages“, to borrow Dr. Edith Chan‘s term, whether that be in a city, on a farm or a foreign country.

As families demonstrate these parental rights and stand in their sovereignty to make decisions for themselves and their families, the need for inspired, collaborative and creative educational organizations and schools, will necessarily arise. The World School and Centner Academy are certainly two such schools worth highlighting.

The World School is a new type of school for traveling families, a cooperative learning community for ages 4 and up based on the principles of forest schools, self-directed education, respectful parenting, among others.

Sessions are currently held in breathtakingly stunning locations in the Dominican Republic and Spain, with forthcoming sessions in Italy, Bali, New Zealand, Thailand and Columbia, according to their website. Students spend a majority of the day outside and the curriculum is student determined.

The World School started in January 2020, with the intention of creating a community for families who desire an alternative to the traditional schooling experience for their children. The way families are choosing to raise and educate their children is shifting and we are pioneering a new model of education to complement this change.”

Their values and approach are well-expressed in their ideology:

World School Philosophy

We believe that children are capable and competent.

We trust that our children are capable of handling life.

We respect our children.

We value our community.

We recognize our connection to nature.

Founders David and Leila Centner of Centner Academy in Miami, Florida have also demonstrated an unwavering commitment to innovative education and personalized learning by creating a dynamic educational experience that is “cultivating leaders with heart” and business savvy. As a result, the Centners are experiencing the remarkable growth of their academy.

“Our school is a unique and innovative learning environment that offers a world-class education experience for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. We believe that education should not just be about memorizing information but should instead focus on developing critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity skills, and fostering the whole child.”

In addition to their comprehensive approach to learning, the academy has recently expanded to include a completely sustainable community on 34 acres, (including a 12,000 square foot greenhouse), called “The Farm”, where they grow their own all organic food that the children eat for lunch, and teach the students to farm so they learn the skills and can experience where their food at their cafeteria table comes from.

This wholistic approach alone stands out in comparison to the majority of the educational institutions in America, let alone the stance they took in the wake of the COVID mandates for schools and teachers. Del Bigtree of The Highwire has interviewed David and Leila more than once to showcase this courage, determination and follow-through as they navigated through media scrutiny because of their stance.

To get a thorough understanding of Centner Academy values and all of their programs, watch their 50 minute segment in Episode 313, “Undoctrinated” below or visit their website:

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